Monday, April 25, 2011

What a weekend...

So this past weekend was very interesting. And when I say interesting, what I really mean is bad for the diet. For the most part.

Let's talk about what went well first. I DID do two days worth of Jillian. I did level one of 30 Day Shred on Saturday and level two on Sunday. I did Yoga Meltdown on Saturday and Cardio Kickboxing on Sunday. I taught my aerobics class on Saturday and took my dog for a quick walk around the campground on Sunday. Overall, I DID make my 50 activity points that I was hoping for (actually, I set it at 45, so I more than exceeded my goal). I am definitely sore, but I LOVE that feeling. I know when working out you don't have to feel sore the next day in order to get benefits, but I actually like knowing that I strained muscles and that they are rebuilding themselves and therefore strengthening themselves. I really like the workout videos I got, but each workout is only about 20 minutes. That's fine for days that I'm in a hurry to get a quick workout in, but I do like to do 45 minute workouts when I have time. I guess that's my only complaint about them.

Also, I got to hang out with my family yesterday. I LOVE my family. I'm a very family-centered person and the older I get, the more I realize how important it is to spend time with them and value that time.

OK, let's get to the bad parts of the weekend. Can I first start with a vent? I WAS SO PISSED OFF YESTERDAY! My brother-in-law and his 'lovely' wife (can you sense the sarcasm??) decided to have their Easter get-together at the same time as my family's - 2:00. And they live 45 minutes away. So, we decided to go to their's and then come back and hit my family's - even though we'd be missing my family's dinner, we'd be there for dessert and games, which is my favorite part anyways. No big deal, right? WRONG. Amby had to work at five, so she decided to drive separately, and I figured I'd just hitch a ride back home with her and she could drop me off at my aunt's, and then my hubby wouldn't feel so pressured to leave and he could hang out at his brother's as long as he wanted. Amby had to leave at 3:30ish in order to make it back home, get ready, and get to work on time. That was ok, since we were supposed to be eating at 2:00, right? WRONG AGAIN!

This is what happened - we rushed to get to my BIL's so we could get the rolls in the oven so they'd be ready to go to eat at 2:00. We got there, and were the first to arrive. That was odd considering we got there at ten till, which was a little behind. We walked in, and I took notice of the oven. The timer for the turkey showed that there was still 50 minutes left! And they KNEW we were leaving early. They KNEW that I was missing my family's get-together and that we were going to try to split our time. So much for planning to eat at 2:00!!!!!!! Now, it could be that I really can't stand my BIL's wife as it is, because that feeling just heightened everything she did to irritate me just that much more. We didn't end up eating until 3:30, and Amby and I had to scarf down our food so we could leave so she wouldn't be late to work. UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE. But, whatever, I made it to my aunt's and when my hubby came home later and there were no arguments or fights - I just let it go. Deep breaths.

ANYWAYS, my eating was atrocious over the weekend. Saturday went well at first, and then my hubby told me that we'd be eating at one of our friend's campsites for dinner. Hamburgers, potato skins, the usual picnic-type foods. I had forgotten how good full fat hamburgers taste. But, while I was eating one, I just kept thinking about the fat seeping into my thighs and puffing them up, filling them with cellulite. Yet it tasted SO FREAKING GOOD. I did pick the smallest one and only ate one, so I didn't do TOO bad. It was on a white bun - ick, refined carbs. Where I sank was with the potato skins. They were from a local restaurant and I hadn't had them in FOREVER. They were also delicious. I tried to stop at two (they're rather large), but I ended up eating about 5 or 6 - I purposely lost count. Then, we busted out a bottle of wine. Oh dear, wine. I pretty much attribute most of my weight gain to sitting around a campfire, eating smores and drinking bottles upon bottles of wine. Needless to say, I ended up downing over a half a bottle. Oh boy.

Then yesterday, I ate Reese's eggs, Snickers eggs, chocolate covered strawberries, sugar cookies, cheesecake, jellybeans, Cadbury cream eggs, homemade fudge etc. etc. etc. I had the WORST sugar hangover last night. After going so long with really limiting the amount of sugar I eat, eating that much really bothered me. I felt like CRAP last night.

But, you know what, I wouldn't change it. I could have limited myself a little more, but what's life without a day of indulgences once in a while? What's life without tasting all the fine foods God created for the earth? I have read quite a few blogs today where people held back, or splurged and are full of regret, but I ended up coming across Mrs. Fatass's blog and I completely agree with her. She titled it 'butter hangover' and talks about how much she enjoyed cooking for her family and sitting with them, eating the food, trying some of everything, and NOT regretting it. I have always said that I never want to live a life of strict restrictions. I want to enjoy life and food is a part of that. Just because I was bad over the weekend, doesn't mean I'm going to do it everyday of my life. This is what 'normal' feels like, I guess. Life's full of ups and downs, and diet/weight/food is going to be full of ups and downs as well. As the instructor says during yoga on Tuesday nights, 'breathe in, embrace the thought, acknowledge it, and let it flow out as you exhale'. AKA get over it.

One final thought. As I'm sitting here this morning on my laptop, I have the TV on the OWN network. There are commercials of a new show featuring Shania Twain. Apparently, she found out that her husband was cheating on her, and the show is all about her moving on, etc. etc. etc. My question - WHO THE "EFF" CHEATS ON SHANIA TWAIN?!?!?!? Men are idiots.

Happy Monday!


Candy kankles said...

I agree as long as your incontrol and its not a everyday thing ur ok .Ive been sein those commercials to i think he was cheating with her friend....ugh makes me sick

safire said...

I totally agree that today is a new day! There is no reason to be focused on what happened during the weekend.

I hope this week is smoother for you!

ThunderThighs said...

@ Candy - Yeah, it makes me sick too!!!

@ Safire - Thanks :)

Need to Get ME Back said...

I thought the same thing about Shania Twain, didnt know she had a reality show tho.

I ate chocolate and jelly beans yesterday too and felt bad after. And my stomach felt different and it was just bleh. It's good to note that I would rather NOT feel like that now tho, so thats something! Everything in moderation.

Kelty said...

wow the guy who cheated on her has issues way worse than weight to work on!

I am glad you enjoyed your weekend! It's not like we eat that much's what easter (all holidays really) are for! :D

Anonymous said...

Indulging once in a while is perfectly ok!! If you don't, it's just going to get ugly sooner or later anyway. ;)

Diandra said...

Yeah, the families we're marrying into... if I could change one thing about the universe, I'd make the BF an only child. ^^

Thin Lizzy said...

i just ordered yoga meltdown and 30 day shred from amazon! i'm excited for them to arrive!

i live in canada and am happy we don't have snickers eggs here. i love snickers!

ThunderThighs said...

@ N2GMB - I realized the same way, because I used to ignore how crappy I felt after over-indulging.

@ Kelty - I definitely agree with you in that it's what holidays are for. Food is a huge part of those traditions in many cultures, not just in America (even though we tend to be the heaviest, which doesn't make sense).

@ Sylvia - Yes, that's how I've constantly been in a yo-yo diet situation for so long. I've decided to allow myself those treats as much as I can without going overboard!

@ Diandra - You're telling me!! Of course, though, nobody has a better family than I do in my own eyes ;)

@ Thin Lizzy - Give me your address, I'm sending you our leftovers!!! ;)