Saturday, April 2, 2011

The post that inspired me to change the name of my blog...

So I know this is the second post for the day, but I have nothing else to do while riding in this Nana van (yes that's the official name, we borrowed it from my Nana so we'd have more room for the ride to Florida) for 16 hours. So, I figure I'll work on a post and just jot things down that come to mind. Bear with me, this post jumps from topic to topic... I'm bored, ok?

Anyways I have realized that I stare at girls who have a nice body and think about how much I wish I had their body. They probably think I'm a total creep looking at them. Well I guess I am kind of a creep. But it's so hard not to, I want a body like that!! So then I realized that I've been doing this almost my whole life and so dammit why DON'T I have that body?!?! It's my own dang fault! I'm the one that stuffs my face! I'm the one that talks myself out of working out when I don't feel like it! And when I do get on track for a while, I'm the one that falls off the wagon when things get tough or the scale let's me down! Rather than crying in my Cheerios all the time I just have to own up and take charge!

Another random thought - we ate at Ihop today in St. Augustine and I opted for the simple and fit (or whatever it's called) blueberry harvest oat and nut pancakes with egg substitute. The menu said the whole meal is 560 calories. I didn't firgure that's too terribly bad, a little more than what I should be eating at lunch, but much better than some of the other options they had. I did log it in to my Weight Watchers app and BAM it was worth 15 freaking points!!! Gee that's way more than I would have expected, but that means I'm just going to have to make a better choice wherever we stop for dinner. I don't remember if I've ever had egg substitute before, but I really liked it, better than regular eggs actually. And those pancakes were delicious!! They were very fitting, I'm not hungry at all even four hours later.

So we are supposed to get home, according to Mr. TomTom, around 5:00 in the morning. So I'm officially on a mission for Sunday. Actually this mission started before we left for vacation, so I just have to finish what I started. See the Saturday before we left I spent literally the entire day cleaning my kitchen. I took everything out of all the cupboards and threw away a bunch of stuff we had accumulated. I organized and moved things around. My plan was to set up a healthy kitchen. Don't get me wrong, at any point you can look in my kitchen and see fresh fruits and veggies and lots of healthy food options, but it's just not enough. I need to make things easier to get to. For example, I want to keep some veggies cut up and in plastic (I know I should be using glass but I don't have the money to replace everything right now) containers for snacks and lunches. I also want to make some healthy snacks such as baked apple slices (for when I crave something crunchy like chips) or a homemade granola (I saw a great recipe on Hungry Girl one time) and pre portion them for easy grab and go. My final objective is to lay out a month long menu. My hubby and I can plan the nights we will eat out in advance, and rather than spending an hour trying to decide what to cook (because neither of us "care"), I'd already have it set. That way I can also marinate things overnight or put something in the CrockPot, you know, the things that need planning in advance and I never get around to doing. I want the menu to include a couple theme nights that we use every week - like fish Fridays and meatless Mondays (I stole the Monday one from a blog I have read, and I can't remember whose it is, but when I figure it out I'll be sure to give it credit and post a link). I don't know how much my hubby will like that, but he will get over it. ;)

I want to be able to run a marathon. I don't want to ACTUALLY run a marathon, but I want to know that my body would be able to if I ever reached that mid life crisis point and I freak out and think I haven't done anything valuable with my life and decide to do it. I seriously doubt that'll ever happen - I can't imagine dealing with the runner's scoots, peeing my pants and ice baths. Screw that. But what if somebody is running after me with a knife threatening my life for, let's say, 26.1 miles and they poop out right then and I need to go another .1 to get to safety. Come on, you never know.

Ok I'm getting silly here. Entirely too long sitting in one place for me. It wasn't so bad on the way down, we drove through the night and I slept the whole time. But this? This is killin' me. I feel really bad for my hubby, though, he's the one driving. Ick! I hate driving, especially long distances!

Ok I posted before that I was given the advice of brushing my teeth anytime I have a craving to snack, but I have another idea. Snacking and binging often come when I'm bored, so I'm going to try this: everytime I get that urge, I'm going to get on the treadmill until it goes away. It'll cure the boredom and therefore cure the urge. I wish there were some way I could train myself to never want a snack or binge. Like if I ring a bell it'll go away. Kind of like Pavlov's dogs. Only minus the salivating. That would be a little unattractive. And my hubby would probably divorce me and then I'd be the lonely old cat lady for the rest of my life.

I've read in blogs recently that some are realizing that they are also slimming their fingers and are having a hard time keeping rings on. Let me tell you I hope that doesn't happen to me. Want to know my ring size? 4.5 Yes I have tiny fingers. If I lose weight in my fingers too there will be nothing left of them. I swear God accidentally fitted the wrong molds together when he made me. My upper body is small, I have teeny fingers, I've always had to take all the extensions out of watch for my little wrists, pretty much no boobs (we are talking less than a handful here) and my clavicles protrude a little extensively. Plus my hubby tells me all the time I have a pea head. But pan down a bit and you get an eyeful of wide hips and massive thighs. No I'm not blessed with a cute bubble butt, just some two feet in diameter thighs. That's why I have to wear a size 14 in pants. I'm always envious when I read other blogs by girls at the same weight as me talking about wearing size 12 or even 10. I can't fit in smaller jeans because my thighs are so ginormous. Then I have the problem that the waist is too big and my pants fall down and my crack hangs out when I sit down. It's a neverending freaking battle. Just call me Mrs. Thunder-Thighs. Dammit that would have been a great name for a blog instead of my lame-o 'Fitness Journal'. Ok it's official, when I get back to my laptop, I'm changing the name of this blog. I'm officially Mrs. TT now. Honestly I don't know how my top half and bottom half actually fit together. I'm the pear shape to the extreme. Anyways those stupid things are only good for one thing - biking.

Speaking of biking I have got to remember to sign up for the MS 150 again. It's a ride that is 150 miles long to benefit multiple sclerosis. I had a pretty good time last year. It definitely wasn't easy but I enjoyed it, and it was for a good cause. Plus it was a goal to look forward to. All you runners out there have your marathons and 5ks and crap, well I have my MS 150. Though I would have to argue that riding a bike 150 miles is much easier than running a marathon, so don't think I'm trying to show off. I mean, come on, I get to sit on my butt the whole time and coast on the downhills. Plus it was a great excuse to eat pb&js, bananas, and trail mix all day long.

I'll tell you one thing I'm never freaking doing again - the Rachel Carson trail. My insane stepdad decided to talk me into that one year, it sucked ass. I did it though. And back then I didn't realize what a feat it was. People train for months to do that thing. I went in having never even walked more than a few miles before. See, it's a hike through trails and hills in Pittsburgh, PA and you can either do the whole thing which is fifty miles or just a part which is nineteen. Thank God we did the nineteen. And I barely made it through that! I got a t-shirt at the end, that's the only thing that kept me going.

Well I'm done with writing. If I think of anything else, I'll let ya know :)

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Kelly said...

Girl, I love this post !!!! You got a lot off your chest. You have great goals and I know you will reach them! Aim high and go get em! :)

~ Kelly