Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tempted by the Buffet

I was happy I saved my points today because my hubby decided to head to Sam's Club and out to eat. Want to know where he picked to eat? Hometown Buffet. That's right, a flipping buffet. I LOVE buffets!!! And that shows - I used up all the rest of the points I had left for the evening, which was 20. Keep in mind I get 29 per day. I ate more than half, wait, more than two thirds of my points in one sitting. Needless to say my belly is stuffed. I made sure I had very little portions, but I'm definitely a try-a-little-of-everything kind of gal. It was yummy though. And knowing how mindful I was of my choices and portion sizes and it still came to 20 points, I'd really hate to see how much I used to eat!! I even limited myself to one dessert this time, too, which I don't think I've ever in my life done at a buffet before!!

I'm happy to have had the amount of self control I did tonight. I'm just not ready to do anything that's going to trigger a binge, which happens when I let my guard down and go for "just one little taste". Most of the time I'm done after that. Crazy binge craver come out of me and I freak and eat everything in sight. It's never pretty.

Anyways I don't usually allow myself to do this, but I stepped on my scale today even though it's not my weigh-in day. Sure enough, I'm at 164.4 - a 2ish pound gain since Friday. Well shoot, how did that happen? We are going to go ahead and pretend that didn't happen, k? Thanks.

The treadmill felt better today, and I did the full 25 minutes at 5mph. I've been running in just my sports bra and shorts because I sweat worse than a whore in church when I'm on there. Heaven help anyone who walks in one of these mornings!

Till tomorrow!


safire said...

Good buffets are my weakness like the ones in Las Vegas. Great job staying within your points!

Missy said...

WTG on the control! The dessert would've been my downfall. And I soooo hear you on the sweating like a whore in church. I'm the same way. I break a sweat just thinking about working out.

Sylvia said...

Nice control!!!! I usually eat my weight in food when I go the buffet. I'm not as strong as you are! :)

I had to have a chuckle at your "sports bra and shorts" description. Too funny!

Kelty said...

Awesome that you could restrict yourself, but still enjoy the buffet! Congrats!

Becky Perry said...

I can understand what an accomplishment that is - congratulations! Was it hard to calculate the points of different items on the buffet? Sometimes that overwhelms me! I'll be back to visit.


Candice said...

Good job sticking to your points. I think I'm going to try to get the baby weight off with weight watchers once I finally have this bambino.

Wish me luck!

Sarah said...

Awesome! You survived a buffet! That has to be one of the biggest weight loss challenges out there. Right up there with family holidays maybe?

I feel you on the sweating thing. I feel like sometimes the sips I take of water during a workout are coming right out of my pours and I should just save the time and dump the water on me.

Keep it up! :)