Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up + Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!

This is going to be a quick post seeing as how we are supposed to be leaving for our first family dinner of the day in fifteen minutes (we aren't even ready to go, fashionably late as usual).

Goals for this past week:
      Run every morning for 26 minutes - not done, my legs kept me from doing this at all on Wednesday and Thursday, and though I have been working out, I have not gone back to the treadmill yet. I'm hoping to jump on tomorrow morning.
      Log 26 mintues of exercise Saturday and Sunday - half DONE, I definitely got plenty in yesterday and I hope to do a couple videos this evening
      Track points everyday - DONE, until today, which I'm going to give it a shot no matter what I eat
      No binges - ummmm, yeah, not done, I've been really bad this week :(
      Write two '26' blog posts - DONE
      Get in 45 activity points - DONE, I'm actually only one point away, but with my workouts I have planned for this evening I'll actually hit above 50!
      Get in a long bike ride - nope, still crappy weather :(
      Log 26 miles on my bike - nope, see above
      Weigh-in in the 150s - DONE!!!
      Drink 2.6 liters of water a day - DONE

Goals for next week:
- Do at least one workout from the 30 Day Shred OR Yoga Meltdown a day
- Try to get back on the treadmill every morning (I may just have to suffer through the pain)
- Log 26 miles on my bike (come on weather, help me out here!)
- Track points everyday
- No binges
- Stay within 29 points per day (I was really bad about this this week, so I HAVE to get myself back on plan)
- Drink 2.6 liters of water a day

Also, I should have added this into my post from yesterday, but I'm also going to start responding to any comments on my posts. I LOVE the fact that Candice from Life According to Candice does this and I always look forward to seeing what she says in response to my comments, so WHY hadn't I thought of doing it on my blog as well yet??? DUH! If I like seeing her respond, others probably would like to see me respond to them too. So, thank you Candice, I'm stealing your idea :) By the way, I know most of the people that read this blog are here because I talk mostly about weight loss and such, but if you ever get the chance, visit her blog!! She doesn't talk about weight loss, just random stuff, but she's HILARIOUS! And I always look forward to reading her posts. So, click on her blog title above and prepare to laugh your butt off (see, I knew there'd be a way to link her to weight loss!).

Well have a fabulous Easter!! Don't eat too much candy, but for heaven's sakes indulge a little! It's only one day a year!!


Mommy Minded said...

I endulged just a little and I so regret it. :( My belly hurts! lol I hope that you have a fantastic Easter!


Need to Get ME Back said...

I love that little chocolate bunny cartoon! Funny! Maybe I will do the shred one day this week. Truthfully I hate it but sometimes ya just gotta push yourself I guess.

ThunderThighs said...

@ Megan - I indulged a little and my belly hurts too!! I feel really yucky! It's so amazing how much we can change just by eating healthy foods for even just a few weeks!

@ N2GMB - Yes, this journey is ALL about sacrifices. I did another round of Shred and it SUCKS! But, how bad I want that body and those size 8s way out-weighs how much I hate working out, that's for sure!

Candy kankles said...

BWAHAHAHA I love the cartoon!!