Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Good Thing I Don't Have to Breathe Through My Legs

Boy today has been eventful. I'm actually kind of glad I have to work in our store tonight. I finally get the chance to sit down, catch up on some blogs and do some crossword puzzles.

It all started with my weigh-in. It wasn't quite as low as yesterday's, which isn't surprising considering what I ate for dinner last night and the fact that I took two full days off from working out to try to let my legs heal (I'll go into that a little bit more later). So, drum roll please....

Body fat - 37%! This is a loss of 1.8 pounds!

So, my weight loss has slowed down a little since I started. I definitely contribute that to my overeating and binging and sugar cravings from that rat bastard TOM. But, he's gone now and I feel 150% better! Plus, I AM logical enough to know I have no one to truly blame but myself, so no biggie.

Anyways, after weighing-in I went to the Y for the aerobics class. I didn't really enjoy the instructor. I've never taken a class with her before, and I'm sorry to say I just wasn't impressed. I wanted more cardio, and she did more weights. BUT, that's really what I need since I don't make myself do them, so I guess it worked out better that way. Still, I wanted more cardio.

After the Y, I ran home, showered as fast as possible, and headed to my dentist appointment. I did dig out a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in forever because they are a size 12. First of all, yes, this is three days in a row that I've worn jeans rather than sweatpants! So, I decided to give these bad boys a chance. Sure enough, they fit fine in the waist, but my thunder thighs are suffocating!! It really is a good thing I don't breathe through my legs because I'd be dead by now. I've worn them all day, and they have loosened up a little bit, but boy am I giving the seams a run for their money!! So am I officially a size 12? No. But I'm darn close!!

Right after that, I went to Walmart. I had some grocery shopping to do and such. Traffic was ridiculous because there's construction going on, and I would have had to get in line and wait for like two miles in creeping traffic, but being my impatient self I headed past all of the cars to merge closer to where the road goes down to one lane. The people in line were jerks!! Ok, ok, I don't blame them, I probably wouldn't have let me merge either, but still. Finally, a guy let me over. I realized right away it was my DAD! What a coincidence! He called me on my cell and asked where I learned to drive. Of course I replied him, and he said I was lucky he was there to let me in because I probably never would have made it. Yeah yeah yeah, whatev. 

Then, right as I was about to enter the parking lot, I witnessed an accident! I felt so bad, a guy in a truck went through the redlight and plowed into the old guy in front of me! I immediately stopped because the truck guy looked like he was going to make a run for it, and I was prepared to follow him and get his license plate number! But, he ended up stopping and when I found out that the old guy was ok, I headed into Walmart.

While there, it was complete chaos! There were people EVERYWHERE!!! I didn't even think about it being a holiday weekend. I picked up all the stuff for my stepdaughters' Easter baskets and the food we need to bring to my brother-in-law's on Sunday. As I was checking out the milk section, this man walked up to me and started talking about the ham he had in his hand. I realized right away he thought I was someone else, so I just stood there waiting for him to realize. I even started talking to him, responding to his questions, and suggesting that 'we' just go with that ham rather than the other he was looking at until he finally realized I wasn't his wife! It was hilarious. His real wife witnessed the whole thing and was laughing her butt off! The funniest part is though we were both blondes with dark blue shirts on, she was at least five inches taller than me! You should have seen the look on his face when he realized I wasn't who he thought I was!

Also while at Walmart, I figured that since I was buying lots of stuff for my stepdaughters and hubby for Easter, I had might as well buy myself some of those Jillian Michaels workout videos I've been wanting. I ended up buying two - 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown. I'm pretty excited about both!

 Then, my mom read my post where I wrote about how I wanted to get the videos and she mentioned that she has a set of 5 dvds. So she made me copies of each bought me my own set. Aw, how nice! Love you mom!!

Umm, yeah, the one is called 'Full Frontal'. Well, as long as there are men involved I guess. ;)

So, I'm pretty excited about giving them all a try. I will definitely keep you posted. I'm thinking about doing the whole before and after pics for the 30 Day Shred.

Anyways, I'll end it with a little bit about my leg injuries/sprains/pulls/whatever. I have NO idea what I did to myself. If ANYONE knows anything about this, please please please leave me a comment. I'm going to try asking a guy I know who coaches track and cross country, but everyone else I've talked to have no clue what's going on and all the research I've done so far online has been inconclusive. See, I'm having pain in my lower legs. Not the front - the shin. Not the back - the calf. The inside part starting from above my ankle to mid-way to my knee. So, when I cross my left leg up over my right knee, the pain is in that part right there that I see when I look down at my left leg. I feel it most after I'm done running on the treadmill and I try to walk downstairs. Not as much when I go upstairs, not at all when I go side to side, DOWN the stairs. And, even though I took two days off to rest, this morning after aerobics I got on the treadmill to show my aunt how I run (so she could check if I'm running flat-footed or something), that part of my legs were sore again, and hurt a little, even though I only was on the treadmill for no longer than 2 minutes, if that. If you've ever had this problem or know anyone who has, or if you have any advice at all, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Laura said...

Wow...I'd so be ready for bed!

Candy kankles said...

LOL "its a good thing I dont have to breath through my legs" I love it LOL
Awesome set of dvds!Its great to have variety!

Anonymous said...

The 30 day Shred is pretty good. I just can't make it for the full 30. ;) Good luck with it, I love workout videos/Wii workouts.

BnE's Mommy said...

I've tried to make it through 30 Day twice, I'll let you know when I get to the end of it. ;) I'm interested in seeing how the Yoga Meltdown goes...