Sunday, April 17, 2011

26 things...

To celebrate our 26th birthday this month, I've joined a couple other gals in a '26' challenge. So, I've decided to combine my two posts - 26 things that make me great and 26 goals to accomplish before I turn 27. So here they are:

26 Things That Make Me GREAT! (this was actually pretty tough to come up with... good thing I'm not turning 36 instead!)
1. I have nice eyes
2. I have cute toes (some beg to differ though)
3. I have a type-A personality
4. I'm extremely loyal
5. I'm very family-focused
6. I have a great rapport with kids
7. I am a good teacher
8. I'm smart (though sometimes ditzy)
9. I have my masters degree (actually I've had it since I was 24 and I'm the first in my family to get a masters - my dad's working on his right now)
10. I have a good heart
11. I'm creative (kind of)
12. I have a very determined work ethic
13. I'm reliable
14. I procrastinate, but I DO get it done
15. I work well under pressure (see #14)
16. I'm a decent cook (WHEN I cook)
17. I do a decent job on up-dos (I do my stepdaughter, stepsister and any other of their friends' hair from prom and homecoming)
18. I can ride a bike 150 miles
19. I clean up well
20. I try my best to make others feel good
21. I'm active
22. I have nice handwriting (ok I'm stretching a little, but this is really hard)
23. I'm technologically savvy
24. I refuse to give up and fail
25. I fight for what I believe in
26. I'm learning to be patient

26 Goals to Accomplish Before I Turn 27
1. Get to my goal weight of 130 and maintain a 125-130 pound range
2. Be able to RUN a full 5k
3. Be able to run a 6 minute mile
4. Improve myself as a teacher
5. Demonstrate patience in all stressful situations
6. Improve myself as a wife
7. Maintain a positive attitude all the time (especially at school)
8. Stay on a healthy diet (whether it be with WW or by counting calories or whatever)
9. Do two big bike rides this summer rather than just one
10. Be able to swim at least one full lap at the Y nonstop (I'm definitely not a strong swimmer)
11. Learn to cook our family dish (chicken puppycosh) without help
12. Learn to make my husband's mom's homemade noodles without help
13. Finish everything I start
14. Learn to save money better
15. Try ziplining
16. Log more miles on my bike than last year, which was 785 total
17. Run my 30 minutes every single weekday morning unless I'm ill or dead ;)
18. Dress more professionally at school next year than I did this year
19. Cut down on gossip
20. Quit being so lazy with housework
21. Take time to read more often
22. Go skiing more during next winter
23. Keep my car clean
24. Keep myself better organized
25. Keep my clothes folded and put away rather than in baskets and piles!
26. Go through all my boxes in the basement and thin everything out - getting rid of things I know I'll never need/use again

Phew, that was hard, but so worth it! I'm excited to look back on this post in another year to see where I'm at!


Candy kankles said...

AWESOME!!!!!!! Great job!

Kelty said...

Try ziplining! love it! Good lists! Can't wait to hear about how far you've come in a year!

FrogiNater said...

GREAT post!! I like the age reference to goals.. I'll have to steal it for my 35th birthday! :)

~Ashley~ said...
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~Ashley~ said...

Hey i meant number 25 about your clothes.. cant type good today!