Sunday, February 28, 2010

great day so far, let's keep it up!

soooooooooo today after lunch and dinner i still have fifteen points left for dinner!! hooray!! that means i can splurge a little for dinner for once... anyways, today is also my last day of the week, and tomorrow my weekly points refresh, which is much needed since i only have three left... plus it's my weigh in day, so i'll get to see just how well (or bad) i did on my first week back on WW...

plus, this is going to be a short post because the gal over at it's not a diet, it's a weigh of life has inspired me to drag my own butt to the gym... i was supposed to do this way earlier, but i slept instead.. apparently it was some much needed rest, but now i'm up and ready to move... the gym is open for two more hours... whoa, i gotta go! maybe more later, so long for now............................

Saturday, February 27, 2010

no points left

anyone know of any good, healthy, yummy, filling dinners for one WW point?? why you ask? oh, that's right, because i ate TWO pieces of meat lovers pizza today for lunch at pizza hut! crap! that, with my breakfast, only leaves me with one point left for the day... and i only have nine weekly points left... this is not good... i knew i should have laid off the second piece, it was just soooo good (meat lovers from the hut is my most favorite pizza of all time)...

also, i started the idea i got from *bitch cakes* about leaving a bite on every plate... it's a great idea, so i left the crust of one of my pieces of pizza... i can deal without the crust anyways... i'm going to continue to try that tactic from now on also...

anyways, so we've gotten over a foot of snow over the period of yesterday and today, so i'm officially not going out to the gym today... the roads are terrible! i'll just have to use my treadmill or bike to get my workouts in... i wish i had one of jillian michaels' workout videos... i hear they are really good and fun... i'm so used to just being able to go to the gym, tho, so i have nothing to do at home saved for a rainy (or in this case snowy) day...

one more rant about the snow - my city decided to call off all plows for the entire weekend! we are right along lake erie, in one of the only like three or four places in the entire world that gets lake effect snow, which is heavy and in huge lots, and they aren't going to plow our roads for two days... what idiots!!! they claim that they can't afford the overtime... whatever! i hate to see what would happen if there were an emergency and an ambulance or fire truck or something needed to get to it in a hurry... please keep us in your prayers for safety!

here are some pics of our crazy snow... mind you, my car has been cleaned off three times already today!

well, enough for now, till next time world

Friday, February 26, 2010

warning: sweaty pic

i noticed today a theme of posting pics of yourself after working out all sweaty... so here's mine... not very pretty i'll tell ya!

here i am after a tough cycling class... gotta love spinning! but man i sweat in gallons!!

again, being inspired (read previous post), my friend and i came up with a challenge: operation 15-10... for me it's to lose my last 15 and for my friend it's to lose about 15ish pounds every 12 weeks during 2010 (tho we are about two months late)... anyways here are our challenges:

over the course of 12 weeks we will complete:
elliptical - 12 miles
bike - 9 hours
treadmill - 12 miles
step aerobics - 9 hours
circuit sets - 216 sets
core - 144 sets
plank - 36 minutes
free weights - 144 sets
stair master - 240 floors
overall hours in the gym - 36

we are starting VERY small with easily achievable goals to ensure success, with the idea that if we can do more we will and after the first 12 weeks we'll increase each amount... i'm soooo excited to start this, especially because it includes some things i'm not used to doing... plus it'll really focus my workouts and create a good routine working towards a goal that i'm accountable to someone else for! wish me luck!

anyways, eating a yummy pear then heading for bed... night world!

new ideas

ok i know i've been saying this for some time now, but i am actually starting to feel better... i finally just broke down and bought some sudafed for my head cold... i feel so much less prssure behind my eyeballs now...

last night i disappointed myself.. i had to leave spinning class about five minutes in... i just felt soooo terrible with my cold and all... my typical thursday night routine is one aerobics class that i teach (more on that in a minute), on stability ball class and one spinning class... this is my busiest night a week, which i usually don't do quite that much, but it's nice to do just once a week... anyways, i barely made it through aerobics, putzed out during stability ball, and put my shoes on, locked into my bike, started pedaling slowly for like five minutes and walked away... my head was pounding and i just didn't want to over do it... o well, next week! this cold better go away soon...

so about the aerobics thing... i made a fitness goal back in september of last year to be fit enough to teach an aerobics class by december... and what do ya know, i've officially been on the schedule since january.... it's pretty hard to do, and i'm still working on being a better instructor, but at least i reached my first mini goal!

so anyways, i found a new challenge i'm trying to talk my friend into.. i sort of stole it from The Accidental Fat Chick but we'll have to adjust it a little... it's a 12 week at a time challenge, and i'm assuming it gets repeated throughout the entire year called 2-4-8-10... i think it's a great idea and would love to try it myself, with some adjustments of course

although i think we should call it something different, so as not to completely steal the idea! i'm so excited to get started!!

anyways, the hubby took me to perkins this morning... dang it... not good... had about half of the day's allowance i points for one meal... must eat good food for the rest of day... MUST... EAT... GOOD... FOOD...

there was no school today due to a SNOW DAY, yay!! i so needed the rest... but i definitely plan to make up for last night at tonight's spinning class... plus i still need to finish week four of the C25K plan either today or tomorrow...

well more later... goodbye for now world

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what's your number? and other things I recommend

weight watchers, day one: so far 21/21 points with 3 activity points earned through week4 day two of the c25k program... plus day 8 of lent... so many numbers to keep track of! it's a lucky thing i'm pretty decent at adding! lol... plus, with my dinner, i had ice water with lemon juice poured in... it was really good... i think i'll do that more often, because i hate just water... the only time it tastes good is after/during a hard workout!

anyways, i really recommend keeping lemon juice in the fridge at all times... it's good to cook on fresh fish also... i bought a small bottle for that reason, and have used it on different salads and for other things since, to the point where it's almost gone... i didn't realize how much i'd be using it...

also, if you're thinking about joining weight watchers, i highly recommend it, especially if you're good at the online stuff... i don't know if you get access to the online tools by joining the meeting thing, but there's this tool on their website that you can type in up to three ingredients that you know you have and get all the recipes containing those ingredients! it is awesome to use, because i'll be able to look up the main parts of the recipe that i know i have, and come up with something good before i even get home from work... that way if i find something i can pick up the few things i might need extra on the way home! this weight watchers is different than the one i was used to when i originally lost all my weight too... it has set points, where you can eat as much as you want and not add any points... some things it wouldn't be good for, but sometimes i can gorge on fruits and veggies and it'd be nice to know that i'm not taking up any points by doing so... this time around i'm also much more comfortable with using up all of my points... after reading up on it, especially in blogs and on discussion posts, i've come to realize that starving yourself of calories isn't necessarily a good way to go and can actually have an adverse effect!

no that i'm more active, it helps too, because i don't mind using up those points either... i especially use them for a protein shake, which has quite a bit of calories, but is necessary for builing up muscle and recovery...

by the way, i also recommend getting a filter for your faucet... it's the cheapest way to drink water... one filter lasts for 100 gallons! i've had mine now for a couple months and it's still good... it was like 20 bucks at lowes (prob cheaper other places too, i was just there and it was a spur of the moment purchase)... i would have spent at least twice that by now in bottled water! plus it's the 'green' way to go, lol...

if you can't tell, i'm feeling 100% better now that i'm on antibiotics, and therefore i'm rambling more than one of my first graders! so i'll leave it at that... i've already had to change the title of this blog three times to fit what i'm going on and on about... see, there i go again! have a nice night world!

finally feeling great

today i feel soooo much better than i have been! my cold has released and i feel energized... i think the anitbiotics kicked in (along with the two cups of coffee i drank)! AND i'm proud to say that i've rejoined weight watchers... i do it all online, and since i've tried and failed at counting calories, i figured it'd be just that much easier to track points... i still remember quite a bit from before so...

so i didn't reach my fitness goal this week of working out for thirty minutes a day, because yesterday, instead of running on the treadmill, i finished all the tax stuff my hubby has been nagging me to do for months... that took so long that by the time i was done, it was bedtime... i wish i could have gone to yoga, being that it's my favorite day of the week... but, i'm also glad to finally get that finished... it also means we can paint the bedroom! (he said we wouldn't until i got that tax stuff done, which was an unfair threat might i add)... anyways, so hopefully that gets done this weekend... i plan to make our bedroom so much more zen...

anyways, so starting the weight watchers again will really help focus me... i logged the points for monday and tuesday as well for this week, because i like when my points restart on monday (bringing a fresh feeling to an otherwise yucky day)... i was amazed at how many points i've already used... see, i need to keep track of those points to bring me back to reality... sometimes i forget just how many calories things are, even if they are relatively healthy (such as popcorn - good snack, but don't eat an entire bag from a snack shop at a sporting event!!)...

hooray for me getting better... hooray for having more energy... hooray for weightwatchers!!!!! finally a day of feeling great after more than a week!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

lent day seven

one week down! still doing good... i switched to multigrain cheerios this morning, with blueberries... although they aren't as healthy as total, because of the added vitamins, they have much less sugar - 6 grams compared to 11 grams... that's almost HALF! not to mention they have about half the calories...

so anyways, yesterday i did really good on my diet... i only had two snacks and did week four day one of the couch to 5k plan... i love that plan, and am really excited to get to the end and actually do the 5k i'm training for... it's near my mom's at the kittanning, pa ymca... then my mom and i are going to do a 5k for breast cancer in pittsburgh on mother's day... these are all before my ms ride, so i think they'll be decent runs...

tonight is yoga night... my favorite night of the week... i'd like to do yoga more often but they don't offer it at our y more than once a week... and to go to an actual yoga studio would be rather costly...

well, those are my thoughts for the day... rather random... will be back later or tomorrow with something more interesting...

Monday, February 22, 2010

lent, day six

Day six? that's it? great...

today, woke up feeling yucky but not quite as bad as yesterday... maybe i'm getting over this cold? am tired tho... anyways, foung jen lancaster's blog... YAY! love her!

as far as eating and working out, did nothing good over the weekend.. tho i did weigh myself this morning and the one scale said 140 an the other said 143.5... must stop using both... either way, though, i'm still at least 10 pounds from where i want to be by my birthday... i wonder if i'll ever see 130 again? i miss it there... in the land of all my clothes were too big and it felt amazing... i need to get back to working out, but this stupid cold is draggin my head through the mud!

anyways, am late picking up my first batch of students... ttyl world

Sunday, February 21, 2010

inspired + closet pics

ok, so after visiting this morning, which i am a proud member of (for only like 5 days now, lol), i've been inspired to really sit down and plan out weekly goals... so here they are:

1. exercise five days for at least 30 min each day
2. eat healthy
3. stay at or slightly above 1500 calories a day
4. stick to lent plans

I think setting down actual plans for the week will help me focus... i've been really off track lately and haven't been happy with myself... i feel weight coming on! literally!

also, i have my before and after pics for my closet!!! here they are:

This was all the junk in my closet before.

I should have taken a pic with everything in the closet before the hubby took it all out, but there was only one long pole across the entire thing with a shelf at the top. This was after he took everything out and put in the middle shelf.

This is after! I now have four poles that span top and bottom with the floor to ceiling shelf unit in between.

Here you can see the top shelf on each side.

And here you can see the shoe rack at the bottom. There is one on each side of the shelf unit.

lent, day five

well yesterday i slipped up a little... i ate some frozen yogurt and bread pudding... which i figure doesn't have that much extra sugar really... i said no sweets, and those are prob the healthiest of the desserts, so... anyways i didn't set guidelines for alcohol, but i had two drinks that are similar to white russians but with chocolate liquer added... those prob weren't allowed... dang... anyways, i'll continue to try tho, i guess God didn't make anyone perfect for a reason... it was only four things and i know i can't make excuses, but i think it's worth it to continue to try my best... at least i didn't opt for the chocolate cake (which was calling my name by the way!)... today is another day

Saturday, February 20, 2010

lent, day four

well, let's start out with last night... went to the y and did the spinning class, then went in the pool but only swam one lap because the water was FREEZING... good night! til i sabotaged myself! when i got home i ate a peanut butter sandwich, chips, a plum, those honey wheat pretzel things, a bowl of cereal, and who knows what else! i practically ate an entire day's worth of food in one sitting! so i negated any positive the working out did, plus probably added even more calories! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! anyways, lent is going really well actually... even with my binge last night i refrained from the ice cream and cookies that were calling my name... i think limiting my sugar intake will really help my diet as long as i stick with it of course... today is the final game of the regular season for my boy's bball team.. i'm realy nervouse because we are playing the other undefeated team... i'll update later! my hubby is also reorganizing my closet by putting in a huge shelf thingy and more rods for my clothes... i'm SOOOO excited, i'll finally be able to find the clothes i want and i'll be much more apt to putting my clothes away now that i'll finally have room for them (usually i had to wait until i wore a bunch to be able to put the fresh clothes away, which led to disasterous messes in my room)... other than that, nothin major... til next time world!

Friday, February 19, 2010


guess what? i just figured out who this TOM person is that i see all kinds of bloggers talking about! he he he he he he

lent day three

so i skipped talking about lent yesterday, which is ok, because i was sick... i'm still not feeling well, but much better and less tired than yesterday... so anyways, lent is going fine so far... i've limited myself to no (or really very little) sugar and (absolutely no) sweets... i've been fine, especially being that i really have always eaten lots of fruits, which is where i'm satisfying any sugar cravings... the only thing that's not lookin to good - i start my you-know-what next weekend... that means this weekend into next week will be my pms time! oh dear!! chocolate and ice cream cravings usually take over my mind...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

get down with the sickness

or not! being in bed all day sick was not the way i had imagined my thursday... and to top it off, i had to call off teaching at the y... that means i'm going to miss my thursday night workout, which includes aerobics, stability ball and cycling! my biggest night of the week! this means i'm going to have to make up for it over the weekend... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent, day one

well today is the first day of lent... for Jesus, I'm giving up sugar and sweets... oh boy... this morning started off good... tho i did say i can have my cereal, even tho it has sugar (and this is only because i just bought a new box and i really don't feel like throwing away that money), i still ate oatmeal without sugar... this was because i remembered i bought a thing of blueberries and i had better eat them before they go bad.. plus blueberries are like my favorite fruit... they tasted really good in my oatmeal too... they were kind of sour, but delicious... i'm still hungry now, about an hour after breakfast, which makes no since because oatmeal is really filling... but i'm toughing it through until snack time at 10 today... i refuse to eat earlier than that, like i have been doing... plus i'm disappointed because all the rest of my bread was moldy this morning so i had to use the hubby's... it's still wheat, but i prefer multi-grain, which is much more filling... that's how i can get away with only a sandwich at lunch... therefore i brought an apple to help me out... anyways, i also drank my regular morning tea, in which i put two packets of truvia... but, i did say that i'm allowed truvia in small amounts... such as just for my morning tea... i think i'm going to say a packet crystal lite a day is ok, as well, because i just can't drink that much plain water... but only ONE... so, sugar/sweets content is officially limited to: truvia for tea, cereal until the box is gone, and one packet of crystal lite a day... as of today... here goes nothing!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


ok so i'm not catholic, but i'm going to do lent... drum roll please - i'm giving up sugar... i'm limiting myself to my cereal - blueberry pomegranate total (and that's only cuz i just bought a new box and i'd rather it not go to waste, tho after it's all gone i will switch to oatmeal) and truvia for my hot tea (because i just can't bring myself to drink unsweetened tea, but i'll be good with it and try not to drink tea too much.. the only reason i've been drinking so much lately is because it's soothing my sore throat)... other than that, nothing... so tonight, i'm eating my last bits of sweets before midnight... i'm pretty much ODing on sweets... but i don't care cuz 40 days without will be great to help lose weight... altho i do have to remember the real reason behind giving up something for lent, which is to praise Jesus for the sacrific he's made for us... and i am giving up something that i love, so it is a true sacrifice... it's not like i'm giving up stuffed peppers *yuck!* or something... other than the eating, i'm not doing too good... i planned on jogging on the treadmill for 30 min and going to my regular tuesday night yoga class, but i just don't feel good... may have to stay home tomorrow and take a sick day... tho i doubt it, cuz i have a bball game tomorrow night and calling in sick then going to that wouldn't be a very bright idea... i am really tired, tho, and am def considering heading to bed way early... so, that's it for tonight... g'night world

v8 fusion commercial

so i was thinking - you know those v8 fusion drink commercials where the number thing is on top of the guy's head and just as he's about to take a bite of a vegetable, it's going to turn to one for his number of servings for the day? well i want one of those, but one that counts calories... i think if i had that hanging over my head, i'd be less apt to eating junk food AND it'd be a lot easier to keep track in general... it could go up according to what i eat and down when i exercise... otherwise, i really have no idea how many calories i really consume and burn a day... it'd be nice to have an accurate amount all the time, especially in plain view!

trail mix of doom

can't... stop... eating... trail... mix!!! and there's like 150 calories per serving... and i've had like five!

Monday, February 15, 2010

actual good day so far...

so i went to the y this morning and simulated the mini triathlon bike ride and run... after the stability ball class of course... anyways, so i rode 7 miles and ran 2... took me 53ish minutes... so, with the swimming, i hope to finish with plenty of time to spare in one and half hours... i don't know what kind of goal that is, but that's it... anyways, had good breakfast and lunch and a pear.. plus my protein shake after working out, i'm not doing to bad today.. not to mention i have to go back to the y tonight to teach a class... tho it's only 30 minutes... i was contemplating taking the usual spinning class tonight too, but i think i've had enough... actually, running on the treadmill made my shins hurt with every step... oh, and want to hear something really embarrassing? i totally farted while on the treadmill... it smelled pretty bad and there was this old guy right next to me running as well... overall, tho, i did enjoy my day off of school and used it to my advantage to catch up on all the crap i consumed over the weekend... i wish i could just drop those pounds i gained without effort... by the way, the scale said 145... i was down to 140... so yeah, 5 pounds over four days... great.... well world, till next time

bathroom misadventure

okay so this story may be pushing the limits, but, how does one plug up a toilet in a really nice hotel room? this morning, i figured it out... i mean, those things are like super duper industrial strength toilets that have to handle however many ppl and their crazy bathroom issues and little ole me plugs it up... AND not to mention, it stunk up the entire room... why me? so hubby came to the rescue and after about a million flushes finally fixed it... he said, tho, that there prob was a tsunami somewhere in canada by the way it finally pushed it out... not funny... not funny at all...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bike MS

this is what i'm riding for... like i said, not so much for ms, but more for myself and my own goals... but, either way, make a contribution to your local chapter.. ppl with ms will appreciate it...

new obsession

here is my new obsession!!

hubby bought me trainer for my bike for valentine's day... what a sweety... he's just tired of me not being home all the time since i'm always at spinning class... no, let's be honest... he just wants to use it too!

how the heck do you post pics on this stinkin thing?!?!?!

stop dieting start living is a bloody lie

I am on a quest to find the many others out there who are struggling with weight and getting fit... therefore, i'm ODing on following blogs... it's ok, i need to know i'm not the only one that eats an entire bag of peanut m&ms in a weekend and then hates herself for ruining her diet... and no, not the small bag! i WISH i could just stop dieting and start living (thanks for nothing weight watchers)

Day Way Off

ok, so did REALLY bad yesterday.... first ate an entire bag of popcorn at the game... which we won by the way!! it was close tho, closer than what i had expected out of such an icky team... but anyways... then i had french fries from wendy's... do you know how long it's been since i've had fast food? insanely too long... so they tasted like heaven.. then i got my full body massage.. that was way too wonderful... gotta do it more often... in total i had breakfast, the popcorn, an apple, the fries, two cookies (which were great), the best steak dinner i've ever had (we went to longhorn)... i don't know how many peanut m&m's... a six inch subway club... and an entire bottle of champagne! hehehehhe... that was the best... so i woke up and walked on the treadmill this morning... only 2.5 miles per hour for a half an hour, but hey, still got the heart rate up... other than that had the best time ever with the hubby yesterday.. like i said, we got full body massages, then went to a great dinner, then saw the movie valentine's day, which was a total chick flick and not as funny as it could have been... but i still liked it... would have been way better as a book! speaking of books, want to know the biggest coincidence ever? my sister had been talking about a book she read (yes, my sister actually completed one book, which i believe is the only book she's ever actually read) called my horizontal life, a collection of one-night stands by chelsea handler... she said it was hilarious and that i really need to read it asap... come to find out, i've had this book for years and never actually got around to reading it... btw, i'm saying actually a lot, aren't i... must be the entire bottle of champange talking... yes, hang over... not bad but itching to show it's ugly face... so i woke up at 7, wide awake, and the hubby is still in bed... we are at a hotel and i snuck to the fitness room and to blog really quick before he rouses and wants breakfast... not that that'll be anytime soon, he could sleep til five in the evening everyday if he let himself... i swear he only gets up when he does because he gets too sore laying in bed too long... well, i better head back up to see what he's doing (i'll be shocked if he's actually up.... see, the actually again... dang it)... goodbye world

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Home

so i worked out tonight... it went well... i was a little sore during the parts with the tension up... that is to be expected since i just did a cycling class last night... i'll have to get used to that tho, especially since when i start my real training, there are only two to three days of rest a week, which have to be filled in with weight training... soooo, needless to say, get used to it self! anyways, i'm attempting to resist temptation to eat everything we have in the house right now.. thus why i'm blogging and watching hgtv... also drinking tea as of right this second, since it's done steeping... my mom got me this teavana stuff for christmas... it's tea she usually drinks and i guess it's pretty expensive stuff... you buy it loose and steep it in this little contraption thingy... love it! you can def tell the difference between it and the cheap stuff from the grocery store... i have practically the same flavor at school and it barely compares to this stuff... not to mention, my mom was pretty slick and got me two flavors that go well with different kinds of alcohol for the summer... when i spend all my time half looped! hehehe... seriously tho, this summer is gonna rock... i plan to do my ride in june, then in july i'd like to do that mini triathlon.. i guess i could explain what the triathlon consists of - 400 yards swimming, 7 mile ride and 2 mile run... yeah, easy! like i said, tho, i really have to practice swimming, i'm not even close to being able to do the whole thing... i'm happy with the distances being so small, too, since this is just going to be a hobby type triathlon, rather than competition... i couldn't ever imagine doing an ironman triathlon... but ANYWAYS, enough rambling on... here's today's meals: breakfast (usual total cereal), lunch (usual sandwich), dinner (typical chicken, sweet potatoe and salad)... then, snacks, which are awful!, include: tlc trail mix bar, cookie, two slices of banana bread, one slice of cherry bed, banana and strawberries with chocolate and caramel, a mango, and a whole bunch of those candy heart thingies with writing on them... not too too bad except for the three slices of bread... and the extra sugar from the candy... i knew i'd go overboard today cuz of the vday parties, but geez, was all that necessary? and i'm hungry right now... i mean, actually hungry... GRRR!!! well anyways, bball game tomorrow against the toughest team... we'll see how it goes! night world

what a day so far

ok so today i came to school only to find my room ransacked by some animal AGAIN.. two days in a row! my stuff was everywhere... anyways, on to my regular topic... i did run... i mean jog... this morning... what is considered running on the treadmil? if 6 mph is, then i half ran half jogged... either way i had to drag myself out of bed to do it... i mean, my body is exhausted and i know i shouldn't overtrain, but i really needed to work off the massive amt of calories i ate last night/yesterday... even though i worked out last night and i'm working out tonight, this morning gave me a little leeway on what i ate yesterday and perhaps splurge on today... it is vday party day at school, so... now i'm sitting here tying packets of heart candies to pencils for the entire kindergarten, first and second grades... who's bright idea was that?? oh yeah, mine... way too much work tho... anyways, i plan to cycle tonight and weight train on legs... wish me luck on that one... i'm sore already, but i need to work on inner and outer thighs... sooooooo excited about tomorrow by the way... hubby and i are honeymooning it up for the night... we're getting couples massages, thanks to me by the way... and i sooooo need it too, my back has been sore from working out the other night... anyways, then a nice meal and overnight in a hotel... which will be great to just get away a little, even though it's not that far away... not to mention, the hotel has a pool and hot tub, which will be nice to relax a little and get some exercise in from the massive dinner i know i'm bouts ta eat, yeah! but to heck with the pool, the y is opening theirs back up (FINALLY) on monday, so i don't really need it... i can't wait to get into the pool too... if i'm going to do a mini triathlon this summer, i better be able to swim.. how hard can it be to improve? i'm not too bad off now, but like i said my 12 yr old stepdaughter can swim faster and longer than me... not good... so i'll just have to train on that too... speaking of training, my twelve weeks starts the first week of march, which is right around the corner... holy toledo that's coming quick... i'm excited, but the weather better start cooperating soon!! i don't know how i'll fit in those long rides without getting outside... i don't think the y would be too happy with me riding one of their stationaries for five hours at a time, but we'll see... maybe i can work something out... anyways, it's lunch time, best time of the day, and i'm missing it! gotta go world...
note to self - any long posts via text will definitely not show up correctly... sucks...
today is going to be bad for fitness... too many temptations for yummy treats because of the vday parties... ive already had a piece of some kind of bread... I think it had cherries in it... tho I did have I can't believe its not butter and whipped cream cheese on it... anyways I don't care I need a break from such good healthy food all the time...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I did really bad on calorie intake tonight but I think my body may have really needed it... I mean a protein shake, tortillas and salsa, a pear, and *gasp* vanilla fat free frozen yogurt with chocolate syrup... that's on top of two banana bread slices, dinner, lunch, almonds, yogurt, and breakfast... well now that I wrote it all down I'm so ashamed of myself... my body didn't need all that... good week down the tubes... o well, now I can be bad at the vday parties tomorrow guilt free :)
sometimes I feel destined for greatness... other times not so much
quitting time!
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first blog ever

well hello world... today is my first blog ever... never done this before... anyways, this is for my own person fitness successes, yet if anyone is reading, more power to ya... it'll be quite boring tho, since i'm only blogging my successes and failures as a type of journal... and my thoughts that come with it all... well, here it goes: i'm 24, 5ft 5 and 140 lbs... my goal is to be down to about 130... i know i keep telling everyone 132 but honestly, it's even less than that... i saw a site where a girl talked about being 5-2 and down to her ideal 110... i figure, proportionately to my height, i would be 115 if i were her... that'd be great... now, i'm not doing this jsut to look good, tho that is a great inspiration... i want to be able to run a marathon... altho i'll prob never actually do it, i'd like to be fit enough that i could say, oh yeah, i could do that... actually i want to be a triathlete... gotta practice that swimming, tho, since i'm not very strong about that... by the way, my 12 year old stepdaughter can swim stronger and longer than i can... not good... so anyways, back to my goals... i've been working out at least 7 hours a week, tho i do need to step that up coming in march... i'm training for the ms 150, which is a 150 mile bike ride... and oh, hey ms ppl: i'm not doing it for the fundraising, sorry! tho the fact that it's going to a good cause is great, i could really care less... well i have to go for now... more to come for sure