Sunday, February 21, 2010

inspired + closet pics

ok, so after visiting this morning, which i am a proud member of (for only like 5 days now, lol), i've been inspired to really sit down and plan out weekly goals... so here they are:

1. exercise five days for at least 30 min each day
2. eat healthy
3. stay at or slightly above 1500 calories a day
4. stick to lent plans

I think setting down actual plans for the week will help me focus... i've been really off track lately and haven't been happy with myself... i feel weight coming on! literally!

also, i have my before and after pics for my closet!!! here they are:

This was all the junk in my closet before.

I should have taken a pic with everything in the closet before the hubby took it all out, but there was only one long pole across the entire thing with a shelf at the top. This was after he took everything out and put in the middle shelf.

This is after! I now have four poles that span top and bottom with the floor to ceiling shelf unit in between.

Here you can see the top shelf on each side.

And here you can see the shoe rack at the bottom. There is one on each side of the shelf unit.

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