Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day Way Off

ok, so did REALLY bad yesterday.... first ate an entire bag of popcorn at the game... which we won by the way!! it was close tho, closer than what i had expected out of such an icky team... but anyways... then i had french fries from wendy's... do you know how long it's been since i've had fast food? insanely too long... so they tasted like heaven.. then i got my full body massage.. that was way too wonderful... gotta do it more often... in total i had breakfast, the popcorn, an apple, the fries, two cookies (which were great), the best steak dinner i've ever had (we went to longhorn)... i don't know how many peanut m&m's... a six inch subway club... and an entire bottle of champagne! hehehehhe... that was the best... so i woke up and walked on the treadmill this morning... only 2.5 miles per hour for a half an hour, but hey, still got the heart rate up... other than that had the best time ever with the hubby yesterday.. like i said, we got full body massages, then went to a great dinner, then saw the movie valentine's day, which was a total chick flick and not as funny as it could have been... but i still liked it... would have been way better as a book! speaking of books, want to know the biggest coincidence ever? my sister had been talking about a book she read (yes, my sister actually completed one book, which i believe is the only book she's ever actually read) called my horizontal life, a collection of one-night stands by chelsea handler... she said it was hilarious and that i really need to read it asap... come to find out, i've had this book for years and never actually got around to reading it... btw, i'm saying actually a lot, aren't i... must be the entire bottle of champange talking... yes, hang over... not bad but itching to show it's ugly face... so i woke up at 7, wide awake, and the hubby is still in bed... we are at a hotel and i snuck to the fitness room and to blog really quick before he rouses and wants breakfast... not that that'll be anytime soon, he could sleep til five in the evening everyday if he let himself... i swear he only gets up when he does because he gets too sore laying in bed too long... well, i better head back up to see what he's doing (i'll be shocked if he's actually up.... see, the actually again... dang it)... goodbye world

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