Saturday, February 20, 2010

lent, day four

well, let's start out with last night... went to the y and did the spinning class, then went in the pool but only swam one lap because the water was FREEZING... good night! til i sabotaged myself! when i got home i ate a peanut butter sandwich, chips, a plum, those honey wheat pretzel things, a bowl of cereal, and who knows what else! i practically ate an entire day's worth of food in one sitting! so i negated any positive the working out did, plus probably added even more calories! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! anyways, lent is going really well actually... even with my binge last night i refrained from the ice cream and cookies that were calling my name... i think limiting my sugar intake will really help my diet as long as i stick with it of course... today is the final game of the regular season for my boy's bball team.. i'm realy nervouse because we are playing the other undefeated team... i'll update later! my hubby is also reorganizing my closet by putting in a huge shelf thingy and more rods for my clothes... i'm SOOOO excited, i'll finally be able to find the clothes i want and i'll be much more apt to putting my clothes away now that i'll finally have room for them (usually i had to wait until i wore a bunch to be able to put the fresh clothes away, which led to disasterous messes in my room)... other than that, nothin major... til next time world!

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