Tuesday, February 16, 2010


ok so i'm not catholic, but i'm going to do lent... drum roll please - i'm giving up sugar... i'm limiting myself to my cereal - blueberry pomegranate total (and that's only cuz i just bought a new box and i'd rather it not go to waste, tho after it's all gone i will switch to oatmeal) and truvia for my hot tea (because i just can't bring myself to drink unsweetened tea, but i'll be good with it and try not to drink tea too much.. the only reason i've been drinking so much lately is because it's soothing my sore throat)... other than that, nothing... so tonight, i'm eating my last bits of sweets before midnight... i'm pretty much ODing on sweets... but i don't care cuz 40 days without will be great to help lose weight... altho i do have to remember the real reason behind giving up something for lent, which is to praise Jesus for the sacrific he's made for us... and i am giving up something that i love, so it is a true sacrifice... it's not like i'm giving up stuffed peppers *yuck!* or something... other than the eating, i'm not doing too good... i planned on jogging on the treadmill for 30 min and going to my regular tuesday night yoga class, but i just don't feel good... may have to stay home tomorrow and take a sick day... tho i doubt it, cuz i have a bball game tomorrow night and calling in sick then going to that wouldn't be a very bright idea... i am really tired, tho, and am def considering heading to bed way early... so, that's it for tonight... g'night world

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