Friday, April 29, 2011

One Hand In The Air For The Big City!!

I'm heading to New York City tonight!!! We are going on a bus trip overnight. Then we have all day Saturday to do whatever we want, and then we head back home Saturday night. It is going to be way too short and will probably fly by, but it will be a great way to be introduced to the city and will give us a chance to see if it's a place we'd like to return too.

Ok, I know this post is late. I also know I missed a day of blogging. It's just that after the concert Wednesday night, we didn't et home until 3:00 and I had to get up for school at 6:00. Yep, three whole hours of sleep. Needless to say, after school I went home and crashed! I even asked my hubby to wake me up after an hour or so because I had so much to do, and apparently he tried to, but I fell back asleep and stayed that way until almost 7:00. I didn't even remember him coming in to wake me up - that's how tired I was. So, I did my grocery shopping, picked up pizza for dinner and went back to bed. I watched the last episode of The Office with Steve Carrell, and then I was out like a light.

Anyways, the other day a fellow blogger left a comment about my post. She mentioned my use of 'diet' and the fact that I shouldn't think of it as a diet but more of a healthy lifestyle. I completely agree, but I want you guys to know that I use the word diet very loosely. If we were to get technical with the actual meaning of that word, then really everyone in the world is on a diet. We are just on different types of diets. The word itself has a very negative connotation, but, my dear readers, I am here to say that I am in no way scared or threatened by that word. I have always referred to my healthy living as a diet. So when I say I'm off my diet, I'm referring to the fact that I'm not doing a good job at making healthy choices, or that I'm not watching my portion sizes, or that I am not counting my points. And I'm fine with referring to it as a diet. I understand that I have made many healthy lifestyle changes that I will be carrying on for the rest of my life. That is my personal definition of 'diet' simply because, well, it's easier/quicker to type rather than constantly saying healthy choices/lifestyle/whatever. So I do appreciate that blogger's comment and concerns, but rest assured that I understand everything even if right now I'm choosing not to follow along. :)

Speaking of choosing to not follow along, I am definitely not doing well on the eating front (see above mentioning of ordering pizza last night). It's just that there are things I like to eat that are definitely not healthy in any way and that would be referred to by Jillian Michaels as non-food. My thinking is if I allow myself this time to eat those things, and then get back on plan after a few days, I should be fine to continue to live like this for the rest of my life. I was perfect with everything for four weeks straight, so if I take every fifth week off, I'm going to be fine. I'm just dreading my weigh-in this afternoon is all.

Oh boy, I hope I'm not starting to sound delusional. I hope I'm not falling off the wagon. I've made my decision to do this with full force for the rest of my life. I hope this isn't me giving in to my inner demons... I suppose I'll find out Sunday. That is my 'Get My Act Back Together' day. I'll review the many goals set last week that I've failed at achieving and I'll set new ones. I can do this dang it! No regrets, no remorse, no dwelling. I'm almost to the bottom of this hill, the only way to go is up.

Well I will so my best to respond to comments and catch up with everyone's blogs on or before Sunday. I hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful weekend.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

About to get paparazzi-ed!

Quick post tonight because I'm heading to see Lady Gaga, woot woot!

I definitely am way off track with my eating. I need to get refocused. I'm really dreading the scale this week. I didn't work out this morning. I should have, but I was too lazy to get out of bed. My legs really hurt and I just didn't feel like dealing with it. Then I got home from school and polished off a half a bag of peanut m&ms (umm, no, not the small bag either). I'm not even going to bother looking up those points. Grrr! Deep breaths.

I'm going to have to just take the rest of this week off of my diet. This weekend I'm going to New York City (which I'll tell you all about in a post tomorrow - I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED), so I am not going to pay attention to points and that only leaves tomorrow to worry about. Since I've already blown it every other day this week, screw it. I will not, on the other hand, stop exercising, and I will meet up with Jillian everyday like I'm supposed to (well, except today anyways).

So, I'll end it with a pic of the flowers my mommy sent me for my birthday (cuz she's awesome!).

Pretty, huh. :)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'd be a runner if my legs would cooperate!!

Today - very very VERY bad for eating. I went to a Chinese takeout place for dinner. And I ate it all. THE ENTIRE PLATE. I way stuffed myself. And now I'm in bed, munching on leftover Easter candy and a peach (what a combination).

It's a lucky thing I worked out like a beast today then!

First, let me introduce you to my new accomplices.

Uh, yeah, that's me in the picture by the way. (wink wink)
Yeah, I bought new running shoes.

Ok, I know I said I'd get new shoes when I hit 155 pounds, but with how bad my legs/calves/shins have been hurting lately, I kind of thought it was time for new shoes. Sure enough, the guy at the sports store said that the shoes I have been wearing are really bad to run in. I knew I wanted to get the Nike+, so that was my only criteria. There wasn't a LOT to choose from, but I did try on a few pairs and found a perfect fit. And they're cute to boot!! As you can see, I also bought the Nike+ kit to go in my shoes and I FINALLY got around to picking up an armband for my iPhone. I'm so pumped to be able to workout without worrying about holding on to my iPhone while listening to the music. Trust me, it has become an issue more than once - while on the treadmill, especially, I'm constantly hitting the earphone cord and knocking it off the ledge. Yesterday morning my iPhone hit the treadmill and flew off, which then forced me to shout a few obscenities and wake up my hubby (needless to say he was pretty ticked about that one).

Anyways, so I gave my new shoes a shot. Outside. For the first time, I ran outside at home (I ran outside for the first time EVER while in Florida over spring break a few weeks ago). I don't know if it was because I was outside (which is always tremendously harder than on the treadmill), or if it was my pace, or what, but now my legs are KILLING me again. It's my right shin and left calf. *Sigh* As much as I'm really really REALLY wanting to continue running and am actually kind of sort of a little bit enjoying it, now all of a sudden I'm having problems. So much for being a runner. I've never really given it much effort before, and I've always stuck to biking, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But still.... this is just my luck. :(

The cool part about Nike+ is being able to see how far I ran and what my time was. It also tells you every time you hit a mile and what your pace at that point is. Here's a screen-shot from my first official run!!

It's a pretty slow pace, and I just couldn't go any farther. But for a first time, I'm pretty proud of myself.
Unfortunately. though, I don't know when the next time I will be able to run will be.

Anyways, I also woke up early and did my 30 Day Shred workout. I did level three!! It was pretty hard, but I'm already seeing results. No, I'm not ripped yet, I'm talking more about the push-up thing. Have I ever mentioned that I can't do a real actual full-out push-up? Nope. I can bike 150 miles. I can almost run a 5k. I can do 15 minutes straight of ab work without even flinching. But a real push-up? Not a chance. I have NO upper body strength. BUT, after doing 30 Day and Yoga Meltdown four days in a row, I'm pretty close to being able to do one. Just one of course, but still.

So, even though I ate a lot - 37 points to be exact(ish), I did earn 12 activity points today. Then, tomorrow is my birthday, and we are going to see Lady Gaga (or is it Ga Ga? GaGa? well you get the point) in concert, so I'm a little worried about my eating tomorrow night as well. It hasn't been the best past couple weeks for eating, and I really need to get myself back on track. I just eating JUNK. Non-foods, as Jillian would say.

Well I better get to bed if I'm getting up at 5:30 to get in a workout, especially since I won't have time to fit one in tomorrow night!! Happy hump day!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

What a weekend...

So this past weekend was very interesting. And when I say interesting, what I really mean is bad for the diet. For the most part.

Let's talk about what went well first. I DID do two days worth of Jillian. I did level one of 30 Day Shred on Saturday and level two on Sunday. I did Yoga Meltdown on Saturday and Cardio Kickboxing on Sunday. I taught my aerobics class on Saturday and took my dog for a quick walk around the campground on Sunday. Overall, I DID make my 50 activity points that I was hoping for (actually, I set it at 45, so I more than exceeded my goal). I am definitely sore, but I LOVE that feeling. I know when working out you don't have to feel sore the next day in order to get benefits, but I actually like knowing that I strained muscles and that they are rebuilding themselves and therefore strengthening themselves. I really like the workout videos I got, but each workout is only about 20 minutes. That's fine for days that I'm in a hurry to get a quick workout in, but I do like to do 45 minute workouts when I have time. I guess that's my only complaint about them.

Also, I got to hang out with my family yesterday. I LOVE my family. I'm a very family-centered person and the older I get, the more I realize how important it is to spend time with them and value that time.

OK, let's get to the bad parts of the weekend. Can I first start with a vent? I WAS SO PISSED OFF YESTERDAY! My brother-in-law and his 'lovely' wife (can you sense the sarcasm??) decided to have their Easter get-together at the same time as my family's - 2:00. And they live 45 minutes away. So, we decided to go to their's and then come back and hit my family's - even though we'd be missing my family's dinner, we'd be there for dessert and games, which is my favorite part anyways. No big deal, right? WRONG. Amby had to work at five, so she decided to drive separately, and I figured I'd just hitch a ride back home with her and she could drop me off at my aunt's, and then my hubby wouldn't feel so pressured to leave and he could hang out at his brother's as long as he wanted. Amby had to leave at 3:30ish in order to make it back home, get ready, and get to work on time. That was ok, since we were supposed to be eating at 2:00, right? WRONG AGAIN!

This is what happened - we rushed to get to my BIL's so we could get the rolls in the oven so they'd be ready to go to eat at 2:00. We got there, and were the first to arrive. That was odd considering we got there at ten till, which was a little behind. We walked in, and I took notice of the oven. The timer for the turkey showed that there was still 50 minutes left! And they KNEW we were leaving early. They KNEW that I was missing my family's get-together and that we were going to try to split our time. So much for planning to eat at 2:00!!!!!!! Now, it could be that I really can't stand my BIL's wife as it is, because that feeling just heightened everything she did to irritate me just that much more. We didn't end up eating until 3:30, and Amby and I had to scarf down our food so we could leave so she wouldn't be late to work. UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE. But, whatever, I made it to my aunt's and when my hubby came home later and there were no arguments or fights - I just let it go. Deep breaths.

ANYWAYS, my eating was atrocious over the weekend. Saturday went well at first, and then my hubby told me that we'd be eating at one of our friend's campsites for dinner. Hamburgers, potato skins, the usual picnic-type foods. I had forgotten how good full fat hamburgers taste. But, while I was eating one, I just kept thinking about the fat seeping into my thighs and puffing them up, filling them with cellulite. Yet it tasted SO FREAKING GOOD. I did pick the smallest one and only ate one, so I didn't do TOO bad. It was on a white bun - ick, refined carbs. Where I sank was with the potato skins. They were from a local restaurant and I hadn't had them in FOREVER. They were also delicious. I tried to stop at two (they're rather large), but I ended up eating about 5 or 6 - I purposely lost count. Then, we busted out a bottle of wine. Oh dear, wine. I pretty much attribute most of my weight gain to sitting around a campfire, eating smores and drinking bottles upon bottles of wine. Needless to say, I ended up downing over a half a bottle. Oh boy.

Then yesterday, I ate Reese's eggs, Snickers eggs, chocolate covered strawberries, sugar cookies, cheesecake, jellybeans, Cadbury cream eggs, homemade fudge etc. etc. etc. I had the WORST sugar hangover last night. After going so long with really limiting the amount of sugar I eat, eating that much really bothered me. I felt like CRAP last night.

But, you know what, I wouldn't change it. I could have limited myself a little more, but what's life without a day of indulgences once in a while? What's life without tasting all the fine foods God created for the earth? I have read quite a few blogs today where people held back, or splurged and are full of regret, but I ended up coming across Mrs. Fatass's blog and I completely agree with her. She titled it 'butter hangover' and talks about how much she enjoyed cooking for her family and sitting with them, eating the food, trying some of everything, and NOT regretting it. I have always said that I never want to live a life of strict restrictions. I want to enjoy life and food is a part of that. Just because I was bad over the weekend, doesn't mean I'm going to do it everyday of my life. This is what 'normal' feels like, I guess. Life's full of ups and downs, and diet/weight/food is going to be full of ups and downs as well. As the instructor says during yoga on Tuesday nights, 'breathe in, embrace the thought, acknowledge it, and let it flow out as you exhale'. AKA get over it.

One final thought. As I'm sitting here this morning on my laptop, I have the TV on the OWN network. There are commercials of a new show featuring Shania Twain. Apparently, she found out that her husband was cheating on her, and the show is all about her moving on, etc. etc. etc. My question - WHO THE "EFF" CHEATS ON SHANIA TWAIN?!?!?!? Men are idiots.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up + Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!

This is going to be a quick post seeing as how we are supposed to be leaving for our first family dinner of the day in fifteen minutes (we aren't even ready to go, fashionably late as usual).

Goals for this past week:
      Run every morning for 26 minutes - not done, my legs kept me from doing this at all on Wednesday and Thursday, and though I have been working out, I have not gone back to the treadmill yet. I'm hoping to jump on tomorrow morning.
      Log 26 mintues of exercise Saturday and Sunday - half DONE, I definitely got plenty in yesterday and I hope to do a couple videos this evening
      Track points everyday - DONE, until today, which I'm going to give it a shot no matter what I eat
      No binges - ummmm, yeah, not done, I've been really bad this week :(
      Write two '26' blog posts - DONE
      Get in 45 activity points - DONE, I'm actually only one point away, but with my workouts I have planned for this evening I'll actually hit above 50!
      Get in a long bike ride - nope, still crappy weather :(
      Log 26 miles on my bike - nope, see above
      Weigh-in in the 150s - DONE!!!
      Drink 2.6 liters of water a day - DONE

Goals for next week:
- Do at least one workout from the 30 Day Shred OR Yoga Meltdown a day
- Try to get back on the treadmill every morning (I may just have to suffer through the pain)
- Log 26 miles on my bike (come on weather, help me out here!)
- Track points everyday
- No binges
- Stay within 29 points per day (I was really bad about this this week, so I HAVE to get myself back on plan)
- Drink 2.6 liters of water a day

Also, I should have added this into my post from yesterday, but I'm also going to start responding to any comments on my posts. I LOVE the fact that Candice from Life According to Candice does this and I always look forward to seeing what she says in response to my comments, so WHY hadn't I thought of doing it on my blog as well yet??? DUH! If I like seeing her respond, others probably would like to see me respond to them too. So, thank you Candice, I'm stealing your idea :) By the way, I know most of the people that read this blog are here because I talk mostly about weight loss and such, but if you ever get the chance, visit her blog!! She doesn't talk about weight loss, just random stuff, but she's HILARIOUS! And I always look forward to reading her posts. So, click on her blog title above and prepare to laugh your butt off (see, I knew there'd be a way to link her to weight loss!).

Well have a fabulous Easter!! Don't eat too much candy, but for heaven's sakes indulge a little! It's only one day a year!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stuff I Stole Saturday

*cue corny gameshow music*

Welcome to another edition of "Stuff I Stole (from other blogs) Saturday"!! I'm your host, ThunderThighs, and boy do I have lots of stuff in store for you!

First of all, we have Becoming an Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie who inspired me to get ahold of a couple Jillian Michaels workout videos. Thanks!! I tried both today - one workout from Yoga Meltdown and one from 30 Day Shred. Yoga Meltdown was INSANE!! I was dripping sweat when I was done and my arms/shoulders were screaming from so many planks. I really liked it though, because I love yoga, and this form of yoga really burns calories and fat (just ask Jillian, she says it about a hundred times throughout the workout). 30 Day Shred wasn't too bad, it's pretty much what I do at the Y in the various classes except in a shorter amount of time. The weight part is definitely what I need, and I don't force myself to do it on my own, so it'll be beneficial to stick in the video and have Jillian make me do it!! Now, my question for everyone is do you do the diet plan as well as the videos? I'm not planning on it, but it makes me wonder if the results are the same. Debbie also inspired me to take some before pics. Those will be added to the bottom for your viewing pleasure (please take caution, they are VERY unflattering pictures!).

Next we have Lisa at Challenge Accepted. I LOVE her widget that counts up since the last time she ate junk. I'm so adding one to my blog (as soon as A. I figure out how and B. I stop eating junk).

Also, thanks to Need to Get Me Back, I have a great new saying! If you go to her blog and scroll down just a tad, on the right hand side there is a picture of a little keychain. It reads, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels". That's awesome!!! I'd like to add it to my blog somewhere, I just have to figure out where. It's a great reminder of why I need to keep on keeping on!
Ain't it cute!?!

Then, we have one of my newest favies, Sarah at Not an Effing Diet! (LOVE the title!). This week she posted a link to an article on CNN, which you can get to by simply clicking here. It really is very interesting and informational about how sleep affects your eating habits and weight. As usual, it talks about how it's much worse for women than men (jerks). Now, I have no problem getting in my seven to eight hours a night, but I know lots of people out there don't. Since knowledge is power, I figured I'd steal the article to continue it's journey to the eyes of even more readers.

And, finally, we have Drazil at It's Just Me, Drazil & Sheniqua. She does a post on Fridays called BYOC (Bring Your Own Crazy). Yeah, it's a day late, but I figured I'd answer a couple of the questions. First, she asks are you holding on to something you should let go of? When I really sat down and thought about it, I realized I AM holding on to LOTS of stuff. Junk stuff. Stuff in boxes from my childhood/teenage years that I just don't have the heart to throw away. But, why? What is it with my obsession to keep those things around. When my hubby and I moved in together, I told him he really needed to thin out his stuff. We just didn't have the room. But on the other hand, I never thinned out my stuff. Talk about double standards. Also, I'm starting to let it go, but I sometimes still hang on to the thought of a different life. Don't get me wrong, because I LOVE my husband and I LOVE my family and I LOVE the way my life has turned out (for the most part), but I do sometimes still wonder what would have happened if I stayed on campus at the original college I attended rather than coming home and commuting to a different college (and therefore meeting the man I would eventually marry). What would my life be like if I didn't marry my hubby? I HATE the town we live in and have always wanted to leave. What would my life be like if I decided to do that instead of sticking around? What would my life be like if I married someone my own age? Shouldn't these thoughts be gone by now? Does that show regret? I really don't know. The amount of time I ponder on such things is fewer and farther between, but they still stick around. Are those thoughts linked to the stuff I have kept around? Hmmmmmmm......

Anyways, the other question is what are three 'nevers' you follow in your life. Well, I'll never stop learning new things (especially for my job as a teacher). I will never stop believing in God or give up my relationship with Him. And I DEFINITELY never leave the house without kissing my hubby good-bye.

What are your three nevers???
Well that's it for this edition of "Stuff I Stole Saturday"! You've been a great audience! As for the people who I've stolen things from, tell them what they win Bob - A NEW CAR! Ok, just kidding, they don't get anything but my appreciation.

******WARNING: This is where things get gross. Proceed with caution!!!******

And now, without further ado, my before 30 Day Shred/Yoga Meltdown pics. I dug out an old bathing suit. WHOA. The bottoms were a LITTLE snug! I just wish I could get rid of them darn thunder thighs! And all the cellulite that comes with them!!!
NOW do you see the pear shape? I guess it could be worse, though, right?

By the way, those pics are not to be used for anything inappropriate, though it would take a VERY sick person to use them!! ICK!

Now, I know I'm harsh on myself, but it's all in good fun. I'm going to have a hot bod one of these days and look back at these pics and laugh, ummm, harder than I do now anyways.


Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Good Thing I Don't Have to Breathe Through My Legs

Boy today has been eventful. I'm actually kind of glad I have to work in our store tonight. I finally get the chance to sit down, catch up on some blogs and do some crossword puzzles.

It all started with my weigh-in. It wasn't quite as low as yesterday's, which isn't surprising considering what I ate for dinner last night and the fact that I took two full days off from working out to try to let my legs heal (I'll go into that a little bit more later). So, drum roll please....

Body fat - 37%! This is a loss of 1.8 pounds!

So, my weight loss has slowed down a little since I started. I definitely contribute that to my overeating and binging and sugar cravings from that rat bastard TOM. But, he's gone now and I feel 150% better! Plus, I AM logical enough to know I have no one to truly blame but myself, so no biggie.

Anyways, after weighing-in I went to the Y for the aerobics class. I didn't really enjoy the instructor. I've never taken a class with her before, and I'm sorry to say I just wasn't impressed. I wanted more cardio, and she did more weights. BUT, that's really what I need since I don't make myself do them, so I guess it worked out better that way. Still, I wanted more cardio.

After the Y, I ran home, showered as fast as possible, and headed to my dentist appointment. I did dig out a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in forever because they are a size 12. First of all, yes, this is three days in a row that I've worn jeans rather than sweatpants! So, I decided to give these bad boys a chance. Sure enough, they fit fine in the waist, but my thunder thighs are suffocating!! It really is a good thing I don't breathe through my legs because I'd be dead by now. I've worn them all day, and they have loosened up a little bit, but boy am I giving the seams a run for their money!! So am I officially a size 12? No. But I'm darn close!!

Right after that, I went to Walmart. I had some grocery shopping to do and such. Traffic was ridiculous because there's construction going on, and I would have had to get in line and wait for like two miles in creeping traffic, but being my impatient self I headed past all of the cars to merge closer to where the road goes down to one lane. The people in line were jerks!! Ok, ok, I don't blame them, I probably wouldn't have let me merge either, but still. Finally, a guy let me over. I realized right away it was my DAD! What a coincidence! He called me on my cell and asked where I learned to drive. Of course I replied him, and he said I was lucky he was there to let me in because I probably never would have made it. Yeah yeah yeah, whatev. 

Then, right as I was about to enter the parking lot, I witnessed an accident! I felt so bad, a guy in a truck went through the redlight and plowed into the old guy in front of me! I immediately stopped because the truck guy looked like he was going to make a run for it, and I was prepared to follow him and get his license plate number! But, he ended up stopping and when I found out that the old guy was ok, I headed into Walmart.

While there, it was complete chaos! There were people EVERYWHERE!!! I didn't even think about it being a holiday weekend. I picked up all the stuff for my stepdaughters' Easter baskets and the food we need to bring to my brother-in-law's on Sunday. As I was checking out the milk section, this man walked up to me and started talking about the ham he had in his hand. I realized right away he thought I was someone else, so I just stood there waiting for him to realize. I even started talking to him, responding to his questions, and suggesting that 'we' just go with that ham rather than the other he was looking at until he finally realized I wasn't his wife! It was hilarious. His real wife witnessed the whole thing and was laughing her butt off! The funniest part is though we were both blondes with dark blue shirts on, she was at least five inches taller than me! You should have seen the look on his face when he realized I wasn't who he thought I was!

Also while at Walmart, I figured that since I was buying lots of stuff for my stepdaughters and hubby for Easter, I had might as well buy myself some of those Jillian Michaels workout videos I've been wanting. I ended up buying two - 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown. I'm pretty excited about both!

 Then, my mom read my post where I wrote about how I wanted to get the videos and she mentioned that she has a set of 5 dvds. So she made me copies of each bought me my own set. Aw, how nice! Love you mom!!

Umm, yeah, the one is called 'Full Frontal'. Well, as long as there are men involved I guess. ;)

So, I'm pretty excited about giving them all a try. I will definitely keep you posted. I'm thinking about doing the whole before and after pics for the 30 Day Shred.

Anyways, I'll end it with a little bit about my leg injuries/sprains/pulls/whatever. I have NO idea what I did to myself. If ANYONE knows anything about this, please please please leave me a comment. I'm going to try asking a guy I know who coaches track and cross country, but everyone else I've talked to have no clue what's going on and all the research I've done so far online has been inconclusive. See, I'm having pain in my lower legs. Not the front - the shin. Not the back - the calf. The inside part starting from above my ankle to mid-way to my knee. So, when I cross my left leg up over my right knee, the pain is in that part right there that I see when I look down at my left leg. I feel it most after I'm done running on the treadmill and I try to walk downstairs. Not as much when I go upstairs, not at all when I go side to side, DOWN the stairs. And, even though I took two days off to rest, this morning after aerobics I got on the treadmill to show my aunt how I run (so she could check if I'm running flat-footed or something), that part of my legs were sore again, and hurt a little, even though I only was on the treadmill for no longer than 2 minutes, if that. If you've ever had this problem or know anyone who has, or if you have any advice at all, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank God it's Thursday!

Hello hello hello!!! Welcome to Thursday ladies and gentlemen. It is currently 3:30ish and I am OFF for four days!!!! I have lots of stuff planned for my time off, but right now I'm just relaxing. This is a MUCH needed break. I've been flipping out in class entirely too much lately. Today, I even called a student an idiot. Well, he deserved it - he was being extremely belligerent and outright making fun of a girl that I truly adore. But I'm sure I'll be hearing about it on Tuesday. Oh well, life moves on.

Thursdays are my favorite days of the week anyways - my FAVORITE shows are on on Thursday nights. That would include Community, Parks and Rec, and THE OFFICE!! Ask anyone who knows me, I'm OBSESSED with The Office. I'm so mad that Steve Carell is leaving, but hey, he deserves a life too. Too bad he's messing with mine in return! ;)
My current bobblehead collection consists of 8. I plan to get the rest eventually!

Anyways, I weighed myself this morning. I don't usually do that, I try to stick to once a week, but I just wanted to a peak at where I was at. WOW, I even woke my hubby up for this one (which he was pretty ticked about) - 157.6. Gosh I hope that's the official weight for this week (I weigh in tomorrow)!! I haven't seen a number that low in over a year. I mean, I know a lot of people haven't seen it since they were in elementary school, but you have to understand my past. I was always heavier until a couple years ago when my hubby and I broke up and I went into a major depression and lost a bunch of weight. At that time I saw my lowest number ever on a scale - 128ish - and then I began slowly gaining it all back. Last year in February I was 140 and then I shot up to the 160s within a few months, 175-180 over the summer, and 175 when I first officially weighed in for the beginning of this new journey. So to be back to the 150s again feels amazing. I even wore JEANS to school today!! Usually on dress down days I wear sweatpants or Adidas pants or something along those lines. But no, BAM, I wore jeans. I'm still in a size 14, darn those thunder thighs, but I know those 12s are just around the corner!! Too bad my waist and hips have shrunk enough for my pants to be to big in those areas and now when I sit my buttcrack hangs out. Just don't sit behind me, ok?!?! WHY is it again that I have to be so badly portioned???

Well hey, my agenda for this evening is a little nap and then heading to the Y. Have a good one!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Searching for Jillian

Well, my eating has been terrible. I've pulled a muscle in my leg and therefore had to take some time off from running. My stepdaughter's birthday party is tonight and that means cake. Easter is Sunday and that means pie. MY birthday is next week and that means more cake. The kids at school have been CRAZY lately - there were another three fights yesterday in what almost resembled a riot in the cafeteria (we really should be paid extra for putting our lives on the lines!). Plus we are desperately trying to get our students prepared for the state tests next week, and more than half of my students failed last year (did I mention I teach special education? how unfair is it that I have a student that is at a third grade reading level and he's expected to take the same test as all the other eighth graders??? don't even get me started). All that combined with the stresses around here lately and it's a wonder how I'm not bald from ripping my hair out yet.

I really need to get my attitude back in check. I know all this is me. The overeating - me. The bad attitude at school - me. The lack of motivation - me. The overall crankiness - me. I even got a note from one of my students today that said she didn't appreciate my attitude towards her and that she's sorry for having an attitude back. How mature! I was impressed and upset at the same time. I feel so bad for having such a bad attitude towards her and she really had the right to be defensive! Oh boy, maybe they need to up my meds. WOW, I'm so not someone to be like this! I really need to check myself at the door - give my whole aura a once over before I even leave my house in the morning!!!

I don't know. This too shall pass, right? (wait, don't answer that)

ANYWAYS, I've been inspired by the many positive feedback I've heard about Jillian Michaels' workout videos. So, I've decided to invest in one or two. I'll have to head out to Walmart and see what they have. I really need to get into strength training. Cardio comes so easy for me because of my thunder thighs and how strong my legs are, but my upper body is WEAK and my abs are in need to some massive toning. Plus, with not being able to do my thirty minutes on the treadmill in the morning, I really need to supplement that with some kind of workout. Not to mention, if I have a video or two at home, I'll have no excuse not to workout when I can't make it to the Y. Maybe I'll go out there after my stepdaughter's birthday party this evening.

Speaking of which, we are having her party here at the campground. And her mother and her mother's family are joining us. Oh boy. Don't get me wrong, I have a tremendous amount of respect for her mother. She's a WONDERFUL mom and has raised both of my stepdaughters into amazing girls/women. But, it's always a little awkward being around her. We've definitely had our moments. It took her quite a while to get it into her head that she just wasn't a part of my hubby's family anymore. But, last night at the calling hours, she did a really good job of not overstepping her boundaries, and I appreciate her efforts. Plus, she's a very kind-hearted Christian woman, and that in itself is something to be respected. We'll just forget the little bit of shit she's pulled in the past and the fact that she lived on my husband's $1000 a month child support/alimony up until recently when she FINALLY decided to get a real job (considering she'll be losing some of it now that Amby's turning 18). By-gones will be by-gones ;)

Well, happy hump day everyone! THANK GOD tomorrow is my Friday - we have a four day weekend for Easter! Woot woot!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Appreciating My Stresses

Yes, my husband has been through so much stress lately. We went to his uncle's calling hours tonight. His mom is out of the hospital but she is still not feeling well. The campground has been having issues and the weather is making it difficult to work around the grounds. So, no, my overeating and sugar cravings aren't the end of the world.

Anytime you look at your life in a negative way, just remember, it could be just that much worse.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday...

...I wish it were Sunday!! Actually, I wish it were summer so I could be off!! 40 more days of school! (but who is counting?)

Anyways, I really have no aim for this post. Just a bunch of ramblings really. First off, I did my 26 minutes on the treadmill this morning, but I DID split them up. I walked at 4mph for one minute then ran at 5mph for thirteen and then repeated that. I just had to for my own sanity. I just get so messed up in my head when I try to keep a run going for so long that I begin to almost literally outloud argue with myself about stopping. It's kind of ridiculous. But, splitting it up like that made it so much more manageable. As a matter of fact, I also realized that I actually don't make it to 2.6 miles like I thought, so I'm going to give that a try in my challenges for my weekday runs. I did it today, and here's the proof :)

Anyways, I also can't remember whose blog I read where she said she uses the word "doohickeys", but when I was at the kitchen store over the weekend I found OFFICIAL doohickeys!! I didn't realize there were ACTUAL utensils called doohickeys! But apparently there are! Again, here's the proof:

They are, like, fork-type things or something. Either way, I thought it was funny.

It was kind of a rough weekend. Now is the part where I go into that long story I didn't want to go into yesterday because I just didn't feel like typing it all out, and the post was already going to be relatively long. So my hubby owns a campground. That is where we live as well - we have a house on the grounds. His mom and aunt live in a trailor on the grounds as well. They run the campground's store until I get out of school and then I work also until school starts again. Our season is from April 15th to October 15th. Well, Saturday night, at about 1:45 in the morning, hubby's aunt called and said she called an ambulance for his mom because she couldn't breathe. Her oxygen levels apparently were really low as her COPD was triggered and they ended up taking her to the hospital to admit her. She's doing much better now, but they needed to keep her for extra tests and breathing treatments until her oxygen levels stabilize enough to go home. Once she's out, she'll be on oxygen for a while until they can wean her down to only being on it at night. Therefore, I'm having to pick up the slack at the store until she's well enough to go back to work. Needless to say that means I have to go to school, come home, and go into the store until closing. Luckily, hubby found a camper who offered to help out so it's not so hard on us, but still. It does give me plenty of time to blog! I'm very thankful that she's helping out tonight, too, so I can go workout. I was in the store all day yesterday - we are open 9-6 on Sundays and being that no one slept all night Saturday I offered to just stay in there from open to close. I don't mind doing it, it's just the thing I mentioned in my post yesterday is that I'm around all kinds of tempting snack foods and candy. And really, the only complaint I have about working in the store is that it can get SO boring, but it's not anything hard or laborous, so no big deal. Though it IS going to cut into the amount of working out I can get in this week. Again, another reason why I'm so happy I decided to sacrifice 30 minutes in the morning to get on the treadmill!!

Well, I'm going to get myself ready to head to the Y. I'm pretty tired out from school today, but since I don't know when I'll be able to get there next, I'm forcing myself to go. Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

26 things...

To celebrate our 26th birthday this month, I've joined a couple other gals in a '26' challenge. So, I've decided to combine my two posts - 26 things that make me great and 26 goals to accomplish before I turn 27. So here they are:

26 Things That Make Me GREAT! (this was actually pretty tough to come up with... good thing I'm not turning 36 instead!)
1. I have nice eyes
2. I have cute toes (some beg to differ though)
3. I have a type-A personality
4. I'm extremely loyal
5. I'm very family-focused
6. I have a great rapport with kids
7. I am a good teacher
8. I'm smart (though sometimes ditzy)
9. I have my masters degree (actually I've had it since I was 24 and I'm the first in my family to get a masters - my dad's working on his right now)
10. I have a good heart
11. I'm creative (kind of)
12. I have a very determined work ethic
13. I'm reliable
14. I procrastinate, but I DO get it done
15. I work well under pressure (see #14)
16. I'm a decent cook (WHEN I cook)
17. I do a decent job on up-dos (I do my stepdaughter, stepsister and any other of their friends' hair from prom and homecoming)
18. I can ride a bike 150 miles
19. I clean up well
20. I try my best to make others feel good
21. I'm active
22. I have nice handwriting (ok I'm stretching a little, but this is really hard)
23. I'm technologically savvy
24. I refuse to give up and fail
25. I fight for what I believe in
26. I'm learning to be patient

26 Goals to Accomplish Before I Turn 27
1. Get to my goal weight of 130 and maintain a 125-130 pound range
2. Be able to RUN a full 5k
3. Be able to run a 6 minute mile
4. Improve myself as a teacher
5. Demonstrate patience in all stressful situations
6. Improve myself as a wife
7. Maintain a positive attitude all the time (especially at school)
8. Stay on a healthy diet (whether it be with WW or by counting calories or whatever)
9. Do two big bike rides this summer rather than just one
10. Be able to swim at least one full lap at the Y nonstop (I'm definitely not a strong swimmer)
11. Learn to cook our family dish (chicken puppycosh) without help
12. Learn to make my husband's mom's homemade noodles without help
13. Finish everything I start
14. Learn to save money better
15. Try ziplining
16. Log more miles on my bike than last year, which was 785 total
17. Run my 30 minutes every single weekday morning unless I'm ill or dead ;)
18. Dress more professionally at school next year than I did this year
19. Cut down on gossip
20. Quit being so lazy with housework
21. Take time to read more often
22. Go skiing more during next winter
23. Keep my car clean
24. Keep myself better organized
25. Keep my clothes folded and put away rather than in baskets and piles!
26. Go through all my boxes in the basement and thin everything out - getting rid of things I know I'll never need/use again

Phew, that was hard, but so worth it! I'm excited to look back on this post in another year to see where I'm at!

Weekend Wrap-up

Oooo I have lots to talk about.

1. Here are my official '26 Challenge Goals' - 2.6 liters of water a day, 26 minutes of running each weekday and 26 minutes of any exercise each weekend day, 26 miles by the end of April on my bike (I'm just going to have to tough out the weather), 26 things that make me great and 26 goals to accomplish before I turn 27. These will all go through the end of May (except the 26 miles on my bike of course).

2. My goals for this past week did not all get accomplished :(
      Run every morning - DONE and I added a minute even though I wasn't going to.
      Track points each day - I did not do this on Friday. I binged and tracked as many as I could, but I just didn't want to track every single one. Lame, I know, but I didn't go over my 29 points any other day except for 2 on the day we went to the buffet, so I know I still ate within my limit for the week, so whatever.
      Keep a positive attitude - DONE except a little on Friday. Not too shabby!
      Earn 60 activity points - I got in 47 as of this morning. I hope to get in a few more today, but there's pretty much no way I'm going to get 13 in today. I ended up being busy just about every night this week and by the time Friday hit I was too exhausted to hit the gym. I'll try again this week.
      Get in a long bike ride - Between being so busy this week, not getting to the gym and the weather not cooperating, I did not get on my bike. I would go out today, but I can't for reasons I'm not going to explain - it's a long story. So, needless to say, I'm going to have to give this one another try this week as well.

This week is going to be very challenging. I'm stuck in our store at the campground today and every night after school, which has to do with the long story that I'm not going into (perhaps I'll add it to tomorrow's post), and we have lots of snacks and candybars that I'll be sitting around with trying not to eat. Plus, I won't be able to get to the gym, like, at all. PLUS, we are having a birthday party for my stepdaughter Wednesday night which means pizza, cake and ice cream :( That'll be tough. Add that all together, and you get a really bad week as far as weightloss goes. Oh dear, wish me luck.

3. And now for my goals for this week:
- Run 26 minutes every weekday morning
- Log 26 minutes of exercise Saturday and Sunday
- Track points everyday
- No binges
- Write two blog posts: one for my 26 things that make me great and one for my 26 goals to accomplish before I turn 27
- Get in 45 activity points
- Get in a long bike ride
- Log 26 miles on my bike (if I can get in my long ride one of the days, this will be a cinch)
- Weigh-in in the 150s Friday (I'm SO close!)
- Drink 2.6 liters of water a day (I pretty much already do this, so it shouldn't be too hard)

4. So, last night, I binged. I ate until my stomach hurt. My belly was so bloated from eating that I looked prego. BUT, you want to know what I binged on? FRUIT! I was CRAVING fruit! Twig and I went to Giant Eagle and bought tons of different fruits, took them home, cut them up, and snacked while playing card games all night. I got the most tasty honeydew I've ever had. I was very proud of myself for craving such healthy food, especially since the day before I ate everything chocolate. I'm also happy because now there are cut up fruits just waiting to be snacked on in my fridge. The only problem - the cost! WHY does healthy food have to be so freaking expensive? We bought kitty litter, bbq sauce and these fruits: watermelon, honeydew, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, asian pears and a pineapple, and you want to know my total bill? $57! No wonder people who are low income are so undernurished! I'm really lucky to be able to afford such luxuries! It's ridiculous! What are the fruits made of, gold?!?! Well, I guess that's my rant for the day.

So there it is. With being stuck here in the store this week, I'll have plenty of time to blog! I'm trying to be positive here ;) Have a great week!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stuff I Stole (From Other Blogs) Saturday

Phew, what a week. It felt sooooooo long, and that feeling seems to be a trend around here according to some blogs and facebook posts I've read. I was so busy, I didn't get in very many workouts other than my usual 30 minutes on the treadmill. I was so stressed out at work yesterday. If you read my post from Wednesday you'd see that the students at school were definitely full of something. TOM came a little early and lead to some major cravings and a pretty bad binge yesterday (I didn't get around to tracking any of it either, I pretty much don't want to know). I'm over it today, relaxing and hanging around the house, and am ready to take on next week. I'm currently laying in bed, on my laptop, watching Hoarders: Buried Alive (because it makes me feel better about myself - I may be messy but at least I'm not THAT bad).

Anyways, I decided to name Saturdays my 'Stuff I Stole' day. I've been trying to think of certain days that I can have a theme on - like 'Weekend Wrap-up' on Sunday and 'Weigh-in Day' on Friday. I was going to make it Fun Fact Friday, and I decided, nah, that sounds stupid. But, I do read a TON of blogs on a regular basis, though I only get to comment on a few, and I tend to borrow steal things and ideas - though I'm SURE none of them would care as long as I link it to them to give them credit, right? Right! ;)

So, here are a couple things I took this week:

1. TONS of people follow Bitch Cakes so I'm sure you are well aware of this by now, but I finally downloaded her Girl Talk running playlist. I haven't listened to it, but I've heard it's really good and I decided Friday during my morning 30 minutes that my own playlist is getting really old and really annoying. I'll let you know what I think on Monday.

2. Candy from Candy and Kankles is turning 26 this month. There are a couple other gals who have/are turning 26 this month, including myself!! It's such a coincidence! SO, C. from The Evolution of Me mentioned we (I included myself, though I'm not sure she did, lol) should do a challenge. It goes as follows: pick one or more of these goals - 1. drink 26 liters of water a day, 2. get in 26 minutes of exercise or 2.6 miles in a day, 3. write down 26 things that make you great, and 4. write 26 goals to accomplish before the age 27. I decided to do all four. I'll probably have to adjust number 2 a little, because I already get in 30 minutes a day and I hit about 2.8 miles on my daily treadmill run, so I might try to up my running to 26 straight minutes (which is only an additional minute, but I'm really not ready to add that right yet). I'm not entirely sure what I want to do yet, so I'll figure it out and add it to my post tomorrow. I really should do the 2.6 miles and make it to be done on my bike (or any bike) because I'm way behind in training for the MS 150 this year, but we'll see. The weather is just NOT cooperating right now.

3. And finally, I stole this idea from BnE's Mommy at Up the Creek Without a Paddle. She found a site were you could make a virtual version of yourself at different weights. I thought it was really cute, so I borrowed stole it and made one for myself. And, when I clicked on the link just now so I could share it with you, it says 'Service Unavailable', so I don't know if it's just not working today or if it's off forever, but here's the address in the event that it works again someday:
Well, here I am:
There doesn't really look to be too much of a change, but I know I'll feel differently about myself when I'm down 30 pounds!! Plus, maybe for the first time in my life I'll look good in a bathing suit!!

Well, I'll be checking in tomorrow with my review of the week, new goals, and official 26 challenge criteria. By the way, too, I'm pretty darn close to my first big goal of being in the 150s, which means getting my armband for my iPhone may happen this Friday!! Woot woot!! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Weigh In

Well I weighed in today. Good results! Here it is:

That's a loss of 2.6! Wooohoooooo!! Hard work has paid off! My percent of body fat went down as well, but I can't remember the exact number. I'm not 38.something which means I went down (point)something. I'm not too worried about that number right now because I'm not even sure how accurate my scale is, but I plan to see my doc about getting a better assessment done eventually.

Anyways, today, I managed to binged massively on chocolates. It's that rat bastard TOM! Ok, fine, it's not him, it's me. I'm the one that made the mistake of buying one of my classes candy as a reward (yeah, I know I should be a better role model than that and bring in fruit or something non-food, but I always make a point to talk about the fact that we are controlling portion size and stuff). I didn't practice what I preach, though, because I kept sneaking a piece here, a piece there, for the rest of the day. I'm going to guess the damage was above 5 points, but I haven't figured it out yet. I will definitely log the points - I have only used 2ish of my weekly points so far this week, so I do have a lot to spare for my indulgence today. That's it, though, no craziness this weekend. I just can't fall into that old downhill spiral that got me to this point in the first place.

Goals for the weekend - get a bike ride (or two) in, eat within my points, get in at least 10 activity points.

Well have a wonderful weekend everyone. TGIF, right?!?!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I could really go for some chocolate right now...

...but I'm holding myself back. See, it's that good 'ole TOM settling in, and he brings with him some massive cravings. And not just for chocolate - for anything sugar. So I did indulge today, and wasted some of my points on junk - in the form of a chocolate bar, York peppermint patties and pudding. It was the first time in over a week and a half that I really ate like that, even with going to the buffet last night. I did stay within my points for the day, but I'm disappointed in myself for trading such unhealthy options for what I could have had in instead. But, I'm not letting it get me down or anything. I guess in order to maintain this lifestyle for the rest of my life, I HAVE to have days like this. So thanks, TOM, but no thanks, you don't win this round.

Anyways, I logged in tonight and was so surprised to see SEVEN comments on last night's post. Thank you everyone for such kind words. It almost makes me feel bad for leaving sarcastic comments on your blogs. Almost. ;) (just kidding, I actually try my best not to offend anyone)

Well, weigh-in is tomorrow. Oh boy. Though I decided to pretend I didn't hit that scale the other day, it's still in the back of my mind. I'm anxious to see what the scale reads.

By the way, you know how most people tend to see themselves as being bigger than they really are? Well I'm super psycho and see myself much thinner! What in the world?? I was trying to find something to wear this morning to work, which generally takes more time than showering, eating breakfast and doing my hair all put together, and I pulled out a pair of size 12 pants. Just for shits and giggles, I figured I'd give them a try, seeing as how I've been on this great diet for all of 12 days now and in my mind I've CLEARLY lost enough and those will probably be too big actually. Yeah? Well not so much. They didn't fit. Thunder thighs foiled my plans once again. It knocked my confidence down a few pegs, but it more or less snapped me into reality that I still have quite a ways to go and to not give up or slack off. I don't know, I guess I kind of had this mindset that all of a sudden just because I decided to lose weight that it all fell off overnight. Right! I have to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

ummm, yeah, that's me on the right

Also, let me just rant a little about my 'wonderful' day at school today. Apparently an evil spirit made it's way into our water or air or something because there were two fights between kids and an incident where a kid stabbed another with his pencil. Luckily, only one of these happened between my students, and they just so happen to be good friends who were fighting over a girl. A SEVENTH GRADE GIRL. Hate to say it, but that's a little pathetic. Not to mention, neither of the boys are very macho, so I don't understand what got into them, especially to fight a friend. All of this was first thing in the morning, which made all of our classes rambunctious for the entire day. Oh the joys of being a teacher.

Between being out of town last night and going to the track meet tonight, I haven't made it to the Y for a couple days. That means I'm going to have to hit the gym hard tomorrow night. Plus, I don't know how close I'll be to my 60 activity points goal this week, so I might just have to keep that idea in mind for next. And, no, I haven't found my baseline for my 6 minute mile challenge yet. GRRRR. I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it. Though everytime I go to a track meet it does renew my motivation to reach that level. Hmmmmm, someone needs to whack me in the head to get me started. Any takers? No, not you hubby, you beat me enough. Just kidding. All joking aside, I'll get there soon enough.

Well have a great night everyone. I will be back tomorrow with my weigh-in results (maybe if I breath all of the air out of my lungs it'll lighten my load a little?).


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tempted by the Buffet

I was happy I saved my points today because my hubby decided to head to Sam's Club and out to eat. Want to know where he picked to eat? Hometown Buffet. That's right, a flipping buffet. I LOVE buffets!!! And that shows - I used up all the rest of the points I had left for the evening, which was 20. Keep in mind I get 29 per day. I ate more than half, wait, more than two thirds of my points in one sitting. Needless to say my belly is stuffed. I made sure I had very little portions, but I'm definitely a try-a-little-of-everything kind of gal. It was yummy though. And knowing how mindful I was of my choices and portion sizes and it still came to 20 points, I'd really hate to see how much I used to eat!! I even limited myself to one dessert this time, too, which I don't think I've ever in my life done at a buffet before!!

I'm happy to have had the amount of self control I did tonight. I'm just not ready to do anything that's going to trigger a binge, which happens when I let my guard down and go for "just one little taste". Most of the time I'm done after that. Crazy binge craver come out of me and I freak and eat everything in sight. It's never pretty.

Anyways I don't usually allow myself to do this, but I stepped on my scale today even though it's not my weigh-in day. Sure enough, I'm at 164.4 - a 2ish pound gain since Friday. Well shoot, how did that happen? We are going to go ahead and pretend that didn't happen, k? Thanks.

The treadmill felt better today, and I did the full 25 minutes at 5mph. I've been running in just my sports bra and shorts because I sweat worse than a whore in church when I'm on there. Heaven help anyone who walks in one of these mornings!

Till tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, dear Tuesday...

So I came out of yoga tonight and this is what I saw:

It wasn't even raining! But, the rainbow was really pretty. You might not be able to see it very well, so let's just pretend, shall we? ;)

Anyways, I was really sore this morning after running/walking/jogging for my 30 minutes. My problem? I didn't walk for a minute to warm up. It has to be that. My left ankle and up into my shin/calf was really sore and painful especially when using stairs (and my classroom is on the second floor... fabulous). It was out of my own stupidity, too. I did lose some weight, and readjusted my WW settings accordingly. So when I went in to log my run, it was a point short - 4 instead of 5. Well, I upped it to 25 minutes just to see if the points would change and sure enough, it went back to 5. So, needless to say, I decided to give the 25 full minutes a try, and I knew that I wouldn't mentally be able to last until minute 26, so I skipped my one minute warm up so I'd still be able to get back to walking at minute 25. Does this make sense? Well, it did to me. DID. Not tomorrow morning, though, it'll make so much more sense to get to minute 26 instead because these thunder thighs just can't make it through another day of school with that kind of pain.

Speaking of school, I've been SO busy lately I haven't been able to make it to comment on my favorite posts. All you out there that I follow and usually comment on, just know I'm still reading and thinking of you :) As a matter of fact, during the relaxation part of yoga tonight, I said a little prayer for those of you out here in bloggy world. I read lots of posts and there are always a large variety of feelings within, so those of you who need encouragement, I prayed for that. Those of you who are having a good/happy/easy time, I thanked Him for you. Etc, etc, etc.

I just completed a program that I was required to do as a new teacher, and so a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Success! I also have a whole 6 points left for the day. I know I really need to get those in, but it's nice to have eaten enough to be satisfied for the day without overdoing it. Success!! Tuesday is over (I'm already laying in bed getting ready to drift off into dreamland) and that means I'm one day closer to my ultimate goal. Success!!! And finally, my mom agreed to do the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge with me on May 22nd. It's a 5k, and will be my first ever. I probably could run/jog the whole thing, but I'm going to walk it at whatever pace my mom needs. I want to be there for her, and I'm hoping this challenge will help her get moving more. She has a habit of talking about how heavy she is - while we are eating cheesecake and drinking wine of course. I know she needs some encouragement, and I'm hoping this will give her a little kickstart. Plus, the more active she is, the more active my stepdad will be, and the more activities he will participate in with me (I think he used to be a lot more active than he is now because back in the day he made me do a 19 mile hike with him and he was fine, and then a couple years later I tried to get him to do a 35 mile bike ride with me and he struggled). Success!!!!

Though, I am slacking on my 6 minute mile goal. I have not gotten on the treadmill to find my baseline. To be honest, I'm SCARED! I'm not sure exactly how fast I could run a mile and have never ever ever even ran faster than 7 mph (and that was only for 30 second intervals). I meant to do it over the weekend, but completely ignored that little voice that kept reminding me until, oooops, it was Sunday night and I was heading to bed. Shoot. Oh well. But, I CAN'T ignore it much longer!

Well, I'm drifting in and out of consciousness. I think it's time to hit the hay. Have a good one!! BTW, tomorrow is hump day - live it up :oP

Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick Post

I really don't have a lot of time, or much to say, tonight, so this is going to be short. I'm leaving you with this (for those of you who struggle with stopping by that drive-thru on occasion, print this and attach it to your rearview mirror!):

'nuff said.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Week in Review, And It's a Happy One At That!

Well, it's been quite a first week. I count this as my first week because it was full of new goals, such as hitting the treadmill for 30 minutes every morning and starting back on Weight Watchers. I'm happy to have started losing weight way before this week, but I wanted to start a completely new life.

So, here's what I achieved:
1. I DID run/walk/jog every morning (by the way, when I say every morning I mean Monday through Friday, over the weekend I do lots of other workouts that make up for taking a break from the treadmill). I also improved my ability to run seeing as how I can now do so for 22 minutes without my innerself throwing a fit.
2. I DID stay on Weight Watchers successfully. Now, I know it was only the first week, but I'm so happy I stuck with it and am excited to continue. I'll talk more on this subject in a bit (I don't want to get too far off topic at the moment).
3. I DID lose 3ish pounds as of Friday, though I know that's not completely accurate (I'm taking it though!).
4. I DID earn 58, ummm yeah you read that right, 58 activity points for the week! I was so impressed to see that number, it was as if it wasn't even mine. I felt like I was cheering on someone else! :)

And you know what? I'm happy. For the first time in my life I'm on a diet and I'm happy. I know you're not supposed to call it a diet, but I don't think of the negative connotation behind that word and use it with the idea in mind that it's a 'new way of life' diet, not a 'fad' diet. But even when I did WW before, or counted calories before, or anything else I've ever done to try to lose weight, I was almost always unhappy. As a matter of fact, I got down to my lowest weight ever, which was 128, when my hubby and I broke up once before we got married because I was extremely depressed (and in turn not eating, like, at all). But it's the end of the first week and I'm crazily ridiculously insanely HAPPY.

One of the biggest reasons for this happiness is the fact that I'm on Weight Watchers. See, I used WW before to lose weight but once I got down to the 150s-140s range I could no longer follow it because I just COULDN'T eat only the amount of points I was given (which was 20!). As of right now I have 29 points a day, and after reading up a little on their site, I found out that I will never be lower than 29. As a matter of fact, they highly recommend NEVER eating below 29 points a day. That's a LOT of points! That's more than enough to satisfy me for the day because I eat a TON of fruits and veggies, which are all zero points. On the old WW plan, I used to really limit myself from eating very many fruits because I didn't want to add in the extra points. Now if I eat a piece of fruit at every meal, I'm not freaking out.

Also after reading their site, I found out that they also recommend you eat from your weekly points, which is 49, and can be used at any time of the week. I didn't know that! I plan to aim to eat right around the 29, but if I do go over I'm so much less stressed than I was during the last time I was on WW. All those points really take pressure off me - I don't feel like I can NEVER splurge. Friday night, my hubby wanted to get some Dairy Queen. I was kind of worried, because I was right at my 29 points for the day. I looked up the options, chose a butterscotch dilly bar, and ate half (it was worth 3 points that way). Three points over? No big deal!  I could have eaten the entire thing, but I didn't want to trigger a binge. Not to mention, by saving the other half, it gave me a little three point splurge for today. :)

By the way, the site ALSO said that you will still lose weight even if by the end of the week you have eaten all your daily AND weekly points. So, I added them all up and found out that I have 252 points for the WHOLE week which comes to an average of 36 points a DAY!! THAT'S INSANE!!! There's pretty much no way I'll ever actually eat all those points, but the knowledge that I can and will still lose just makes me feel so liberated! I feel so free! Free from worrying about what I'm eating. Free from trying to keep exact track of every single calorie that goes into my mouth.

I also LOVE seeing how many activity points I can rack up. On the old plan, you'd get, like, 2 points for three hours of working out. Ok, maybe that's exaggerating, but I remember it being not even worth the hassle to workout. Now I get 5 points every morning from my half hour on the treadmill. As I said above, I earned 58 activity points this week! It's now a game with myself to see how many I can get!

That leads me into my goals for this week:
1. Run every morning, again the Monday through Friday deal, on the treadmill as usual (I'm not going to add a minute to my running part until I'm completely comfortable with the 24 minutes I do now).
2. Track points each day.
3. Keep up my positive attitude (this week is that dreaded PMS week, and I tend to get angry about my weight and trying to lose it, which in turn leads to binges and skipping workouts).
4. Earn 60 activity points, at least 20 of them being on a bike (any bike - outside, stationary, whatever). I need to really buckle down and ride if I'm going to make it through the MS 150 this year.
5. Get outside for at least one long bike ride (20+ miles), again for the MS 150 training.

I have also decided on another reward. Once I crack the 150s, I'm buying an armband for my iPhone so I don't have to hold it while working out. When I hit 155, I'm buying some new running shoes. I already have a pair, and I like them well enough, but it's time for new ones and it'll be worth it (by the time I reach that goal I'll have lost 11 pounds!). I'm also considering an entire new wardrobe when I hit my goal weight (he he he... my hubby is going to flip about that one. I already have a ton of clothes, most of which are from back when I was 130 pounds a couple years ago, so it's not like I won't fit into any of them).

The one thing I did not accomplish this week was a long bike ride today. It's GORGEOUS out, somewhere in the 70s and sunny, but I didn't get to it. My dad, stepmom, Twig and I went on a ride, but we only went four miles. That's really not what I have in mind as a long ride, but they couldn't make it further than that. Then Twig and I went for a short walk with our dog. We hung around outside for a while and now I'm getting some laundry done. It's just a bunch of excuses, I really should get out there, but oh well.

Well, that's enough of hearing my mouth for the day. Here's to the new week ahead! Have a good one!