Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Lobster

WOW!! Ok, so my hubby took me to Red Lobster tonight for our anniversary, which was on Monday (two whole years of wedded terror bliss), and I was SO good at what I chose to eat. I asked for everything to be cooked sans butter, which nothing that I ordered supposedly is (that waitress better not have lied). I got a salad with oil and vinegar dressing to start, and gave the croutons to my hubby. I never really have liked them anyways, and I usually give him most, but I gave him all this time. Then I opted for only one cheddar biscuit. I also chose not to drink anything with alcohol :( and decided on just water. Since I've been working on losing weight, for a couple months now, I've been drinking WAY more water and less juice. Luckily for me I've never been a pop drinker, but I love flavored teas or lemonades or fruit juices. Anyways, for my main course I picked the salmon and crab legs with a baked potato (butter and sour cream on the side). I didn't eat all of my potato, only a couple bites actually, and put about a teaspoon of butter on what I did eat. I didn't dip anything in the melted butter, which didn't make a difference to me because I usually don't use it too much (the thought of taking a stick of fat and melting it and dipping delicious crab meat into it is kind of gross).

Well now here's the interesting part - I got home and tracked what I ate on WW. Ummm, yeah, the whole meal was about 15 points and 4, count it FOUR of them were from the BISCUIT!!! The entire half pound of crab legs were only 2 points! The stinking biscuit was TWICE that!!! Forget that! Next time, I'll let my hubby eat mine. Thank God I didn't splurge and eat two! They have a menu that gives the calories of select food, and those biscuits only have 150 calories. So I was thinking, well that's not bad, it should only be about 2 points or so. Well, apparently that was probably the case on the old WW, but not on PointsPlus. Man I'm really going to have to get used to the new system! If I'm going to splurge 4 points on something that has no nutritional value, it's going to be some ice cream or something!

Well anyways, speaking of WW, I did decide to do the three months rather than the one month. It really was a better deal and I hope to stick to it for the long run this time around. Since I have it on my iPhone, it's so much more convenient to track and everything, being that I have it with me at all times rather than just on a computer. So wish me luck on that :)

I have been doing very well on my exercise this week also. I'm actually pretty sore from last night's core class. I LOVE that feeling! I don't get as much enjoyment from a workout if I don't feel it the next day. I like to know what muscles I'm working and in a weird crazy kind of way it keeps me motivated to stay on plan. I guess feeling the muscle soreness is a constant reminder of my mission and therefore I refrain from any ridiculous behavior such as binging. Plus, the only way to build muscles is to force them to repair themselves after being worked hard.

So yeah, things are going good so far. I hope I can keep this attitude up. I'm anxious to weigh in on Friday morning. Even though I tracked my starting weight on Sunday and I'll only be doing this for like five days, I think I'll still see some kind of progress. And if I don't, oh well, I'll wait until the following Friday. I do this every time I decide to lose weight - stick to plan for a few weeks and then fall off the wagon and freak out. But I'm enjoying it for the moment!!

Hope all is well with everyone! Good night :)


safire said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had an enjoyable evening with your husband :)

My friend used to work part-time at Red Lobster during college. She told me not to think about the butter in the biscuits because apparently it's RIDICULOUSLY saturated!

Need to Get ME Back said...

Good job with Red Lobster, it is so hard to eat healthy there!! I'm doing WW too and looked up pts there once and was shocked at how high the bread was and how low the crab was. I love crab legs, so I was happy about that one.