Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank God it's Thursday!

Hello hello hello!!! Welcome to Thursday ladies and gentlemen. It is currently 3:30ish and I am OFF for four days!!!! I have lots of stuff planned for my time off, but right now I'm just relaxing. This is a MUCH needed break. I've been flipping out in class entirely too much lately. Today, I even called a student an idiot. Well, he deserved it - he was being extremely belligerent and outright making fun of a girl that I truly adore. But I'm sure I'll be hearing about it on Tuesday. Oh well, life moves on.

Thursdays are my favorite days of the week anyways - my FAVORITE shows are on on Thursday nights. That would include Community, Parks and Rec, and THE OFFICE!! Ask anyone who knows me, I'm OBSESSED with The Office. I'm so mad that Steve Carell is leaving, but hey, he deserves a life too. Too bad he's messing with mine in return! ;)
My current bobblehead collection consists of 8. I plan to get the rest eventually!

Anyways, I weighed myself this morning. I don't usually do that, I try to stick to once a week, but I just wanted to a peak at where I was at. WOW, I even woke my hubby up for this one (which he was pretty ticked about) - 157.6. Gosh I hope that's the official weight for this week (I weigh in tomorrow)!! I haven't seen a number that low in over a year. I mean, I know a lot of people haven't seen it since they were in elementary school, but you have to understand my past. I was always heavier until a couple years ago when my hubby and I broke up and I went into a major depression and lost a bunch of weight. At that time I saw my lowest number ever on a scale - 128ish - and then I began slowly gaining it all back. Last year in February I was 140 and then I shot up to the 160s within a few months, 175-180 over the summer, and 175 when I first officially weighed in for the beginning of this new journey. So to be back to the 150s again feels amazing. I even wore JEANS to school today!! Usually on dress down days I wear sweatpants or Adidas pants or something along those lines. But no, BAM, I wore jeans. I'm still in a size 14, darn those thunder thighs, but I know those 12s are just around the corner!! Too bad my waist and hips have shrunk enough for my pants to be to big in those areas and now when I sit my buttcrack hangs out. Just don't sit behind me, ok?!?! WHY is it again that I have to be so badly portioned???

Well hey, my agenda for this evening is a little nap and then heading to the Y. Have a good one!!


safire said...

LOL! I woke up my bf earlier this week for the same reason. I thought the scale was broken. Great job :) so happy for you!

Have a LOVELY long weekend!

Candy kankles said...

Yay! have a great 4 days!!!

Need to Get ME Back said...

I love The Office too!! Sad to see Michael go... but I always wanted him to end up with Holly :)

Also I weigh myself every morning... lots of people are against that, but I just do. Oh well :)

Lisa Mancini said...

Have an incredible 4 day weekend. YAY for such a great number on the scale, I sure do hope that you see that or better tomorrow!!

BnE's Mommy said...

Awesome job!

Riddle me this...WHY for the love of God do they make low-rise pants for women who wear size 20's???? I CANNOT sit without my crack or underwear showing, let alone bend over and pick up the kids...

Anyways, congrats on the jeans! You'll be in 12's before you know it.

Diandra said...


Kelty said...

Parcs & Rec was unreal last night...soooo funny!

Congrats on the weigh in! I hope the number sticks!