Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Oooo I have lots to talk about.

1. Here are my official '26 Challenge Goals' - 2.6 liters of water a day, 26 minutes of running each weekday and 26 minutes of any exercise each weekend day, 26 miles by the end of April on my bike (I'm just going to have to tough out the weather), 26 things that make me great and 26 goals to accomplish before I turn 27. These will all go through the end of May (except the 26 miles on my bike of course).

2. My goals for this past week did not all get accomplished :(
      Run every morning - DONE and I added a minute even though I wasn't going to.
      Track points each day - I did not do this on Friday. I binged and tracked as many as I could, but I just didn't want to track every single one. Lame, I know, but I didn't go over my 29 points any other day except for 2 on the day we went to the buffet, so I know I still ate within my limit for the week, so whatever.
      Keep a positive attitude - DONE except a little on Friday. Not too shabby!
      Earn 60 activity points - I got in 47 as of this morning. I hope to get in a few more today, but there's pretty much no way I'm going to get 13 in today. I ended up being busy just about every night this week and by the time Friday hit I was too exhausted to hit the gym. I'll try again this week.
      Get in a long bike ride - Between being so busy this week, not getting to the gym and the weather not cooperating, I did not get on my bike. I would go out today, but I can't for reasons I'm not going to explain - it's a long story. So, needless to say, I'm going to have to give this one another try this week as well.

This week is going to be very challenging. I'm stuck in our store at the campground today and every night after school, which has to do with the long story that I'm not going into (perhaps I'll add it to tomorrow's post), and we have lots of snacks and candybars that I'll be sitting around with trying not to eat. Plus, I won't be able to get to the gym, like, at all. PLUS, we are having a birthday party for my stepdaughter Wednesday night which means pizza, cake and ice cream :( That'll be tough. Add that all together, and you get a really bad week as far as weightloss goes. Oh dear, wish me luck.

3. And now for my goals for this week:
- Run 26 minutes every weekday morning
- Log 26 minutes of exercise Saturday and Sunday
- Track points everyday
- No binges
- Write two blog posts: one for my 26 things that make me great and one for my 26 goals to accomplish before I turn 27
- Get in 45 activity points
- Get in a long bike ride
- Log 26 miles on my bike (if I can get in my long ride one of the days, this will be a cinch)
- Weigh-in in the 150s Friday (I'm SO close!)
- Drink 2.6 liters of water a day (I pretty much already do this, so it shouldn't be too hard)

4. So, last night, I binged. I ate until my stomach hurt. My belly was so bloated from eating that I looked prego. BUT, you want to know what I binged on? FRUIT! I was CRAVING fruit! Twig and I went to Giant Eagle and bought tons of different fruits, took them home, cut them up, and snacked while playing card games all night. I got the most tasty honeydew I've ever had. I was very proud of myself for craving such healthy food, especially since the day before I ate everything chocolate. I'm also happy because now there are cut up fruits just waiting to be snacked on in my fridge. The only problem - the cost! WHY does healthy food have to be so freaking expensive? We bought kitty litter, bbq sauce and these fruits: watermelon, honeydew, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, asian pears and a pineapple, and you want to know my total bill? $57! No wonder people who are low income are so undernurished! I'm really lucky to be able to afford such luxuries! It's ridiculous! What are the fruits made of, gold?!?! Well, I guess that's my rant for the day.

So there it is. With being stuck here in the store this week, I'll have plenty of time to blog! I'm trying to be positive here ;) Have a great week!!

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Candy kankles said...

I could have sworn I followed your blog the other day lol where is my head at! I know what you mean about the cost of produce! Its horrendous my grocerie wanted 15 dollars for 2 pounds of tomatoes! and good job on the challenge 85'er!