Saturday, April 9, 2011

Laying around

Well I've been resting today, and when I say resting I mean laying around. I hate to admit but I am lazy. I did get up this morning and teach my aerobics class and stayed for the spinning class afterward. I went grocery shopping and ate a healthy lunch and had all kinds of plans to clean and BAM I layed down. Haven't gotten up since. Oh well, apparently I need the rest.

So I am struggling a little with the hunger thing. I am hungry quite often. I know it takes a while to get used to eating less, but my mind is freaking out. I'm not craving things, I'm just flat out hungry. And nothing is raking this feeling away. I ate a salmon wrap with spinach, tomatoes and mayo for lunch along with an orange. Then I ate a thing of yogurt and a banana. I'm STILL hungry - real stomach growling hungry! I don't want to overeat, I don't want to go over points, and I want to eat healthy food. But I'm freaking hungry! I've heard that as you eat less your sromach shrinks. Well when is it going to kick in?? Sometime soon would be great!

Well I'm off to get a big glass of water, maybe that'll help.

Have a nice Saturday!

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safire said...

Are you eating enough protein? Protein keeps me full longer! Also, add more vegetables. It should help with the hunger!

It sounds like you had a very active day! not lazy at all