Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weigh In!

Hey everyone, don't forget to weigh-in today. Also, I just realized I completely forgot to post last week's standings, so I'll just add it to tomorrow's.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fit and Fabulous Fall Challenge Week Seven (and a lot of catching up)

I can't believe there are only two weeks of the challenge. It has gone by so fast! That also means there are only about two weeks left before I go back to school (sad face).

Don't forget to weigh in. I weighed in today, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Here is the pic:
That's 3.6 pounds down from last week, though it's only 1.8 pounds down from two weeks ago. But, at least it's DOWN this time! 

I went to yoga tonight. It felt great. I'm very glad that I went, especially because I have been really in the need of stretching. It seems the more I run the tighter my muscles feel. Speaking of running, I've been back at it lately. Actually, I've been doing really well with keeping up with exercising. I have not, on the other hand, been doing very well with eating. I haven't been tracking with Weight Watchers like I should be. I really need to step it up if I plan on being at 180 by the time I go back to school. Really, I still have a lot left to lose. Even though I'm down about 25 pounds since I started, I still have quite a ways to go if I want to be in a healthy weight range. For my height about 150 pounds is the top weight. That's still 20ish pounds from my goal, but at least it's a healthy BMI.
Pretty consistent pace, huh?!
This ride was longer and slower than normal. I went with my dad, and he was still pretty sick. My hubby went, too, and we ended up leaving my dad for a little bit, going ahead and turning around, and meeting up with him again on the way back.
The run yesterday is my favorite so far. I changed up the direction a little bit and ended up making a triangle. I jogged most of it, which you can see by all the green and yellow in the map. The red is where I walked. The first time I stopped to walk was not due to needing a rest, though, it was because I was on a pretty steep incline. I was able to pick up speed on the downhill, and kept the momentum a little of the way back up, but I just couldn't make the whole hill. It'll be a good goal to strive for - jogging the entire four miles, even if it has to be a slow jog.

Anyways, it's been a while since I went to the Y. When I walked in to the fitness room tonight for yoga I was surprised to see the walls painted and this quote stenciled on the back wall:
I'm pretty into inspirational quotes, so I enjoyed seeing it. The instructor said some people have been complaining about the new look, but I think it's great.

Then, upon arrival back home, I see this in the front window:
My men waiting for me to get home! Too cute.
Speaking of cute, I got the new iPhone 5 on Sunday and have been playing around with new apps (don't even get me started on how obsessed I am with Pinterest now!). I downloaded Color Splash and made this picture. I really like how it turned out - the color of Mikey's hat against the black and white background is really nifty.

Well, I leave you with this. It's Jim and Pam from my favorite show The Office. I am really going to miss it, since this is the last season. Even though it's not real, I feel like I know the characters personally with how many years I've been following them and all. Especially Jim and Pam. I'm so jealous of their relationship and love, I wish a guy would love me as much as Jim loves Pam. I mean, I know my husband loves me, but nothing beats a fictional relationship, ya know? *wink wink* Besides, John Krasinski (Jim) is HOT!!

As a matter of fact, in one of my older posts from forever ago I posted this picture. Hopefully he never stumbles across my blog, he'd think I'm a total creep! Photoshop, oh how I love thee.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Ten things...

Yeah, I still haven't caught up on blogging. Shame on me.

Anyways, here's my attempt at this week's challenge. Right about now I'm not in the mood to write about what I like about myself, but oh well.

1. I like my feet. They are skinny and my toes are cute. My hubby hates them, but I don't care. I have five tattoos and four of them are on my feet.

2. I love my eyes (thus my profile picture). I like that they are blue, and I'm so happy that my baby ended up with blue eyes too.

3. I like that I'm stubborn. It's not always a good thing and can get me in trouble, but I still like it.

4. I'm smart. I always joke that I'm a genius, but I'm probably right. I never studied in high school or in college for either my bachelors or my masters. Things just come really easy to me.

5. I have a creative side. I like to take pictures and paint and draw. I'm not the best, but I don't suck either. I did all my own centerpieces, invitations and flower arrangements for my wedding.

6. I'm a decent mom. I try hard and am proud at how good I've done since I'm pretty much on my own.

7. I'm loyal. Sometimes over the top loyal, because I've been known to get in trouble for sticking up for people, but if you're my friend - there's no escaping me (lol).

8. I stand up for what I believe in. Again, not always a good thing, but I don't back down easily and no one pushes me around.

9. I give 100% on anything I try and I don't accept failure.

10. I'm a good teacher. The kids generally like me and I can get subjects across to them easily. I was definitely meant to be in the education field whether I like it or not (I've thought about changing careers but I just end up realizing I wouldn't be happy with anything else).

So there it is. It wasn't easy, and I had a hard time coming up with all ten, but I did it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week Five Results

Week SIX already! Results are as follows for week five:

1st ~Ashley~ -5.1%
2nd Lovebug6100 -4.4%
3rd Me -3.5%
4th Bobbi -2.5%
5th Thin Lizzy -1%

(Treesa and Fat Girl's Closet did not weigh in this week)

The challenge for week six? Be kind to yourself: make a list of ten things you love about yourself. Sometimes this can be the hardest thing to do!

I know, I know, I've been a really bad blogger lately. I'll try to catch up tomorrow. I haven't been doing well with exercise or working out either. I really need to review what my ultimate goals are - eating a bunch of junk for short term pleasure, or losing weight and being healthy for long term pleasure. Eh. Where is my ambition and determination that I started with?????

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don't forget!

My stupid Internet isn't working so I'm posting from my iPhone. Hopefully it'll be up tomorrow so I can post my weigh in picture. Unfortunately I'm up 1.8 pounds to 190.4. NOT good!

Anyways don't forget to weigh in for the challenge. See you all tomorrow!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week Four Results

I spent morning/afternoon scrubbing the floor yesterday, and then we had a volleyball game and grabbed dinner last night, so I didn't have a chance to post the standings. So, week four results are as follows:

1st ~Ashley~ -4.8%
2nd Me -4.4%
3rd Lovebug6100 -2.8%
4th Fat Girl's Closet -2.7%
5th Bobbi -2.4%

(Treesa and Thin Lizzy did not weigh in this week)

GREAT job everyone!! The percentages are high and we are only half way! We still have four weigh-ins left, so keep it up!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fit and Fabulous Fall Challenge Week 5

Well here we are, the downward slide toward the end of the challenge. It's going by very fast! Don't forget to weigh in today!!
This past week's challenge was to reflect a little on the challenge so far and set three goals for the rest of the challenge. I've been sick for the past couple weeks. I pushed myself through working out and running a 5k and then got even more sick. As a matter of fact, I went on an antibiotic last Tuesday just to find out on Friday that I ended up with an ear infection (HOW that happened WHILE being on an antibiotic is beyond me), so I had to change medications to something stronger and basically start over. I'm really hoping this time off from running and biking doesn't make it harder to get back at it. Therefore, my goals are as follows:
1. Get back to running and biking. Start working out five days a week again, and take that darn kettlebell class at the Y I've been meaning to try forever.
2. Get as close to 180 as possible at the end. My goal is 180 by the time I go back to work on November 13th. This challenge ends on the 6th, so I'd be a week early, but it'd be really nice to hit goal earlier than expected!
3. Go back to logging points on Weight Watchers. Since I've been sick, I stopped keeping track of points because I was eating and drinking to help myself get better, rather than trying to focus on losing weight. I know orange juice is probably high in points and I've been drinking quite a bit in order to keep up the vitamin C. So rather than stressing if I went over points, I just stopped all together.
Anyways, on another high note, here's my weigh-in!

That's right, down another 3.2 pounds down!!
I'm pretty pumped about that weigh-in. It's amazing I've lost at all because I haven't been exercising or watching what I eat. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been going crazy with food or binging or anything, but I haven't been keeping track enough to lose 3 pounds in one week. Actually, most of it's probably from being dehydrated because of my cold, but hey, I'll take it!
Well this week's challenge is to write a post about at least one thing you appreciate in your life. Feel free to share pics!
I'll give you a hint as to what my post will be about:
(Then again, I'm sure you're not surprised)