Friday, June 17, 2011

Somewhat exciting news...

We interupt the normally broadcasted schedule to inform you of some somewhat exciting news.

Ok, I know I haven't been keeping up with my blog recently, and I haven't really had time to read my faves either, but it's because I've been BUSY BUSY BUSY!! Doing what, you might ask? Getting ready. Ready for what? Well, my hubby and I have decided to go off birth control and take our chances at getting preggo!

I'm not pregnant yet. And we aren't exactly officially TRYING right yet either. But the possibility of me having a small child growing within by the end of the summer is very high!! I had time to blog about this the other day, but I figured I should talk to my mom about it first. I didn't want her finding out in writing rather than directly from me!

So anyways, I've been getting my house ready. I went through my closet and dresser and got rid of TONS of clothes. I've also been cleaning some areas that have been neglected for quite a while. I had goals in mind to get this stuff done the first week of summer vacation anyways, but now that we've made this decision I figure it's a little more pertinent to do. I know I have at least a whole year before a little one will be sharing our home, but I want to get a head start. Lord only knows with as much of a procrastinator I am, I'll be eight months preggo and just starting on the nursery! Besides, it makes me feel so accomplished to have a clean house with no laundry to be done and a nice, healthy dinner in the oven.

Now, if you would have known me way back in the day, you would be extremely surprised to read these words coming from me. I've never really been a girly girl. I'm a slob. I hate cleaning, cooking, etc... you know - the 'woman's jobs' as my hubby refers to them. But, I don't know, all of a sudden I'm getting these feelings. Call it hormones or whatever, but it's there.

I've NEVER wanted a kid. I NEVER thought I'd have any motherly instincts. I hated babies. I dreaded the idea of being preggo, giving birth, staying up all night with a crying baby, giving up my FREEDOM. But lately these things don't bother me so much. Crazy, huh? I can't believe I feel so different. As a matter of fact, I'm actually excited about those things.

I don't know, like I said, nothing is for certain just yet because I'm not preggo. But, I have a feeling a whole new chapter of my life is opening up really soon!

As for weight loss, I forgot to weigh in this morning. I gained a little last week, and I don't even know what to expect this week. What I can say, though, is that I've actually felt normal with my eating. I did eat a bit much at dinner last night (I LOVE tuna noodle casserole), and we haven't exactly been eating the BEST of foods (McD's and Pizza Hut have been regulars on our menu), but I haven't felt the need to eat between meals at all, let alone binge like a mad woman. Twig and I are going to start a summer workout program next week, where we have a list of things we plan to do throughout the week, and we just check them off as we go. For example, there are four sessions of 30-45 minutes of cardio on there. Each day we do one session, we'll cross it off. She's doing it to keep in shape/condition for volleyball season. I'm, of course, doing it to lose weight.

And, I don't know if it is because of the decision to have a baby, but ever since I've been happy. Truly happy. I feel more love for my hubby (which I didn't think was even possible), I look at things differently, I'm happy about my future, I even do the dishes with a SMILE on my face!

What a difference life can be when you finally decide to grow up!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Quickie

I know, you got all excited when you saw the title of this post. But, sorry, it's just to describe the length of this post. ;)

I might actually be ahead of the game today. I did eat a little junk at school, but I had Subway for dinner and played hard at our softball game tonight. I plan to have a much better weekend too. The people I usually drink with aren't going to be around the campground. I just want to relax, do a little garage-saling (what my family calls going around to all the garage sales in the area), and get in some bike riding. I'm excited to spend some time with my youngest stepdaughter. I really love it when she's around!

Anyways, tomorrow is the last day of school for the students. We moved our room around today and it got me really excited about next year. Not too excited, though, I'm still really looking forward to the summer!

I'm anxious to see what I weigh in at tomorrow. I'm certainly not expecting much, I'm just hoping to not see too much of a gain. I can't wait to get on some sort of workout routine for the summer. I've been slacking off on everything, especially my workouts, and I don't know why because I really enjoy it. I'm proud of myself when I can do things that I couldn't do if I weren't in shape. Plus I'm sure I'm nowhere near a six minute mile!! Remember that goal? How easily life gets in the way of things we want sometimes! I'll get there eventually!

Well I just wanted to check in. TGIF baby!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What My Husband Said

I had my post ready in my mind today and I almost forgot it. Everyone knows Blogger is going through a rough patch (see, I told you we all go through it sometimes!), and I even mentioned in my last post that I'm having problems commenting. Then, I logged on just now and about had a freaking heart attack! Under the spot where I can read all the blogs I follow, it said, "You are not currently following any blogs." WHAT?? I did some frantic clicking around on a bunch of buttons and in a panic I restarted my internet and everything was back to normal. Phew, that was a close one! My laptop was about to be thrown out the window!

This leads me right into my post, actually, because rather than writing a lot about weight loss and fitness, I'm going to vent instead today because I'm frustrated (yeah, I'm already frustrated and Blogger decided to make things worse for a moment there). See, I'm having an issue with something my hubby said to me a while back. Have you ever had someone say something and it didn't really get to you at first, but the longer you thought about it, the more it started to get under your skin? Or how about something someone said just floating around, constantly popping up in your head at the worst possible moments? Yeah, that's happening to me, and it's something my hubby, my normally sweet, amazing, wonderful hubby, said.

A while back, when I was trying to close down the campground store, I dropped one of our bowls. I have a nice set of red dishes that I got at my bridal shower that we use when we're having a crowd over because they all match. But, I broke one of the bowls. And it was because I had so much stuff to carry into the house - my laptop, the cash register drawer, the bowl, and some other stuff, that I was having a hard time balancing it all in my arms. On the way out of the store, I locked and shut the door, only to realize that I locked the plug at the end of the cord to my laptop in the door. Needless to say I was trapped, so I called my hubby to help. He kind of gave me a hard time because he was right in the middle of something, but he had no choice because I didn't have the key to unlock the door, so he had to come down to open it. After opening the door, instead of offering to take something out of my hands, he just walked away, and as I bent over to pick up the plug, I dropped the bowl.

I was already irritated with the whole situation, and this just sent me over the edge. I was like, "You come down every night and help everyone else close the store, and you carry the register drawer into the house for them and yada yada yada," and you know what his comment back was? Apparently he was inside folding laundry, so he said, "Yeah? Well I was just inside doing YOUR job, so I don't want to hear it." *Cue the screeching sound of a record coming to an abrupt halt*


What did he mean MY job? The housework? My job? Ok, fine, no problem, I don't mind. Then what's his job? Provide for the family? Bring home the bacon? Ok, cool, definitely no problem. Then WHY DO I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB?!?! Don't get me wrong, I'm not the type of woman cut out to be a stay-at-home wife/mom/whatever, but seriously! Let me get this straight, he expects me to do all the housework and have a job and do the grocery shopping and everything else that is supposedly 'woman's' work, AND have a full time job. While he just has a full time job. On top of that, I work in the campground store! Don't even get me started on that, because I worked four days a week a couple times, but I try to keep it at three, and now my stepmom is helping out and working one of my shifts, and my hubby made the comment about how lately I've only been working twice a week. So now, apparently, this man expects me to do all the housework, laundry, dishes, cooking, running errands, grocery shopping, work a full-time job AND work in the store four days a week. You're so lucky you can't hear the words coming out of my mouth right now.

So this little comment, though it didn't really get to me too much right then, has been digging and digging and digging at me. I was really reminded of it today when I was thinking about how messy my house is right now, and how tired I am from running around at school today (I had to help run two talent shows, which I'll talk about in a bit) and how FREAKING hot it is out (no, there's no air conditioning in the store, just stifling air being circulated by a fan which does nothing to cool it down) and how much I'd really like to have just come home and relaxed by the pool for a little bit before heading in to make a nutritious dinner and do a little cleaning up. Oh, but wait, I forgot, I have to do MY JOB, which is pretty much everything INCLUDING work in the store. Oops, my mistake, how easily I forget. Plus, I don't know if I'll have the chance to get much of a workout in tonight, since I can't close until nine! GRRRRRR!!

Ok, there, I'm done complaining. So about that talent show. As you know I work at a Jr. High. So we had two talent shows, one for seventh and one for eighth grade. I was so amazed at the talen the students really have. Most of them sang, but there were a couple dancers as well. We even had a kid come out a couple times throughout to do yo-yo tricks. And one boy played the violin! But, I spent the first four hours of school running around, making sure everything was set up, everyone was in line and ready to go on stage, and keeping the performers under control when they were waiting in the audience. Then we went around during all lunch periods to get votes from the kids on who their favorite act was so we could present trophies to the winners at the end of the day. It was stressful, but a great success. In the end, I was very proud of every student that had the balls to get on stage in front of their peers!

Anyways, last night Twig and I went for a 45 minute bike ride. It was kind of amazing how out of shape she is compared to me. She's only 13, about 2 inches taller than me and weighs 30 pounds less than me. She's really athletic and a skinny little thing (hence the name Twig), but she was about dying and way out of breath! Just goes to show that age/size/build makes NO difference on how truly fit you are! She ran in when we got home and jumped right in the shower; me? I barely broke a sweat ;)

Well I guess I've gone on for long enough today. Makes up for the lack of a post yesterday. I'm just going to sit here, sweating my nutsack off, for about five more freaking hours. Hopefully it cools off as the sun goes down. Oh, wait, that's right, sunset isn't until, like, 9:30. Awesome.
This is me, totally excited to be working in the hot, sticky store. With the one fan blowing my hair in my face, so it can stick to my sweat. Fun fun.

Anyways, happy hump day!! Only three days left of work for me (the teachers have to go on Monday for an inservice, but there'll be no kids, so it's all good!)!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Anyone else having problems commenting on other people's blogs? Yeah, I don't expect much of a response to this post!! GRRRR!!! I finally take the time to comment and it won't post! Now I'm going to be up until 11:30 again and be really tired at school tomorrow. Where's my lawyer?!?!

Checking in again...

...because, once AGAIN, it's past 10 at night and I have to get up in the morning. I just want to make sure I post because I'm trying to keep track of my progress at the June Boom. I did get in some activity - we went to play golf this evening. Even though we get a cart, trust me, I still do a TON of walking because I spend more time looking for my ball than I do hitting it! I shot 63 on nine holes. If you aren't sure, I'll fill you in - that score sucks. When I tell people who know anything about golf that I shoot in the sixties, they are always impressed. Then I mention that that score is on NINE holes and they tend to turn on the fake smiles and tell me how good I am. Whatev, I'm not that blonde! ;) It's ok, though, I really enjoy golfing because it's one of the few things that my hubby and I do together. Plus I don't take it even half as serious as he does, so I have to laugh when he gets all nerved up because he's not doing so well. I tend to pad my score a little too, so who knows exactly what I usually shoot! Let's just say I get at least one mulligan on each hole!

Anyways, I ate pretty well tonight, though I did end up drinking a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade this evening when we got back to the campground. Dang it, I really need to quit going back there! I think my goal for next week is to refrain from alcohol during the week and restrict it to weekends only. This weekend won't be so bad because my usual drinking partners won't be there; they all have to work. 

My dad has been coming to the campground lately to hit the pool for some exercise. I guess his knee has been bothering him, and the cool water plus the fact that it takes a lot of pressure off his knee is good for him. I guess I should start taking that advice and spend more time in our pool. The problem is it's not heated, so the water is usually freezing. Plus I'm really out of shape when it comes to swimming. I have a hard time making it from one end of the pool to the other, let alone trying a whole lap. I suppose that means it'd be really good for me and I'd build up some endurance, but if it doesn't come easy to me, I tend to shy away from it. Hmmmmm, maybe I have another goal coming on?

Anyways, I spent quite a bit of time today grading the final exam we had the students do. I'm pretty proud of them, most did really well. You can really tell who studied and who didn't! The last question on the test was an extended response about what their favorite lesson we did in class this year, and what they learned from it. The students who took it seriously really surprised me with what they wrote. Quite a few talked about certain stories encouraging them to change themselves in some way. It's really awesome to see the power of literature in a child's life. Makes you realize just how important it is to incorporate books and reading into your own kids' lives, huh?!?!

Well I have GOT to get to bed. I didn't go to sleep until 11:30 last night and I was dead to the world at school today! Happy Monday all!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just Checking In

Ok, it's Sunday night, I have to work in the morning and I'm EXHAUSTED, so this is going to be quick. I'm going to set some goals for this coming week:

  1. Exercise every day.
  2. Eat healthfully and in good portions.
Really, that's it. I just want to get through this coming week, being that it's my last week of school, and get to summer break. Once school's out, I have some ideas in mind for a workout routine and such, but I know very well I'm not getting up early enough this week to get my thirty minutes in.

Anyways, today was Amby's open house. It was a great success. Bad part - we rented a soft serve ice cream machine and I hit that bad boy up too many times. Good part - I ate decent portions and refrained from overdoing it too much on the desserts. Tons of people showed up, we were at 146 count towards the end. I'm not even kidding, that's more than what we had at our wedding reception! I was pretty impressed that Amby stayed around the whole time and made sure she greeted everyone and spent time with them. I really expected her to wander off with her friends, but she didn't. And she even offered to help clean up! Not that she's a lazy girl, she just has a really bad case of senior-itis and needs that extra reminder every once in a while that she's not the center of the universe and isn't exempt from helping out. She's a good girl. Both of my stepkids are, really.

Well that's it for tonight. I just wanted to make sure I got on to keep up with everyone. Have a great week!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Long One

Life would be so much easier if I didn't have a job. Then again, everyone's life would be easier without jobs, and then there would be no one working, and then the world would shut down and we'd all be in big trouble. But still, this job thing is really getting in the way of the more important things in life, such as blogging! I have been MIA the last couple of weeks. It's been really busy here at the campground, and I've been as busy as a madwoman trying to tie up all the stuff at school for the end of the year. Plus add in softball, and I have barely any time left to hang out and relax let alone get online. I have been keeping up with everyone else's blogs through my iPhone, but not my own. Actually, let me rephrase this - life would be so much easier if I could get on blogger at school! It's blocked. :(

Anyways, I have still been weighing in, so here is yesterday's results:
Unfortunately, that shows a gain of one whole pound. It's not as bad as I would have expected after what last weekend looked like eating, drinking and the lack of exercise-wise. It's still a step in the wrong direction, and reminds me that I really need to get back on track. I haven't been doing as bad with my eating this week, but I did have a glass of wine last night... along with two rather large helpings of goulash. And you may be thinking 'oh, it was only one glass, that's not too bad' - well, you've never seen my glasses. A friend and I split the entire bottle into our two glasses, so when I say one glass what I really mean is a HALF A BOTTLE. Please, don't have sympathy for me, I did it myself. I must move on.

So I did end up getting my tattoo on Thursday. So did my sister, stepsister and stepbrother. I had to go first, and I was sure they'd end up chickening out, but they didn't. We all got a matching tattoo that is the Chinese symbol for family. Or maybe it's Japanese? I don't know. For all I know it really means 'I-abuse-my-husband' or 'I'm-a-pedophile' or some shit like that, but hey, we all got the same one, so it doesn't really make a difference. I got mine on my lower back, and they all got it on their shoulders. They wanted me to get it there too, but I would just rather have all my tats in areas that are easily covered if necessary. And seeing as how my feet are pretty much covered, I had to head north. Here're a couple pics:
(That's me, my stepbrother, my sister and my stepsister. I felt so fat and icky standing next to them, they are all a bunch of twigs!)
Usually I do "Stuff I Stole" on Saturday, but it's been pretty quiet here in bloggyland. I only really stole one thing this week, and it's the ABCDEFood thing that's been going around. It's really cute, actually. I got it from Fat-Be-Gone, and she got it from someone else. I've also seen it on a few other blogs, so I have no clue who started it. Go ahead and steal it from me!

A: is for Apple, what's your favourite variety?
I LOVE gala! I used to really like Granny Smiths, but not so much anymore. 'Round here we eat a LOT of apples!!

B: is for Bread, regardless of nutrition, calories, or whole grains what is your favorite type to have a nice big piece of?
Whole grain. I like the kind with seeds and nuts as stuff right in it. I especially like it with peanut butter slathered all over... yummy!

C: is for Cereal what is your favorite kind currently (just one!)
Frosted mini wheats... especially the maple and brown sugar kind

D: is for Doughnuts, you might not currently be eating them but what kind do you fancy?
My usual is a chocolate eclair, but sometimes I just feel like a simple glazed... it has to be the larger fluffier kind, though, not the little condensed ones (whatever they are called, I don't know, but I know YOU know what I'm talking about!)

E: is for Eggs, how would you like yours prepared?
Honestly, my fave is hard-boiled. But, I will eat them any way they are prepared.

F: is for Fat Free, what is your favorite fat free product?
Whipped cream, out of the can. YUM!

G: is for Groceries, where do you purchase yours at?
Most often, I hit up Giant Eagle. It's close and they have the largest selection of organic stuff in our area. The nearest place to get decent food is at least a half an hour away, so I only make it there once in a while. Trader Joes is an hour away, but I get there once in a while also. In the summer, most of our tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, etc. come from my uncle's garden.

H: is for Hot Beverages, what is your favorite hot drink?
Chai tea... or hot chocolate

I: is for Ice Cream, pick a favorite flavour and add a fun topping.
Ben and Jerry's HALF BAKED!!! YUMMMMMMMMY!!! And I like hot fudge - I know, lame-o!

J: is for Jams or Jellies, do you eat them, and if so what kind and flavour?
Yum, homemade strawberry jam. I hate to admit it, but my hubby's ex makes the BEST.

K: is for Kashi, name your favourite Kashi product?
I don't have a favorite - I don't eat them enough. If I had to pick something, you can never go wrong with a granola bar.

L: is for Lunch, what was yours today?
Today? A big bowl of Raisin Bran. Yeah, not the best, but it was quick and easy. My usual, though, is some flavor of greek yogurt, cheese and a piece of fruit.

M: is for microwave, what is your favorite microwave meal/snack?
I rarely use my microwave for anything other than reheating leftovers, but if I had to choose I'd go with popcorn.
N: is for nutrients, do you like carbs, fats, or proteins best?
What do I LIKE? Let's be honest, fats. But the if I had to pick something for on the healthy side - proteins.

O: is for oil, what kind do you like to use?
EVOO all the way.

P: is for protein, how do you get yours?
Meats, nuts, and the occasional protein shake.

Q: is for Quaker, how do you like your oats?
Brown sugar and some vanilla almond milk.

R: is for roasting, what is your favourite thing to roast?
S: is for sandwich, what’s your favourite kind?
Peanut butter and jelly on whole grain. Or a good old Reuben (only on any other kind of bread because I hate rye).

T: is for travel, how do you handle eating while traveling?
Just make the best choices I can!

U: is for unique, what is one of your weirdest food combos?
Hmmm, I don't know what would really be considered weird. Maybe ketchup on potato chips? That's not too weird, though. Other than that, I'm a pretty normal regular non-weird eater, I guess.

V: is for vitamins, what kind do you take?
Just a general multi-vitamin.
W: is for wasabi, yay or nay?

X: is for XRAY. if we x-rayed your belly right now, what food would we see?
Again, a big bowl of Raisin Bran (minus the bowl of course ;) ). And water.

Y: is for youth, what food reminds you of your childhood?
Chicken puppycosh. My family's dish. YUMM-O!!!
Z: is for zucchini, how do you prepare it?
Sauteed. I LOVE sauteed zucchini!

So since I don't have much that I stole this week, I've decided to make it more of a 'Shout-out Saturday'.

First of all, this morning I checked the mail and received a copy of Weight Watchers magazine from my pal over at The Skinny Doll. This was SO cool for a couple reasons. First of all, she lives all the way out in Ireland! That's a long way to send a magazine! I would just like to say, "THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH SKINNY DOLL!!! You rock lady!!" She has one of the best blogs out there, she's amazing, she's funny, and she's inspiring. What more could you ask for?!?! If you haven't been by her blog, make sure you head over!
(Yes, this is her pic, I forgot to take one to post. I'll have to write about it when I get the chance to read it. It was either read the magazine, or write a post. My mom will be happy that I chose the latter.)
Then, I logged on and saw a post from another fave of mine. Sarah used to call her blog Operation Size 8, but she changed her blog's name to Running for Myself. She's already lost over 125 pounds and is no longer on a mission to get to that size - because she's already there!! Congrats!! Head over to her blog to read all about how she did it!

I also discovered a new blog, though he's not a new blogger of course. He's Alan, and his blog is Pounds Off Playoff. He came up with a challenge called June Boom and has three rules:
  • Exercise every day in June. 
  • Start something you've been putting off.
  • Be publicly accountable.
I'm so joining, even though it's already the fourth and I haven't been consistent with his rules. I've decided I'll go until July 3rd to make things even. I don't think there's any kind of prize or anything, but it's always good to have a challenge in mind to keep me motivated!

Ok, I've saved the best for last. Drum roll please.....

Candy at Candy and Kankles is in ONDERLAND!! I'm sooooo proud of this gal! And, she's been posting pics - she looks AMAZING! She's soooo gorgeous! Candy, if you're reading this, just know that I think you're amazing and so inspiring! You are sooo beautiful!! And even though you probably didn't think I had been reading because I haven't commented in what feels like forever, I have! Keep at it killer!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!
    ALSO, in the process of writing this post, I just discovered that a blogger that I used to talk to quite often last year has finally posted again. And she's struggling. I've missed her dearly and it's so hard to hear that she's been having a hard time. PLEASE go visit Lindsay at Hungry to be Thin and leave some words of encouragement - she'd do it for you! :)

    Well, there it is. A huge long post. Hopefully it won't be quite so long before I post again this time!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    It's been a while!

    It's been almost a week since I last posted. I don't really even know where the time went! One minute my stepdaughter/stepsister (see picture below) was graduating and the next thing I knew, I'm sitting here trying to type a new post - six whole days later! And this would be a LOT easier if my internet were running a little quicker!
    Stepsister Mo and Stepdaughter Amby
    Anyways, I have a TON of stuff to write, so be prepared for a long post! My mom will be happy - she called me yesterday complaining about blog withdrawals. I had even promised her I'd get on yesterday, but that just didn't work out either.

    I guess I'll start at the top - Friday. I had every intention of blogging because I was in the store, but we were SO busy! I didn't have a moment to myself until 9:30. By that time I was too exhausted to even think, let alone write an entire post. But, I did weigh in. I was down, also, but only .4 pounds. Hey, it's a loss, right?
    I'm really dreading my weigh-in this week, though. All I did this past weekend was eat and drink. I only worked out on Saturday, because I had to teach my regular aerobics class. I ate crap, drank heavily, and layed around in the heat. It finally stopped raining around here, but it's been in the high 80s every day since. I swear our weather sucks! If it's not one thing, it's the other. Why can't it just be 72 degrees with a light breeze! Anyways, I didn't get up this morning and run either. I'm not doing so good :( I'm going to have to just suck it up, move on, and get myself back on track. I cannot and WILL NOT gain a bunch of weight like I did last summer. NO! I WILL lose instead!! I WILL workout much much much more! I WILL NOT be lazy!! That's the beauty of having the summer off - I can workout every day all day if I wanted to!

    Speaking of summers off - it looks like I'll have it this way for the rest of my life. I'm not going to be able to be a Physical Therapist Assistant. I would have to quit working to go back to school, and being that I'm the health insurance carrier, that won't be possible. I went in to the local college for a meeting with an advisor on Friday, and these were the results. Oh well.

    So apparently I'm getting a new tatoo tomorrow afternoon. I say it like that because I didn't have much of a choice, my sister, stepsister and stepbrother told me I had to get a matching tatoo with them. I guess I'm getting the Chinese symbol for family. They all are getting it on their right shoulder, but I've officially decided I'm going to be different. I have all my other tatoos on my feet for a reason - they are easy to cover if necessary. I don't want to be in a wedding someday with a beautiful dress on and a big tatoo sticking out. I'm going to get in right above my pants line on my back on the right side. I'll be close to them, just not as high. And that's fine with me, I'm just glad they have included me in this. I've never really felt a part of their 'group' because I'm so much older (my sister is six years younger than me, stepsister is eight years younger, and stepbrother is ten years younger!). They are all relatively closer in age, but I was older and out of the house before they all started hanging out. So as much as I 'complain' that they are 'forcing' me to get this tatoo, I secretly like it. ;)

    Um, speaking of tatoos this time, here are pics of the ones I already have:

     My ladybug. This was my first tatoo ever. I used to draw ladybugs on my toe when I was younger, so I figured getting a permanent one would be cute.
     This tatoo is very random. I wanted to get one under my ankle/around my heel like this, so I just randomly picked a moon and stars. The cool thing, though, is the original design was drawn on by my stepdad, and then I took that directly to the tattoo artist, and he tattooed over it. Cool, huh?
     A bunch of ladies at the campground and I decided to get frog tattoos. They are all different in design, but we are united forever because they are all frogs. We have TONS of frogs here at the campground, which is where we got the idea. This little guy turned out to be much bigger than I had originally imagined, but he's definitely grown on me (which is a lucky thing, since he's kind of, umm, well, PERMANENT!).
     While I was at the tattoo shop waiting to get my frog, I saw this in a catalog of tattoos the artist had already done. It was originally on two girls' hands, so when they put them together it made one. But, I wouldn't get one on my hand, so my sister and I (since I got her to agree to do it with me) got them on our feet instead. This is my foot alone.
    This is our feet when we put them together. They make a full star. Awww, how special.

    Anyways, so I hope to get in a nice bike ride at some point this weekend. We have my stepdaughter's open house, and then everything for her is DONE! Thank GOD. As much as I respect her mom (the hubby's ex), I'm pretty tired of being her BFF. I swear, lately, I've talked more to her than my own husband! Just last night when I was dropping Twig off she asked me to come in to see a lazy susan we can use for the cupcakes. I haven't been in their house in quite a while purposely because I don't particularly want her in mine (always lead by example!). Once all this is over I won't have to talk to her for a while. Don't get me wrong, I like her, I really do. Again, I have a lot of respect for her and I get along with her, but it's just awkward sometimes.

    We had our first softball game last night. The first two were rained out! We played kind of a rival team, and lost. It was bad, tempers were flying (yes, including mine - the second baseman's foot was WAY off the bag and I SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAFE!!), which was pretty bad since it's a church league and all. Hey, I can't help it, I get it from my father, who also plays (and who also had his temper going!). Plus, a guy from the other team kicked (he claims it was an accident, but I beg to differ!) our catcher in the leg to make her drop the ball so he'd be safe and the catcher's mom was screaming at him! That was hilarious! The guy that did it is a complete jerk (which is why I do think he did it on purpose), so he deserved it! Plus they had a player on their team that played on my team for fall ball last year, who I ended up wanting to punch in the face. Apparently he'd been spreading rumors that my sister had sex with him! He's lucky my sister didn't tell me about it until I was sitting in the truck ready to leave because I was about to jump through the window to get to him! I'm so telling my father the next chance I get (hehehe, that hot head will definitely tell him off!!). Yes, again this is a church league!

    Well, I'm down to 6 and a half days of school left with the kids and one additional day for teacher inservice. Thank the LORD! Having the long weekend made me really not want to go back to school, especially since it's finally nice out. I've been slowly working on my tan at the pool!

    Happy HUMP day everyone!