Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What My Husband Said

I had my post ready in my mind today and I almost forgot it. Everyone knows Blogger is going through a rough patch (see, I told you we all go through it sometimes!), and I even mentioned in my last post that I'm having problems commenting. Then, I logged on just now and about had a freaking heart attack! Under the spot where I can read all the blogs I follow, it said, "You are not currently following any blogs." WHAT?? I did some frantic clicking around on a bunch of buttons and in a panic I restarted my internet and everything was back to normal. Phew, that was a close one! My laptop was about to be thrown out the window!

This leads me right into my post, actually, because rather than writing a lot about weight loss and fitness, I'm going to vent instead today because I'm frustrated (yeah, I'm already frustrated and Blogger decided to make things worse for a moment there). See, I'm having an issue with something my hubby said to me a while back. Have you ever had someone say something and it didn't really get to you at first, but the longer you thought about it, the more it started to get under your skin? Or how about something someone said just floating around, constantly popping up in your head at the worst possible moments? Yeah, that's happening to me, and it's something my hubby, my normally sweet, amazing, wonderful hubby, said.

A while back, when I was trying to close down the campground store, I dropped one of our bowls. I have a nice set of red dishes that I got at my bridal shower that we use when we're having a crowd over because they all match. But, I broke one of the bowls. And it was because I had so much stuff to carry into the house - my laptop, the cash register drawer, the bowl, and some other stuff, that I was having a hard time balancing it all in my arms. On the way out of the store, I locked and shut the door, only to realize that I locked the plug at the end of the cord to my laptop in the door. Needless to say I was trapped, so I called my hubby to help. He kind of gave me a hard time because he was right in the middle of something, but he had no choice because I didn't have the key to unlock the door, so he had to come down to open it. After opening the door, instead of offering to take something out of my hands, he just walked away, and as I bent over to pick up the plug, I dropped the bowl.

I was already irritated with the whole situation, and this just sent me over the edge. I was like, "You come down every night and help everyone else close the store, and you carry the register drawer into the house for them and yada yada yada," and you know what his comment back was? Apparently he was inside folding laundry, so he said, "Yeah? Well I was just inside doing YOUR job, so I don't want to hear it." *Cue the screeching sound of a record coming to an abrupt halt*


What did he mean MY job? The housework? My job? Ok, fine, no problem, I don't mind. Then what's his job? Provide for the family? Bring home the bacon? Ok, cool, definitely no problem. Then WHY DO I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB?!?! Don't get me wrong, I'm not the type of woman cut out to be a stay-at-home wife/mom/whatever, but seriously! Let me get this straight, he expects me to do all the housework and have a job and do the grocery shopping and everything else that is supposedly 'woman's' work, AND have a full time job. While he just has a full time job. On top of that, I work in the campground store! Don't even get me started on that, because I worked four days a week a couple times, but I try to keep it at three, and now my stepmom is helping out and working one of my shifts, and my hubby made the comment about how lately I've only been working twice a week. So now, apparently, this man expects me to do all the housework, laundry, dishes, cooking, running errands, grocery shopping, work a full-time job AND work in the store four days a week. You're so lucky you can't hear the words coming out of my mouth right now.

So this little comment, though it didn't really get to me too much right then, has been digging and digging and digging at me. I was really reminded of it today when I was thinking about how messy my house is right now, and how tired I am from running around at school today (I had to help run two talent shows, which I'll talk about in a bit) and how FREAKING hot it is out (no, there's no air conditioning in the store, just stifling air being circulated by a fan which does nothing to cool it down) and how much I'd really like to have just come home and relaxed by the pool for a little bit before heading in to make a nutritious dinner and do a little cleaning up. Oh, but wait, I forgot, I have to do MY JOB, which is pretty much everything INCLUDING work in the store. Oops, my mistake, how easily I forget. Plus, I don't know if I'll have the chance to get much of a workout in tonight, since I can't close until nine! GRRRRRR!!

Ok, there, I'm done complaining. So about that talent show. As you know I work at a Jr. High. So we had two talent shows, one for seventh and one for eighth grade. I was so amazed at the talen the students really have. Most of them sang, but there were a couple dancers as well. We even had a kid come out a couple times throughout to do yo-yo tricks. And one boy played the violin! But, I spent the first four hours of school running around, making sure everything was set up, everyone was in line and ready to go on stage, and keeping the performers under control when they were waiting in the audience. Then we went around during all lunch periods to get votes from the kids on who their favorite act was so we could present trophies to the winners at the end of the day. It was stressful, but a great success. In the end, I was very proud of every student that had the balls to get on stage in front of their peers!

Anyways, last night Twig and I went for a 45 minute bike ride. It was kind of amazing how out of shape she is compared to me. She's only 13, about 2 inches taller than me and weighs 30 pounds less than me. She's really athletic and a skinny little thing (hence the name Twig), but she was about dying and way out of breath! Just goes to show that age/size/build makes NO difference on how truly fit you are! She ran in when we got home and jumped right in the shower; me? I barely broke a sweat ;)

Well I guess I've gone on for long enough today. Makes up for the lack of a post yesterday. I'm just going to sit here, sweating my nutsack off, for about five more freaking hours. Hopefully it cools off as the sun goes down. Oh, wait, that's right, sunset isn't until, like, 9:30. Awesome.
This is me, totally excited to be working in the hot, sticky store. With the one fan blowing my hair in my face, so it can stick to my sweat. Fun fun.

Anyways, happy hump day!! Only three days left of work for me (the teachers have to go on Monday for an inservice, but there'll be no kids, so it's all good!)!!!!! YAY!!!!!


BnE's Mommy said...

Awe... first off, punch him in the nutsack (as my Mama friends would say) and secondly he needs a rude awakening if he thinks you can keep up w/ all of that and still not kill him. ;)

And lastly (((((((((HUG)))))))))

Hyla said...

I hear ya woman! Today was totally frustrating for me too, at one point I was in tears bc of stress.

Can you guys get a window air conditioner in there?

Thin Lizzy said...

You do not look impressed! LOL. Hang in there!

Hubby's attitude could be reminiscent of his age. You are 20 yrs younger and much more progressive than the women his age, I'm sure.

I got your package today! Can't wait to read it. Thanks!

Kristy said...

Husband's can be so frustrating! I loved the picture at the end it summed it up perfectly.