Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bad Blogger

I've been a bad bad bad blogger lately. Where do I begin? My last good post was a day short of two weeks ago! So let's start there.

Friday 9/21
I walked/jogged 2.5 miles with my stepmom. She's been wanting to jog with me for some time now and we finally did it. I kept it slow for her sake and we did the 2.5 in 36:24, which is a 14'20" pace. Not too bad for the first time out.
Saturday 9/22
My father and I rode our usual Saturday ride. We planned to go much further, but 10 miles out it started downpouring. We got back to my house soaked and wet! I do believe this is the reason I got so sick (which I'll expain later).

Then that night was the Halloween costume party/dance at the campground. It was a great night!! Check out some pics:
Of course, that's me in the orange. To be honest, I don't even remember the picture on the left being taken. Darn Jose Cuervo.
Monday 9/24
After Saturday night's festivities I had to take a rest day on Sunday. But I was back at it for a bike ride on Monday morning.

Tuesday I had to work and Wednesday I started to get sick. It began with a slight cough and a sore throat. I took both days off to rest. I did receive the headband I ordered, though! I bought it from One More Mile because the weather is turning cold and I really need something to cover my ears. I plan to buy another one from a different website, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. This one will be a little thinner and I'm going to upload an image that says 'Just Call Me ThunderThighs' for a custom design. Anyways, it arrived in a totally cute package!
Notice the address "To The Wonderful" - um, duh! Of course I'm wonderful!! Just kidding. Anyways, the headband says "I thought they said "RUM" which, if you knew me personally, you'd know is SO fitting for me! There's a picture of it on me a little further down.
Thursday 9/27
I woke up early and ran 3.15 miles on my own and then ran 2.56 with my stepmom.

For me that was a total of 5.71 miles! Woot woot!!
Friday morning my throat was even more sore, so I thought I should take another day off. I knew I was going to take a long bike ride on Saturday and my first 5k was on Sunday, so I decided another rest would be ok.
Saturday 9/29
My dad, stepmom and I loaded up the bikes and the stroller and headed to a bike trail a little further away for a change of scenery. It was a lot of fun. My dad and I rode 21.3 miles total and my stepmom walked with the baby in the stroller. Then we had a nice little picnic afterward. The bike path was beautiful! There were a few covered bridges over roads or rivers and it was VERY hilly. I didn't have a hard time, but my dad definitely struggled and pulled our pace way down. Sometime I'm going to have to drive out there by myself and check out what I can do when I don't have anyone else to worry about. Here are the pictures from my app - I messed up and stopped the app when I thought we were done, but we decided to keep going for a little bit more, so the total miles and time has to be the addend of both.

Sunday 9/30
Run for the Grapes may mean nothing to you, but to me it names two huge moments in my life - one day after the 2 MONTH anniversary of my decision to start running and my first ever official 5k! It was awesome! I didn't really feel that 'runner's high' people talk about because I was too focused on keeping up with the old man in front of me (I mean come on, how could I let a 64 year old man beat me? well, he did beat me, but whatever). But, I DID finish and I DID NOT stop running the whole time. And I KILLED my best time. I mean DEMOLISHED! I was hoping for under 40 minutes. I was wishing for under 37, which was so far my best time for 3.1 miles. Instead, I ran a full 5k in... drum roll please... 32 minutes and 33 seconds!!!!! HOLY TOLEDO!!!! I did use my Nike running app to keep track, but it's not 100% accurate. Here's the pic of the app:
Here's the actual results according to the race's official website:
That's me! 27 year old female with a time of 32:33:00!! I finished 173 out of 213 total runners. (And notice that darn 64 year old man who finished just in front of me)
The left pic is me just before the race (notice my cute headband!) and the right is my t-shirt from the race (duh, the only reason why anyone would run a 5k, for the shirt!).

Monday 10/1
Monday was the day that my cough and sore throat turned for the worse. I spent the entire day watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. This pretty much sums it up:
Only I wasn't just exhausted, I was terribly sick. Which leads to...

Tuesday 10/2
I went to the doctor's. Luckily, I was able to get in right away. Come to find out I have a white spot on my tonsils and a wheezing in my lungs. The doc gave me an antibiotic and said he thinks I might have mono. Yay me. Perhaps I shouldn't have rode my bike in the rain that day? Or should I have not ran the 5k? I don't know, but either way I've spent the last three days in bed and taking care of my baby. Finally something must have clicked in my dense husband's head because he let me sleep most of today and took care of the baby himself. That man is so helpless sometimes, I can't believe he actually let me sleep without waking me every five minutes to ask questions, but he did and I'm extremely thankful. I'm feeling a little better, which has given me the chance to finally catch up on blogging. I know I missed yesterday's reminder to weigh-in for the fall challenge, so hopefully everyone did. As soon as I finish/publish this post I'm going to go through everyone's blogs to figure out this week's standings. Speaking of which, here's my weigh-in:
Yeah, that's right, down 3.8 pounds! Unbelievable considering I didn't log my points or work out as much since I was sick, but I'm not going to question it! And I DID weigh-in yesterday, note the date on my scale, I just didn't get to my laptop to post it.

Well that's pretty much it. Finally! I feel much better after getting this all logged. I've been taking pictures and writing a little here and there, just never had enough to actually post something. Speaking of which, I've been meaning to get a picture of my new bike on here.
There she is - Lexi. What a sexy babe!
I guess I leave you with a few pics of my real baby! He's getting more and more handsome everyday!! Have a great week everyone! Here's to getting well and back on my feet! (I'm craving a run sometime soon!!!)



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Missy said...

Great loss this week! And looks like you had a TON of fun at the Halloween party.

Great job at the race!