Saturday, April 2, 2011

So long...

Well it's time to say goodbye to the beach and our vacation. We've headed out this morning with a planned stop in St. Augustine, which is about an hour north from where we were staying, and is on the Atlantic coast (to answer your question Debbie). Then, back to reality. I'm so not looking forward to going back to work and I'm really going to miss the beach. I LOVE it down here so much more than I thought I would. See, if we actually moved down here, I originally thought I'd really miss Ohio. I love the snow, but I like the beaches just that much more. My husband has been talking for quite some time about spending the winters down here, and though I was originally apprehensive, after being down here I'm changing my mind.

Here are some final pics:

I also want to add this pic. I don't have any full body shots of myself on my blog, so I figure it's about time so I can see my progress ( if I ever make any). Plus, I don't think there is a decent pic of me in general except for my profile pic - every other one is of me after I've worked out and am all nasty! I DO look at least semi-decent sometimes :)

Ok it's not completely full body, but it's close enough.

Anyways, though I hate to have to leave, it's bittersweet because I'm so pumped to get back home and start on those goals! I'm going to tell you one thing - when we come back to Florida next year I'm going to look damn good in a bathing suit!!! I had a little conversation with my hubby this morning about getting on track with our eating. On thing I said was we need to limit our Pizza Hut dinner to once a month. I usually only eat a couple wings and the salad bar, but he eats like twenty wings a pop. Well, he's so self conscious about his belly and weight he wouldn't even take his shirt off while we were on the beach. Now, he's not really a big guy at all. He does have a belly, but that's it. His arms and legs are pure muscle and if he were to put on woman's pants he'd probably were a size six (the man has NO butt!). Plus he's always complaining about being overweight. So I'm going to have to go all Jillian Michaels on his ass and get us in shape. If we're going to spend more vacations on beaches, we need to shape up!! Though can I share a little secret?? I'm scared that if he gets too in shape, he's going to find someone younger/prettier/better than me. I know you guys are like yeah right, but there are so many factors that I'm not willing to discuss that would back up these fears. It's a pretty legitimate worry, but I guess whatever happens is meant o happen and there's no point in worrying about what MIGHT happen and I'll just have to fight that battle if/when it gets here.

By the way I've spent quite some time browsing new blogs and discovered some new faves. Once I get home and can use my laptop, I'll adjust my blogroll and point them out! There are some pretty amazing people writing about their journeys out there!

Well my hubby is complaining that I'm not being a good copilot over here so I have to end this now. Have a great Saturday everyone!! :)

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sarah said...

I love that top you have on in that photo!! So cute!! My hubby is the same way when it comes to going to the beach. He doesn't want to take his shirt off either.

Need to Get ME Back said...

You look really good! You are like my goal lol