Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

Weigh-in results - 162.8, which is a loss of 3.4 pounds. Now, I don't know how accurate that is because you really have to weigh in once a week at the same time each week, and my original weigh-in weight is based on this past Sunday. If I were to weigh in on this Sunday, I'd probably see different results, but I want my day to be Friday, so I'll just have to wait till next weigh-in to know exactly how well I'm doing. Does that make sense? Also my fat percentage went down .4, so that's pretty cool. Here's a pic of the scale with my weight and hydration (which I don't even really know what that number really means/shows/should be):
I think I can attribute a lot of the pounds lost to not eating as much. Plus I've been drinking a lot of water, so that will flush the system right out!

So, I did do my thirty minutes on the treadmill again this morning. I was pretty pumped to notice that I didn't start clock-watching until about the 23 minute mark (which is the point where I did 1 minute of 4mph and then 22 of 5mph). That's definitely progress from the beginning of the week, where I would start getting tired around 15 minutes! I'm amazed to see that much in just five days!! I know I said I'd like to add a minute of running each week, but I think I'm going to do that every two weeks instead. That way I can get really comfortable with that much time at 5mph and not get too overwhelmed. I already HATE runninng, so I don't want to make things worse and give up. Willpower baby!!

My plans for weekend exercise include:
Tonight - head to the Y with Twig (youngest stepdaughter) and her friend to swim; while we are there I will do some reps on machines and then swim laps
Tomorrow - teach aerobics (as usual) and then my friend said she might be there and stay for the spinning class after my class; if that's the case I will do the spinning class as well and if not I'll play racquetball with my aunt as long as she's there
Sunday - well, my hubby claims it's supposed to be in the seventies out, and if that really happens (which I seriously doubt) I'll be out on my bike for a LONG ride; if it's not warm enough (or if it rains), I'll head to the Y to ride a stationary or I will ride on the trainer at home

I LOVE having so many options!!!

Plus at some point this weekend I'd like to get my baseline for how fast I can run a mile. I'm REALLY nervous about this! The fastest I've ever ran on a treadmill is 7mph, which I have only done for thirty second intervals. I have never even tried to do it for longer than that, let alone try a faster speed. What if I fall off and crack my head open and bleed to death?? What if my hubby records it a posts it on YouTube?? Oh the humility!

Also, I have decided on a non-food reward for getting to the 150s - an arm band for my iPhone. I hate having to carry it if I'm running outside or weightlifting. I struggled thinking of a non-food reward because I couldn't think of anything OTHER THAN FOOD! I wanted a trip to Dairy Queen. I wanted a cheesecake. I wanted a day off of tracking. I wanted pizza and wings. There were so many possibilities! But, I knew it had to be non-food, so it took a little more brainpower.

Anyways, I'll leave you with a Fun Fact for Friday (cute alliteration, huh):
True or False? Exercise burns off calories. If I work up a sweat for a long enough time, I can burn off enough weight so I can eat more.

False. Exercise doesn't burn off significantly more calories than sleeping does. That is, your body's metabolism (digesting food, thinking, making your heart beat, healing cuts, and so on) burns off most of your calories, and you'll gain just as much weight by eating more as somebody who has been sitting around all day.

Crazy! Have a great weekend!!


safire said...

Great non-food rewards! 3.4 lb loss is AMAZING! Way to go :)

I love switching up my exercise too or else it gets super mundane!

have a fab weekend.

Dee said...

Nothing wrong with a lazy day every now and then!!Great progress so far:)

New follower here:)


ChubbyBlogger said...

Recently found your blog, good stuff! I'm on the same track as you, and I feel your pain sista :-)

I did rewards for every 5 pounds lost until recently (budgeting made this more rough). But every 5 pounds I bought myself a new "item", something around 20 bucks. My first purchase was a belt (I figured a good idea since baggy pants have been a big part of this journey) and my most recent was a size 6 pair of skinny jeans! Since that was the only time I allowed myself to buy clothes, it was very encouraging to lose weight, and made sure I didn't stock up on size 10's when I was still on my way down.

Good luck on the journey, you're rockin' it!