Friday, February 26, 2010

warning: sweaty pic

i noticed today a theme of posting pics of yourself after working out all sweaty... so here's mine... not very pretty i'll tell ya!

here i am after a tough cycling class... gotta love spinning! but man i sweat in gallons!!

again, being inspired (read previous post), my friend and i came up with a challenge: operation 15-10... for me it's to lose my last 15 and for my friend it's to lose about 15ish pounds every 12 weeks during 2010 (tho we are about two months late)... anyways here are our challenges:

over the course of 12 weeks we will complete:
elliptical - 12 miles
bike - 9 hours
treadmill - 12 miles
step aerobics - 9 hours
circuit sets - 216 sets
core - 144 sets
plank - 36 minutes
free weights - 144 sets
stair master - 240 floors
overall hours in the gym - 36

we are starting VERY small with easily achievable goals to ensure success, with the idea that if we can do more we will and after the first 12 weeks we'll increase each amount... i'm soooo excited to start this, especially because it includes some things i'm not used to doing... plus it'll really focus my workouts and create a good routine working towards a goal that i'm accountable to someone else for! wish me luck!

anyways, eating a yummy pear then heading for bed... night world!

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