Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent, day one

well today is the first day of lent... for Jesus, I'm giving up sugar and sweets... oh boy... this morning started off good... tho i did say i can have my cereal, even tho it has sugar (and this is only because i just bought a new box and i really don't feel like throwing away that money), i still ate oatmeal without sugar... this was because i remembered i bought a thing of blueberries and i had better eat them before they go bad.. plus blueberries are like my favorite fruit... they tasted really good in my oatmeal too... they were kind of sour, but delicious... i'm still hungry now, about an hour after breakfast, which makes no since because oatmeal is really filling... but i'm toughing it through until snack time at 10 today... i refuse to eat earlier than that, like i have been doing... plus i'm disappointed because all the rest of my bread was moldy this morning so i had to use the hubby's... it's still wheat, but i prefer multi-grain, which is much more filling... that's how i can get away with only a sandwich at lunch... therefore i brought an apple to help me out... anyways, i also drank my regular morning tea, in which i put two packets of truvia... but, i did say that i'm allowed truvia in small amounts... such as just for my morning tea... i think i'm going to say a packet crystal lite a day is ok, as well, because i just can't drink that much plain water... but only ONE... so, sugar/sweets content is officially limited to: truvia for tea, cereal until the box is gone, and one packet of crystal lite a day... as of today... here goes nothing!

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Verity Vaudeville said...

Blueberries are my favourite too. I had four punnets of them today infact :D

Fruit is great like that 'cause you can eat as much as you like and there's no consequence. Plus it's good for you.