Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Home

so i worked out tonight... it went well... i was a little sore during the parts with the tension up... that is to be expected since i just did a cycling class last night... i'll have to get used to that tho, especially since when i start my real training, there are only two to three days of rest a week, which have to be filled in with weight training... soooo, needless to say, get used to it self! anyways, i'm attempting to resist temptation to eat everything we have in the house right now.. thus why i'm blogging and watching hgtv... also drinking tea as of right this second, since it's done steeping... my mom got me this teavana stuff for christmas... it's tea she usually drinks and i guess it's pretty expensive stuff... you buy it loose and steep it in this little contraption thingy... love it! you can def tell the difference between it and the cheap stuff from the grocery store... i have practically the same flavor at school and it barely compares to this stuff... not to mention, my mom was pretty slick and got me two flavors that go well with different kinds of alcohol for the summer... when i spend all my time half looped! hehehe... seriously tho, this summer is gonna rock... i plan to do my ride in june, then in july i'd like to do that mini triathlon.. i guess i could explain what the triathlon consists of - 400 yards swimming, 7 mile ride and 2 mile run... yeah, easy! like i said, tho, i really have to practice swimming, i'm not even close to being able to do the whole thing... i'm happy with the distances being so small, too, since this is just going to be a hobby type triathlon, rather than competition... i couldn't ever imagine doing an ironman triathlon... but ANYWAYS, enough rambling on... here's today's meals: breakfast (usual total cereal), lunch (usual sandwich), dinner (typical chicken, sweet potatoe and salad)... then, snacks, which are awful!, include: tlc trail mix bar, cookie, two slices of banana bread, one slice of cherry bed, banana and strawberries with chocolate and caramel, a mango, and a whole bunch of those candy heart thingies with writing on them... not too too bad except for the three slices of bread... and the extra sugar from the candy... i knew i'd go overboard today cuz of the vday parties, but geez, was all that necessary? and i'm hungry right now... i mean, actually hungry... GRRR!!! well anyways, bball game tomorrow against the toughest team... we'll see how it goes! night world

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