Thursday, February 11, 2010

first blog ever

well hello world... today is my first blog ever... never done this before... anyways, this is for my own person fitness successes, yet if anyone is reading, more power to ya... it'll be quite boring tho, since i'm only blogging my successes and failures as a type of journal... and my thoughts that come with it all... well, here it goes: i'm 24, 5ft 5 and 140 lbs... my goal is to be down to about 130... i know i keep telling everyone 132 but honestly, it's even less than that... i saw a site where a girl talked about being 5-2 and down to her ideal 110... i figure, proportionately to my height, i would be 115 if i were her... that'd be great... now, i'm not doing this jsut to look good, tho that is a great inspiration... i want to be able to run a marathon... altho i'll prob never actually do it, i'd like to be fit enough that i could say, oh yeah, i could do that... actually i want to be a triathlete... gotta practice that swimming, tho, since i'm not very strong about that... by the way, my 12 year old stepdaughter can swim stronger and longer than i can... not good... so anyways, back to my goals... i've been working out at least 7 hours a week, tho i do need to step that up coming in march... i'm training for the ms 150, which is a 150 mile bike ride... and oh, hey ms ppl: i'm not doing it for the fundraising, sorry! tho the fact that it's going to a good cause is great, i could really care less... well i have to go for now... more to come for sure

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