Friday, February 12, 2010

what a day so far

ok so today i came to school only to find my room ransacked by some animal AGAIN.. two days in a row! my stuff was everywhere... anyways, on to my regular topic... i did run... i mean jog... this morning... what is considered running on the treadmil? if 6 mph is, then i half ran half jogged... either way i had to drag myself out of bed to do it... i mean, my body is exhausted and i know i shouldn't overtrain, but i really needed to work off the massive amt of calories i ate last night/yesterday... even though i worked out last night and i'm working out tonight, this morning gave me a little leeway on what i ate yesterday and perhaps splurge on today... it is vday party day at school, so... now i'm sitting here tying packets of heart candies to pencils for the entire kindergarten, first and second grades... who's bright idea was that?? oh yeah, mine... way too much work tho... anyways, i plan to cycle tonight and weight train on legs... wish me luck on that one... i'm sore already, but i need to work on inner and outer thighs... sooooooo excited about tomorrow by the way... hubby and i are honeymooning it up for the night... we're getting couples massages, thanks to me by the way... and i sooooo need it too, my back has been sore from working out the other night... anyways, then a nice meal and overnight in a hotel... which will be great to just get away a little, even though it's not that far away... not to mention, the hotel has a pool and hot tub, which will be nice to relax a little and get some exercise in from the massive dinner i know i'm bouts ta eat, yeah! but to heck with the pool, the y is opening theirs back up (FINALLY) on monday, so i don't really need it... i can't wait to get into the pool too... if i'm going to do a mini triathlon this summer, i better be able to swim.. how hard can it be to improve? i'm not too bad off now, but like i said my 12 yr old stepdaughter can swim faster and longer than me... not good... so i'll just have to train on that too... speaking of training, my twelve weeks starts the first week of march, which is right around the corner... holy toledo that's coming quick... i'm excited, but the weather better start cooperating soon!! i don't know how i'll fit in those long rides without getting outside... i don't think the y would be too happy with me riding one of their stationaries for five hours at a time, but we'll see... maybe i can work something out... anyways, it's lunch time, best time of the day, and i'm missing it! gotta go world...

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