Monday, February 22, 2010

lent, day six

Day six? that's it? great...

today, woke up feeling yucky but not quite as bad as yesterday... maybe i'm getting over this cold? am tired tho... anyways, foung jen lancaster's blog... YAY! love her!

as far as eating and working out, did nothing good over the weekend.. tho i did weigh myself this morning and the one scale said 140 an the other said 143.5... must stop using both... either way, though, i'm still at least 10 pounds from where i want to be by my birthday... i wonder if i'll ever see 130 again? i miss it there... in the land of all my clothes were too big and it felt amazing... i need to get back to working out, but this stupid cold is draggin my head through the mud!

anyways, am late picking up my first batch of students... ttyl world

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