Monday, February 15, 2010

actual good day so far...

so i went to the y this morning and simulated the mini triathlon bike ride and run... after the stability ball class of course... anyways, so i rode 7 miles and ran 2... took me 53ish minutes... so, with the swimming, i hope to finish with plenty of time to spare in one and half hours... i don't know what kind of goal that is, but that's it... anyways, had good breakfast and lunch and a pear.. plus my protein shake after working out, i'm not doing to bad today.. not to mention i have to go back to the y tonight to teach a class... tho it's only 30 minutes... i was contemplating taking the usual spinning class tonight too, but i think i've had enough... actually, running on the treadmill made my shins hurt with every step... oh, and want to hear something really embarrassing? i totally farted while on the treadmill... it smelled pretty bad and there was this old guy right next to me running as well... overall, tho, i did enjoy my day off of school and used it to my advantage to catch up on all the crap i consumed over the weekend... i wish i could just drop those pounds i gained without effort... by the way, the scale said 145... i was down to 140... so yeah, 5 pounds over four days... great.... well world, till next time

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