Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok I think it's time to set some goals, so here goes nothing:

*Ultimate weight: 130
*In the month of April I'd like to get into the 150s (preferably the low 150s)
*I want to start jogging/running/walking (whatever you want to call it) every morning for a half an hour. This is going to be tough because I have a hard enough time waking up when I do, let alone waking up a half hour earlier to get on the treadmill. I'm going to have to literally sleep in workout clothes in order to do this during the week! This extra half hour is going to be in addition to my regular workout schedule. I decided on this when I realized how much trouble I had running outside yesterday. I want to be able to run outside better than that! I mean, I'm really proud of myself, but it makes me want to strive for more/better/longer runs.
*Track my food better. I usually keep a mental note of how many calories I've consumed, but I'm not consistent in the least bit. Plus I let binges freak me out and I stop tracking for days and I get all out of control for a while. I need to get over those instances quicker and get back on track right away rather than stewing for days.

One way I might do the whole tracking thing is through Weight Watchers online. Last night I signed up for the free week to try it out. I've used WW plenty of times and had good success but I didn't keep up with it and ended up just gaining it back. I like the new system. Pros: you get more points each week and for the weekly extra, fruits are worth ZERO, and activity points have been adjusted nicely (before I would try to track a spinning class where I'd burn hundreds of calories and it would give me two points, which never made any sense because a food that was 100 calories would be worth the same two points). Cons: the points for most foods have gone up, and I'll need to relearn all the points for quick reference. The pros definitely out-weigh the cons, so I think I'm going to like it.

Anyways, I'm going to give those things a shot starting Monday when life gets back to normal. I know it sounds like the typical attitude of "I'm starting my diet on Monday" but I'm not like that. It would be pretty much impossible to get on that kind of schedule while on vacation, so I'm just going to keep making good healthy choices and try to get exercise in while in Florida. I'm still serious about weight loss right now, but I need to be at home and have all those resources in order to achieve the goals I've set.

By the way, I would have ran again today but it's storming. And when I say storming, I mean STORMING!! There are tornado warnings and sightings all over near where we are (I'm talking within five miles of us!!). Plus I got burnt yesterday on my neck and arms so it'll be a good thing to stay out of direct sunlight for a day. But tomorrow it's supposed to be beautiful, so I'm going to give the whole running thing another shot then.

Well here's to an exciting start at a new set of goals!! Woohooo! :)

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I like to set major goals as well as minor goals, miniature goals and microscopic goals. It just feels good to accomplish at least some of my goals, you know?

Faby said...

WOOHOO! For Goals! I am sketching out my Spring\Summer goals board tonight and will post on my blog too. But I too want to get down to 130s I have about 34 lbs to go! I am doing WW so I am all here for support and help with WW journey :)