Monday, March 28, 2011

On vacation... and it's raining

So we made it to Florida. I LOVE our condo!! We are right on the beach, which is beautiful. We live in northeast Ohio so the beaches on Lake Erie are within minutes, but they definitely don't compare to the beaches down here. The sand is so soft and people actually DRIVE on the beach!!! It's so weird seeing speed limit signs on the beach. Anyways, the ridiculous thing is it's supposed to rain all week. Of course that's just our luck! It's still warm, which is awesome because at home it's only like 30 degrees right now. But the stupid weather man keeps saying how happy he is that it's going to be rainy all week because it's been so dry for so long! Grrr! Of course we come down the only week it rains in months.

Well I wasn't worried about getting fitness in, but since we got down here and I realized there is not workout room, I'm a little more concerned. I need a treadmill or something! I am not accustomed to running outdoors yet. I'm going to have to now darn it. It'll be a crash course in running outside!

My eating hasn't been too bad. We have lots of snack food around and I've resisted in partaking for the most part. My hubby did by golden oreos though which are my FAVE!! Just a couple at a time, not the whole package!!

Well I'll end this post with a few pics. I am able to keep up with my reading for the most part on my iPhone but I must warn you, my typing may not be perfect with this whole auto correct thing so if something doesn't make sense, that's why and I apologize in advance!!

Have a good one everybody!!

Here is one of a jellyfish that washed ashore.

I'll get a few of our condo at some point.

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