Friday, March 25, 2011

Article on Binging

So today I was sitting in the doctor's office waiting for my appointment reading a WebMD magazine and BAM, out of nowhere appears this short article on binging!! I was pumped!

It's kind of hard to read, but the questions was, "I stick to my diet until my stress level hits a certain point. Then I binge and feel horrible. How can I stop?" Although I do not stress-eat, I do binge from the overwhelming feeling of trying to keep up with a diet and staying away from unhealthy food. It comes down to this - I just want to be able to eat what I want, when I want and however much I want. And after a couple weeks on a good diet, I start to freak myself out and crave sweets, and that leads to my binges. My binges have been known to include as much as 3000 calories in a matter of minutes! What I got most out of this article was this: "Get help learning new problem solving skills - ones that are productive and constructive, not self-destructive." I do feel that this is exactly what I'm doing. I'm searching for things to do instead of binging. I'm looking for ideas keep myself under control! It's so crazy that I can't do this on my own!!

Anyways, my family and I are heading to Florida tomorrow night. It's going to be quite a drive for us, but it'll be SO worth it to get into warm weather! We are spending spring break down in New Smyrna Beach at a condo right on the ocean. I so can't wait. I've been working on figuring out how I'm going to keep up with blogging. We aren't sure if there is going to be wireless in the condo, so I downloaded the BlogPress app for my iPhone so I can at least post. Then, I figured out how I can read everyone else's blogs with my internet and Google Reader on my phone as well. But, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to be able to keep up as well, so please forgive me.

Speaking of other blogs, I'm desperately searching for some fresh, new blogs to read. Of course I follow the usual - Bitch Cakes, Drazil, Debbie, MrsFatass, and Jack Sh*t to name a few of my faves - but I want some new blogs to get into. I remember last year, when I first started blogging, I was following a TON of blogs. Everyone seemed to be on daily posting new things that made me laugh, cry, happy, sad, mad, etc. etc. etc. and I really enjoyed getting to know others through this crazy technology we are blessed with nowadays. But, I went through the list of blogs I follow and found that most of them haven't posted in months! WHERE'D EVERYONE GO?? So, if you have any suggestions, feel free to do so. :)

Back to the topic of vacation - I'm a little nervous about what it's going to do on my diet. I'm hoping I can get plenty of physical activity in. I'm definitely going to miss going to the Y to do spinning and aerobics, plus I'll miss the luxury of having my treadmill handy for a late night run. Not to mention, my hubby and I have really gotten into raquetball. We play at least once a week and play as a team against my aunt and uncle at times too. We have kind of a rivalry going on - the first time we played we beat them most of the games, and the second time they beat us most of the games. It's pretty fun actually! But, anyways, I don't want to get lazy because I know how quickly being in shape fades when you don't exercise for a while. Even taking just a week off makes cardio a little more difficult! I'm not too worried about my eating. We won't have to eat out too much because we are going to have a full kitchen and everything. What I am concerned about, though, is drinking. I LOVE drinking a few cold ones while relaxing on the beach. That's actually a large part of my weight gain over last summer. I have a pretty fun bad habit of taking some alcohol to our pool and spending the day lounging around getting drunk tipsy relaxed. I suppose I can control myself and limit it to just a few couple one each day. We'll see.

Well, have a nice night all!


Anonymous said...

I have the same binging problems. Except for mine are more often than yours and usually occur at night. It's my only sabotaging factor right now. I do sooooo unbelievably good all day and then fall apart at night. I don't know what it is but it makes me feel guilty and I start the "oh well, it's too late to reign myself in I might as well eat the entire cake" self talk. I have tried brushing my teeth, putting a lock on the kitchen after 7pm (just imaginary), drinking water like a crazy person when wanting to eat, and going to sleep. One day I will figure out how to over come this "habit".

Have a fun time on vacation. I love Blog Press and MobileRSS. Hope to see your posts while you are having fam time. ;)

I wanted to thank you too for the comments you have been leaving recently. I love to hear what you have to say and appreciate that you take the time to comment. :)

sarah said...

Have a nice vacation! And thanks so much for the nice comments you left on my blog.

As for other blogs: