Monday, March 21, 2011

i love jack... just don't tell my husband...

jack sh*t has always been one of my favorite bloggers... even when i took the long hiatus from blogging, i still kept up with him via facebook... so, when i saw this lovely number this morning, i decided to give it a try... here goes:

Achilles heel: i'm assuming this means my weakness? and if that's the case, it would have to be ice cream
Battle cry: i'm awesome! or "one more mile"
Casket size: i have a feeling my hubby is going to fit me with cement shoes and throw me in our pond before it gets this far :) (i tend to drive him nuts)
Deformity: i'm pretty sure there are watermelons growing in my thighs
Embarrassing nickname: meth... get it, crystal "meth"... i yi yi....
Fish I’d most like to be if I were somehow, for some reason, forced to be turned into a fish: i'd like to be a sea horse... does that count as a fish? prob not, but oh well
Getaway route: straight to europe... though that'll never happen
Hillbilly name: Linda Sue Carter... i've heard worse! you have to click here to get to the name generator
Inanimate object I most resemble: my iphone... it's so much like me - smart, technologically advanced and easily used... :)
“Jack”, Favorite blogger named: ummmm jack sh*t... are there any others?
Knot I have most trouble untying: the one in my stomach
Last lesson learned: some people never change
Middle letter of middle name: r
Nearest Chinese restaurant: just a few miles in several different directions (i don't know why we have so many around here)
Oldest person I know: there's a guy my papa helps out a little bit once in a while, nelson, the guy is older than God i swear!
Pancakes, Favorite topping for: chocolate syrup! but since i never eat it that way, regular syrup i guess
Quality I wish I had more of: patience!! and frugality... is that even a word? i mean how to be more frugal...
Rap artist I’d most like to chillax with: onika tanya maraj... aka nicki minaj... i LOVE her
Salad dressing I despise most: bleu cheese, who puts that crap on a SALAD???
TV show I wish would disappear forever: you know, i really don't hate any tv show, but i guess i could do without 16 and pregnant... those stupid girls are making it seem so easy to have a kid that young and some of my students are getting the wrong impression... they have NO idea! freaking idiots (the girls on the show, not my students)....
Underwear, Favorite kind/color: i really like my cotton boy shorts... very comfy... in any color, though my hubby prefers red
Vice that I wish I could do away with: my love of anything sugar... it'd be so much easier to lose weight!
Website that I check first every day: i hate to admit, but probably facebook...
Xerox, Funniest thing I’ve copied on: ummmmmmmmm, i've never abused my copying privileges in any way, no naked pics of my butt or anything... i guess it'd have to be silly pictures of me and my friends or something... lame-o!
“Yes,” Dumbest thing to which I’ve answered: will you marry me... JUST KIDDING! i love being married to my hubby - i'm sure HE'S the one regretting it now, he he he... anyways, i'm not sure on this one, i'll get back to you... look for it in one of my next few posts
Zombie, Favorite “brain” dish if I ever became a: can i pick lasagna?

so yeah, took a little break from the same ole same ole and told you all a little about myself... have a good one!

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MargieAnne said...

I had fun with this too.

I'm so glad Jack is there to feed humour into Bloggieland