Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~CORRECTION~ Week One Results are IN!

After reading Bobbi's blog a little better, I realized I didn't scroll down far enough to see her actual weigh-in. I have to make a correction in the standings. Sorry for the mistake!!

The first week's results are in and here are the results:

1st - ~Ashley~ -3.6%
2nd - Bobbi -1.2%
3rd - Lovebug6100 -1.1%
4th - Treesa -.85%
5th - Thin Lizzy -.5%
6th - Me +/-0% :(

(Fat Girl's Closet has chosen not to weigh in each week. It'll be cool to see how much she loses in the end - she's probably whipping all of our butts!!)

Great job everyone!!



Lovebug6100 said...

Amazing job ladies!!!! I can't wait to see what percentage we're going to lose as a group!! I'm still trying to think of my recipe for this week!

Bobbi Sharp said...

LOL...Oops. :)

I plan on doing my WW weigh in first in my post, and then the challenge weigh in further down since it's based off of naked weight. ;) So it'll be formatted the same going forward.

As for the Bondi Bands, Yes they are thin. I 99% of the time wear them down over my ears, as the ears tend to burn, but I like that they keep the sun/wind off my ears and help keep my ear buds in. As for warmth, I think with the heat my body gives off while working out I've never noticed them being cold while covered... I have not tested them in extremely cold weather yet, but plan to in the near future. ;)

Also I do wear them under my helmet & over my ears as well. Keeps the sweat from dripping down, ears protected, perfect!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I do want to particiapte as well! I have been MIA sorry! I did post my start weight today with a picture!

BEE said...

hi i am new to your do i join this fit and fabulous challenge and what is it all about....i'm starting my journey in weight loss today and hoping it could give me some motivation ....thanks for any info