Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There Are Six...

There are six of us participating in the fall challenge (click on those words to read the post)! I'm so excited! There are more than I thought and less than I thought at the same time. When I first decided to try hosting a challenge I thought there'd only be me and maybe two other ladies. Then when I posted the initial information for the challenge, about 9 ladies showed interest. So that's why there are more AND less than I thought. If the other ladies who originally showed interest end up wanting to still participate, I'm going to allow a few extra days to post the intial weigh-in for them. I figure it's only going to give them a disadvantage anyways because they'll have less time. Besides, ultimately, this really is just for fun.

So here's the line up so far in no particular order (click on their names to be directed to their inital weigh-in post):
Thin Lizzy
Fat Girl's Closet
Lovebug6100 (Megan)
and of course ME! :)

Good luck to all!!!

So this morning I went on a jog. Drum roll please...... it's not longer a WALK/JOG! Woot woot!! I did a total of 3.15 miles in 38 minutes (according to Daily Mile it was about a 12 minute pace). I did not stop at all except for once and that was only because I had to tie my shoe! I was so mad at myself, though, because I forgot to change the settings on my running app back to 'outside' rather than 'treadmill'. By the time I was done it said I was up to 9 miles. YEAH RIGHT. I would have to keep, like, a 4 minute/mile pace to go that far in 38 minutes. It was funny because I run on a bike trail and the miles are clearly marked with a post. I start at the 24 mile marker and I've been down the trail enough to know pretty much where the 23 1/2 mile mark would be and then of course I know exactly where the 23 mile mark is. I didn't even get a half a mile before my app cut into the music to announce my first mile. I about tripped over my own feet. It was then that I realized my mistake, but I didn't want to start over. I probably would have if I'd had more time, but my hubby was going fishing and needed me to get home in order to watch the baby. Then, of course, I couldn't fix it to show the exact mileage, so I went as low as it would let me and put it at 4.59. Stupid app, now not only was my treadmill run inaccurate, but now this one is, too. Oh well, I'll just have to get over my slight case of OCD and let it go. Here's the pic anyways. You can see where I stopped to tie my shoe lol:

I finally found some pics to put in my 'Progress Pics' tab. I don't have too many full body pics because I HATE how I look, but they're close enough. I can already see a difference in my face. I took this pic yesterday to post on Facebook to show off my new do. I LOVE my hairdresser. I literally just walk in and tell her to do what she does best and BAM! she comes up with an awesome look. I don't even pick out the colors. She knows how I like my bangs and that's all I require!
Anyways, I better show my son a little attention, he's been whining the entire time I've been trying to blog. Have a lovely week! Happy hump day ;)



Wendie Haynes said...

I don't know if it's just me but the last two blog links are going to Treesa's blog. Just me?
And good luck to you all.

ThunderThighs said...

Oh crap I must have messed that up, let me fix it, thanks for letting me know!!

Bobbi Sharp said...

Love the hair!!!! <3

Fat Girls Closet said...

Love the new hairdo!! Absolutely adorable!

~Ashley~ said...
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~Ashley~ said...

Okay, the hair looks awesome, that needs to be said. The next thing that needs to be said is, oh-crap-I-got-busy-and-forgot-to-post. Crapcrap. But I did, and if I'm still allowed, I'm in. And if I'm not allowed, I think I'll still say I'm in and do all the things and just pretend. And maybe stalk you about it. Anyway, here's my playing catch up!

Spoonful of Me said...

Love your hair.