Thursday, September 20, 2012

Must. Resist. Temptation.

I'm really struggling! I had to force myself to get on the treadmill this afternoon. Not because I needed to workout, because I've done so well this week I could probably have taken today as a rest day and it wouldn't have mattered. I forced myself because I was giving in to the temptation to binge eat. I looked through my cupboards and started eating pretty much everything I could get my hands on. That's not good. I get like this sometimes. It's like I subconsciously sabotage myself when I'm doing really well with weight loss. One time I gained, like, 15 pounds in a month from going crazy and binge eating. I did the right thing, though, and tracked all the points I ate (which was 23 in a matter of an hour and only leaves me with 8 left for dinner) and got on the treadmill for 50 minutes. Now I'm sitting here, typing on my computer, doing everything I can to keep myself out of my kitchen.
Anyways, I decided to spend the day watching as many episodes of The Office as I can. Tonight is the premiere episode of the final season. It is truly a sad day for me. I joke and over exaggerate, but I'm actually really upset deep down. I really love that show and it's going to be hard for me that they are never going to make another season after this. I'm going to write in to NBC and tell them that they should have Steve Carell's character come back for the finale and have my baby star as his son, since they have the same name. Wouldn't that be cute? HA! I highly doubt it'd happen, but a girl can dream (yes, that's how lame I am - of all things I could dream about like money, fortune, fame, eternal youth, being thin, etc. etc. etc., I dream about being on an episode of The Office). Check out these baby blues: he'd be great for the part!
Well, at least I did good on the treadmill this afternoon. Four miles in fifty minutes. That's a 12:37 pace. Still sort of slow, but getting there.

I was messing around with Instagram today and took a nifty pic of my shoes. They are really comfortable for running. Just expressing my artsy side. ;)
I've been scoping the internet for running gear. I stumbled upon two Nike devices that might be a beneficial buy. One is the Nike+ FuelBand and the other is the Nike+ Sportsband. I've been sort of comparing them and contemplating which one I'd like to get. I'm really leaning toward the Sportsband. First of all, the FuelBand is $149 (the Sportsband is only $59) and it doesn't track your heartrate (the Sportsband does). The only cool thing is that the FuelBand is made more for all day purpose to track your overall activity. It uses a points system that tells you if you've been more/less/equally active than the day before, and that way you're able to set goals and focus on all activity rather than just running. I don't know. I wish I had unlimited resources so I could just buy both, but I just can't see spending over $200, that just wouldn't be realistic. GRRR! Decisions, decisions.
I leave you with this cute little picture I found on Google+. First of all, it helped me rethink the binging I was doing earlier. Second of all, it's a good inspiration to us all. And finally, it's probably what my kid's going to act like when he gets a little older (we are a pretty silly family).


Bobbi Sharp said...

Awe... big hugs. I SO KNOW THAT FEELING... It's that TOM again, and I'm totally getting those urges too. :(

Hang on, and just remember you CAN DO THIS!!!!

And now I'm off to research this fuel band....

nic said...

Hey, you tracked it! Way to be accountable, and way to get some fitness in as well!

Staci's Slimdown said...

I hate binge eating days!!! They stink! Good job derailing it by hopping on the treadmill!

~Ashley~ said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. There's this chemical in your body that HATES weight loss. It's supposed to help us stave off starvation, but unfortunately it helps promote continued obesity these days. Basically, when it sees you losing weight, it slows your metabolism (makes your body more efficient, which here is a BAD thing), and it makes you feel STARVING. Your body is going to fight you every step of the way, because whatever your high weight is, that's what your body wants you to weigh. It blows, but I think it helps to know what we're up against!!