Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Own Weigh-In

So I'm hosting the Fit and Fabulous Fall Challenge, but I'm still going to participate even though I won't win (it wouldn't be fair because I already know I'd win (just kidding)). I'm pretty competitive, so participating helps push me and keep me on track. Plus, I want to meet new people and be involved in the blogging community. Now, typically I'd eat a bunch of Big Macs or something to make my first weigh-in higher so it's easier to lose the first couple pounds, but seeing as how I have 70 pounds to lose until I'm at goal, I'd really rather not add anything to it. So, here's my official weigh-in.
Down 2.8 pounds from last week!
I'm so excited to be back in Onederland. It took over a month to get there. I'm definitely not losing as fast as I'd like or hope. Let's face it, I have no patience. My girl Treesa at Always Twenty Pounds to Go commented on my post about struggling that she hears people say te same thing they say to me - it took nine months to put it on, it'll take a while to work it off. I'm just about as sick of hearing that as she is! I know it's supposed to be comforting, but let's be honest, I want the weight off not comforted.

Also, being in the fitness challenge has inspired me to start logging my food with Weight Watchers. I did it today and did really well. I ate within my points even though we ate out for dinner. Not too shabby, I just hope I can keep it up.

Anyways today was a rest day, so I haven't much else to talk about. I'll leave you all with a little inspiration!


Missy said...

I saw that number on the scale and did a little happy dance for you! Must feel great to be back in the 100s. Great job!!!

Bobbi Sharp said...

Fabulous weigh in!!!!

We're so going to rock this challenge!