Sunday, September 16, 2012

And then there were 7...

We do have one addition to our fall challenge! Everyone welcome ~Ashley~ (click on her name to go to her weigh-in)! I have to tell you all, I stumbled across her blog sort of randomly as I was bloghopping one day (that's what I call it when I go from one blog to the next via the list of blogs that each person follows), and she is HILARIOUS. It's not what she's talking about so much, it's about how she writes it. I was literally laughing out loud (duh, lol) when I first came across her posts. Anyways, give it up for Ashley (applaud now)!
So I've been doing ok with my eating. As you all know I started Weight Watchers (actually, started taking advantage of the monthly subscription I'm already paying for), and I've been doing decent with the points. The thing I don't like about WW is that it's kind of really hard to figure out the points when things aren't prepackaged or from a restaurant already listed. For example, my hubby made fried perch the other night. Now, 'cooked perch' is worth like 5 points per fillet, but 'fried fish' is worth 14 points per fillet. Well, what the heck size is the fillet? Does frying the perch really make it that much worse? Seriously? Is there a difference in the batter when it's fried? For example, we just use a little egg and bread crumbs, so is that different than other batters that use flour? Then we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant. I had one (yes, only one even though I could have eaten a thousand because they were so freaking delicious) of the tiny rolls they gave us and then my dinner was pasta with mussels and marinara sauce. There wasn't a whole lot of sauce on it, so would I consider it a cup? Two cups? And I had no clue the measurement for the mussels. It goes by ounces or cups. What am I supposed to do, take measuring utensils with me to dinner every time we go out? I don't know, I just sort of wing it. These situations are where WW is sort of unrealistic in terms of following in a normal life. It doesn't help, either, that now that school has started, we'll be eating out a lot because Twig plays volleyball (and then basketball) and all the games are at least a half an hour away. At least I've taken to bringing a piece of fruit for a snack during the game though, instead of buying pizza or soft pretzels or nachos at the concession stands. I guess every little bit helps.
Anyways, I've still been doing well with my activity. As a matter of fact, I'm up to 34 activity points so far this week! That's a lot actually! I only get 31 points a day to eat, so I've built up more than an entire day's worth of points extra (it's a lucky thing, too, because we are going to the annual rib burn-off in our area today, so I'm going to need them!). Thursday I went on a short jog. I had to take the stroller and it really IS so much harder to run with. I got tired and really didn't feel like going further. Then Friday I totally kicked butt!! I went 4.26 miles at a pace of just over 12 minutes/mile. I jogged the first 3.4 miles straight! Then I hit that darn uphill and had to walk quite a bit of it. But, once I got to the top I ran the rest of the way home. I even hit a new personal best for a mile and the 5k! Wooohoooo!!
Then yesterday morning my dad and I went on our regular weekly bike ride. We had to cut it short to only an hour because of time restrictions, but we went faster than normal. My dad was sucking wind quite a bit! To me, though, it was an easy ride. We used to live by a pretty steep hill when I was younger, like 12, and he used to jog up and down it for exercise. I, being chubby and out of shape until I decided to change that in my later teens, tried to run it with him once and about died. He sort of made me feel bad about myself because I wasn't able to keep up with him. I still remember being so disappointed in myself that I had to stop and walk. So, the ride yesterday morning was pretty much redemption!
Well last night was interesting, but I'll have to take the time to write about it tomorrow. Let's just say I don't even want to know how many points I used and I'm NOT going to try to track it. Right now, I have to feed my little man and put him down for a nap. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!
I'll leave you with this interesting little tidbit I found:


Fat Girls Closet said...

Eating out is always a challenge. They have nutrition info for all the chains, but I rarely, if ever, eat at chain restaurants. I'm not doing WW, but I calorie count, and it can be hard. Honestly, if I'm at a place that I don't know how to measure, I try to compare it to a chain restaurant's option. At least that'll give you some kind of idea of what you're getting!

~Ashley~ said...

Hey lady, thanks for the shout out, I appreciate the moment of internet fame, even if it does increase the pressure to be outrageously hilarious at all times :-) And thanks for letting me be a late-entry in the contest! The stress of having to post those scale-pictures should help keep my weight down and my toenails painted!!