Monday, September 17, 2012


I couldn't come up with a title to this post because there could be so many. For example, "Weigh-in Day Tomorrow" or "I Ran 5 1/2 Miles!" or "I Can't Freaking Believe it's Mid-September Already" or "This Weekend Was Really Bad on My Diet and Next Isn't Going to Be Any Better" or "My Son is Driving Me Insane!".
I guess I'll start with the first and go from there.
"Weigh-in Day Tomorrow"
Yes, tomorrow is the first weekly weigh-in for the fall challenge. I'm anxious to see how everyone is doing! I'm also nervous about my own weigh-in (see the chapter of "This Weekend Was Really Bad..." below). I stepped on the scale today and it said 201. Really? Ok, my weekend may have been bad for the food part, but I'm still kicking butt on activity! I worked out six out of the eight days, with four of them being in a row. You seriously mean to tell me that two days of eating a little (ok a lot) over my points made me gain four pounds? GRRR!
"I Ran 5 1/2 Miles!"
Ok, not straight, and more of a jog, but I did pretty good. I used an app that trains for a half marathon, skipped to almost the end, and did intervals of 4 minutes run/jog, 1 minute walk with a five minute warm up and cool down for 1 hr. 10 min. I was close to 5.5 miles so I kept walking the extra two minutes to get there. I hope my treadmill is accurate because that ROCKS! I was definitely tired by the end, so I know I couldn't actually complete the half marathon yet (good thing I still have 11 months until my first) but I'm getting closer and closer!

"I Can't Freaking Believe it's Mid-September Already"
Speaking of having 11 months until my first half marathon - I can't believe it's already mid-September. In just over a week my son will be 4 months old. This summer FLEW by! And in two months I'm going to have to go back to work! BIG FROWNY FACE!! :( I've been trying to avoid anything resembling a calendar so I don't have to be reminded of this, but the campground season is winding down and is almost over now, so it's hard to forget what day it is now.
"This Weekend Was Really Bad on My Diet and Next Isn't Going to Be Any Better"
Speaking of the campground (see how cleverly these 'chapters' align?), I had a tough weekend as far as eating. I ended up having a few too many beers Saturday night, plus some chips and other various snacks, around the campfire. I ended up not even bothering trying to log my points. Then on Sunday we went to the rib burnoff in our area and then Dairy Queen so I didn't log that day either. According to Weight Watchers online, guess how many points a full rack of beef ribs from a restaurant are. No seriously, guess! 40? No. 80? No. 96. 96 freaking points. Luckily a full rack of pork ribs is 46 points, which is still a lot but not quite as bad. I had a half a rack of pork ribs, so that's at least 23 points. Then the ice cream. I did choose a small strawberry sundae, but still. And the beer? I have no idea how much I drank. Oh well. Next weekend isn't going to be any better because it's the last party weekend for the campground. We are having our yearly 'Halloween' party. The kids all dress up and trick-or-treat around the campers, there's a haunted house set up for entertainment and then we have a costume party/dance afterward. I LOVE the dances - I really get down with my bad self! We actually have one every holiday weekend: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and then 'Halloween'. This has been me at the dances one too many times:
I'm not even kidding.

And finally:
"My Son is Driving Me Insane!"
He's been super fussy lately. It's different than before, though, because this fussy is due to him being tired. I swear my day consists of feeding him, putting him down for a nap, and repeat. All day long. I'm not saying I don't enjoy it because it does give me time on my own, but I like playing and spending time with him, too. Once again, how can I be mad at a face like this?

Gotta love him!

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Fat Girls Closet said...

D'aw, seriously, how CAN you be mad at that face? Such a cutie pie! At least it sounds like a fun weekend. Gotta take the good with the bad. :)