Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Worst. Day. Ever.

Yesterday was the worst day of my life (disclaimer: ok, nothing majorly serious happened, in the grand scheme of things it was a good day, I count my blessings and appreciate everything I have and thank God for giving me life each day and blah blah blah, but for the sake of this post let me over exaggerate).

First I got stuck with a three inch needle in my knee. Yeah, the doc talked me into a cortisone shot. It all happened so fast - I was just sitting on the table talking to him one minute, and the next he's just lunging at me with this huge needle! He stuck it in, injected the stuff, and didn't even offer me a kiss goodbye or a cigarette afterward! I felt so used. In all seriousness, though, I hope that crap works.
Probably not what the doctor really looked like, but in my mind he was a mad scientist!

Then, I got home and logged onto Facebook - big mistake! In my notifications I found this lovely invitation to my high school reunion. Ten flipping years. Where has the time gone? I hated high school when I was there, why in God's name would I want to go back and revisit those a-holes? I went to the page that listed who all was 'tagged' to be invited and didn't even recognize half the names. Then I saw where everyone can comment and began scrolling through. Here's my thought process as I looked through their pictures: a-hole, biotch, biotch, what the EFF happened to her, who the hell is that, he didn't even graduate, I swear she didn't go to our school... good Lord ten years can do a doozy on some people! Ok, yeah, I need to look at myself because let's be honest, I'm not looking so hot these days either, but if I've gone as far downhill as some of them please shoot me now. Alright I know I'm being mean, but these people weren't exactly nice to me back then. I told my hubby about it and he said, "So I take it you don't want to go?" (someone slap him for me). One thing's for sure, though, it makes me really REALLY ambitious to lose weight before next June, just in case I see anyone around town. Eh, I really don't want to relive those memories.

They say all bad things happen in threes, but this, man, you have no idea what this is going to do to me. After the shock of the reunion thing, I continued to look through Facebook. I found a post that hit me like a ton of bricks. My favorite show, The Office, is going to be in it's final season this year. I actually shed a tear. How can they cancel my favorite show? HOW? HOOWWWW? Ok I'll stop screaming now. But seriously? You guys don't even know my obsession with that show. I have watched literally every episode since it started. I still remember watching the pilot episode! How many shows can you say you've seen from the very beginning? I mean there are other shows I like, but none that can compare to The Office. I have all the seasons on DVD. I have random memorabilia scattered around my house and on my desk at school. I have tshirts. I have the bobblehead of every character. I named my son after the main character for goodness sake! That show started around the same time my hubby and I started dating. I hold him at knife point to make him watch it with me all the time! What am I going to do with my Thursday nights now???? Alas, the tragedy! This really is detrimental to my life.

 Yes, every Office bobblehead ever made. In my possession. And a shirt that I framed for my baby for his namesake.
Yeah yeah yeah, I'm sure you're thinking that man, if that's all I have to worry about in my life I'm doing good. And I agree, thus my disclaimer at the beginning. But I could have done without those things happening.

In better news, I did go for a run today. My knee felt tremendously better (hallelujah) and I KILLED my best average pace so far! Check it out!! Woot woot!! Too bad I couldn't go longer (time restraints, the hubby had the baby... alone... not that I don't trust him, but he's a man).

To leave on a good note here's a little more inspiration. Enjoy your Wednesday!


LuckyEight16 said...

My ten year is coming soon too. They created a Facebook group for us. How the hell did I get to be so old I'm out of high school ten years?? Sorry to hear about The Office. I was soooo upset when they canceled Las Vegas, especially since the last season ended in a cliff hanger, but then for some reason it never came back =(

Bobbi Sharp said...

You crack me up! The dr. pic is high-larious!

My ten year is next year. :/ I skipped the 5 year, let's face it I was the size of a house, carrying a child and really didn't want to hang out in a bar with people I didn't care for back then. I've broken out of my shell some and I'm leaning on the side of going this time around. We'll see.

And yes, I am a One Tree Hill fan, been there from beginning to end. It was a sad sad day when the last episode aired, but I've moved forward. Although, owning every season on DVD helps ease the pain. :)

Hoot said...

Is that an app for your running? I like that! Congrats on the run!! I'm sorry about the rest of the day. I went to my 10 year, and It sucked. I was so completely out of place....kind of like high school actually. HAHAHAHA