Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weigh-in and Ramblings

Ok first off here is my official weigh-in:

Down 3.4, not too shabby. Like I said, though, I peeked at the scale Sunday and I was less than that (204.4), so it's kind of discouraging. This is why I really need to stay away from the scale except for once a week! Oh well, I still lost, so I'm happy overall!

I don't have much to post today since it's a rest day for working out, so I'm going to take this time to ramble.

1) I've been looking around for new blogs to follow. Is it weird that I almost immediately close a blog if the person has more than 200 followers, if it's a .com or .net, and/or if that person has already hit goal weight? I mean, I follow a couple bigger bloggers, such as The AntiJared or BitchCakes, but I just get turned off if that person is so popular that he/she would never stop by my blog to comment or read. I guess I just want to surround myself with 'real' people who would take the time to get to know me like I get to know them. Is that selfish? Try not to hold it against me if it is, I'm just rambling.

2) I'm trying to convince my hubby to buy me a new bike. I desperately want a road bike. And it has to be cute :). I jumped into buying my bike without really looking around. Even though I LOVE my bike and am super happy I bought it and have been through a lot on it, I feel like it's time to trade it in for something made a little more for what I ride for - speed and endurance. Plus did I mention I want a cute one? I deserve one, too, I hit 960 miles on that bike this week! That's a lot of miles on a bicycle! Well at least that's what I'm trying to convince my hubby of, because in reality I don't NEED a new bike at all, I just really want a cute one.

3) I really need to start tracking what I eat. Did you know I'm paying for a monthly subscription to Weight Watchers online? No, you didn't, and neither does my hubby. If he did he'd be so ticked that I'm paying that money for something I'm not even using. I've been terribly lazy with food. I haven't been eating healthy foods, and I've been practically starving myself. That's really really REALLY not good because everytime I do that, I end up freaking out and bingeing for a week straight. That's when I gain a ton of weight, quit trying, and get very depressed. I'm good at taking care of myself when I'm focused. I just have to find that focus!

4) I found this picture online. Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes, so here it is. :)

Well that's enough for today. See you in bloggyland! :)



Bobbi Sharp said...

Hahaha...I love your method of picking blogs to read!

And really???? You're not using your WW online tool? Get with it girly! :)

Thank you for your encouragement. It really meant a lot to me and I could have shared that info with my IRL friends and they would have given me the easy way out. But you said just what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. ;o)

Wendie Haynes said...

I saw you started filling my blog and I checked yours out last night. I've got a 18mo girl who didn't sleep for about 5 months and then wasn't really great at it until about 5 mo ago. I want you to know you're not alone in the thought, but sleep deprivation wil do that to a girl.
I also carry my weight in my legs so that was another identifiable feature of your blog.
Lastly...EAT! You know you have to. It's hard, but so much better in the long run.

Treesa said...

Way to go on your loss! hoping to get motivated to start moving soon... i'm doing the old "next monday" or "i'll start on september 1st... no wait, that's labor day picnics... so, september 4th." mind games. so i keep putting off eating healthy and slowly gaining in the meantime...

you totally cracked me up about your weight watchers membership. :)

Hoot said...

Yeah, what they said. :D

Congrats on your loss!!

I totally understand the closing of blogs if hey have a large number of followers too. For exactly the same reasons.

Need to Get ME Back said...

Congrats on the loss! I get on the scale every day too, so I understand what you mean, but that loss is awesome!

I agree with wanting to find real people to follow. I always like having a handful of blogs that I always want to catch up on.

Also I used to do WW, but quit after I just kept going and gaining weight (thumbs down).. Now I keep track of points just in my head, so I don't feel too much pressure. Just start slowly! Looks like you're doing good so far!

Lovebug6100 said...

Hi...i just checked out your blog. I'm looking for new blogs too....good luck in your journey. I hope to keep reading about your success!