Monday, August 20, 2012

Some workouts...

Happy Monday all! I have quite a bit to post about tonight, but nothing really exciting. I'm going to start with this picture I found on Google+ because it's too cute (and a good inspirational quote).

That's so going to be my son when he gets a little older. ;)

Yesterday I ran, well walk/jogged anyways. I did so at the best pace so far since I started back to exercising - 13'52"! Although, I didn't go very far, only 2.53 miles, I was happy I could even do that with my knee. As a matter of fact I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon to get my knee checked out. I just want to make sure I haven't done anything too drastic to it, even though it's been feeling better. My problem is, I hate taking pain medication, so I have to live with the pain until it becomes so unbearable that I don't have a choice but to take it. Anyways, here's my Nike+ log for my run. I was so impressed with how far I was able to keep up a jogging pace. My walk breaks (which you can see in the darker orange/reddish color) were much shorter than my jogging distances! I know if I want to finish the half marathons next year in 2 hours I'll have to pick up my pace, but it's not too shabby for right now.

Today I rode. My short term goal is to do 20 miles at an average of 14 mph pace. I was SO close to it today! Grrr! Next time for sure. Miles 15 and 16 were rough, I started to get pretty tired, but after that it's quite a bit downhill, so I was ok to make it home. Eventually I'd like to hit an average of 20 mph pace for the 20 miles, but I'm sure it'll be never a LONG time until I get there. I honestly don't think the app I use for logging my biking miles is quite accurate, though, because according to the speedometer on my bike, I didn't ride above 20.6 mph and this says my max speed was 25.7, which I KNOW isn't right! Also, I'd like to think that I burned more than 568 calories. It should be more like 750, so even if it isn't, that's what I'm going with. I lie to myself. Don't judge me.

I'm still looking for a fall challenge. If you know of one, link it in the comments section. Maybe I should just start one of my own, though I don't know how many people would join. I weigh-in tomorrow, since it'll be a full week since I bought my scale. I cheated and peeked yesterday and saw some pretty good results. I'm hoping it stays that way! I'm definitely doing the good old weighing-in-first-thing-in-the-morning-naked-after-a-good-poop-and-before-breakfast thing.

Well I leave you with this picture. It was taken on Sunday. My hubby swears he doesn't see himself in our baby, but come on, look at those profiles! Little Mikey is a mini-me!


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