Monday, May 16, 2011


Ok I just realized that this is the third post I've titled "What a Weekend". Hmmmmm, maybe that should tell me something! (umm, I don't know what, but SOMETHING, right?)

First, before I go into it, I want to remind you all to head over to my post from Friday to enter in my first ever giveaway (everytime I write that I hear a big booming voice saying it like it's something really special... I like stroking my own ego). All you have to do is comment on it, saying something along the lines of ThunderThighs you are amazing/awesome/the-best-blogger-in-the-world, count me in. Also, my amount of followers has jumped tremendously since I posted this last, so if you are new, please mention your blog's address in a comment so I can follow you too!

So, let's start at the top, shall we? I was SO busy this weekend I didn't get to post on Saturday OR Sunday! :( BIG SAD FACE FOR THAT!! Friday night I was in the campground's store all night. It was actually kind of busy and I spent a lot of the time that wasn't busy working on practicing with Amby's hair for her prom, which was Saturday. I have done her hair for every homecoming and prom she's been too, and I'm getting better, but it was still nice to practice since it was her SENIOR prom!! That was a huge weight on my shoulder because I'm definitely not a real hairstylist and I really wanted her to look perfect (which she would have anyways because she's just beautiful).

Saturday morning I taught my usual aerobics class and then headed home to shower. I had to drop Twig off at the place where she was doing volunteer hours, then I ran to do some grocery shopping before picking her back up, along with some pizza for lunch. Upon returning home, I began my 5 hour stint in doing three girls' hair for prom. Yes, I stood in my spare bedroom for 5 hours straight doing updos. I felt like a real hairdresser! I doubt I could actually do that for 8 hour shifts five days a week! In teaching, when you get a little tired you can sit down and relax. You can't do that at a salon! I have a heightened amount of respect for them now!

After the I finished their hair, we went outside and took pictures. Everyone looked very nice! Take a look:

 Those are three girls who's hair I did. First, on the left is Holly, the middle is my stepsister Mo, and the right is my stepdaughter Amby.
 Mo and my stepmom. Too funny on the height difference!!
 No, they didn't coordinate the colors on purpose! It was all by chance!
 Amby and her bf, Peach (that's his nickname... we all have nicknames around here!)
Well, everyone, meet Mr. ThunderThighs. Handsome, huh? Yep, THE best hubby in the whole wide world - hands down!

When they left, we headed down to the first get-together of the season for the campground, which was a chili potluck. I really like this event because I get to taste the different versions of chili that I wouldn't normally make at home. Earlier in the day, my hubby threw a 20 my way and jokingly said get yourself something nice (although he was being sarcastic, I took the 20... I'm not an idiot!). Well, along with my chili, I also had in tote my best friend for the dinner - a bottle of wine. HA! That'll teach my hubby to hand me 20 bucks! I ended up downing the entire thing and passed out around nine that evening!

Sunday morning I woke up around 11 and had to pick Twig up from her friend's (who had a sleepover birthday party the night before). We came back home and snuggled up in my bed and napped until 1:30. LET THE DRAMA BEGIN!

We had to be up around 1:30 because my hubby's niece was having a baby shower in the campground's clubhouse. As I was ready to walk out of the house, Twig informed me that her mother (yes, my hub's ex) was attending the shower with us. The conversation was as follows:
Twig, "My mom's here."
Me, "Why?"
Twig, "She's coming to the shower with us."
Me, "Why?"
Twig, "Grandma (my hubby's mom) wants her to come."
Me, "WHY?"

Oh boy I could feel my adrenaline rushing. Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?? My husband's MOTHER asked his EX to come to the baby shower!! Ok, I can understand that his ex and niece are close. As a matter of fact, this girl in question informed me several years ago that I'm never going to replace her Aunt Bonnie (my reply was well woopdy-freaking-do). But, this girl already had another shower for her mom's side of the family and the ex went to THAT one TOO!!! Was it really necessary to come to my hubby's side of the family's shower also?!?! This woman knows no boundaries! So of course I was really upset. And it wasn't even so much directed towards the ex (even though she's the ass that accepted the invite) as it was my MIL. My hubby's brother (the prego niece's dad) has been married four times now. My hubby's cousin (who he's really close with and we have all our family get-togethers with) has been married at least twice (I can't remember if his current wife is his second or third because I can't remember if he was married to his third child's mom or not). NONE of their new wives have had parties with any of those guys' exes! My hubby's mother would NEVER even think of inviting one of their exes to ANYTHING! And again, it wouldn't have been so bad because I know that the niece and ex are close, but she already went to the other shower! I was under the assumption that that was the point of having TWO showers!

Not to mention I was already on edge with the ex because on Saturday she spent quite a while in our house because Amby was getting ready for prom. Well, that's fine, I understand, I would have wanted my mom around for that too when I was in high school, but then she decided to come in to the spare bedroom where I was doing my stepsister's hair and join in on our conversation! As if she was a part of the group! When she finally walked out of the room, my stepsister looked at me and was like what the heck was SHE doing?

Don't get me wrong, she's a really nice lady. She's just not apparently all that bright. She doesn't get it! For one thing, she's my HUSBAND'S ex. For another, she's almost my own mother's age (well so is my husband, but that's beside the point). We are NOT FRIENDS. She just doesn't understand that it's time for her to gracefully bow out of my/our business!

Oh well, after my initial overreaction, I decided that I didn't really want to be at the shower anyways. I already can't stand the niece, and I'm not too fond of her stepmom (my hubby's new wife, who threw this shower... my hubby can't stand her either) and I was really ticked off at my MIL. None of those three even said hi to me when I walked in, let alone thanked me for coming or spending the freaking $50 on her gift (BIG mistake), so the fact that the ex was there was a great excuse for me to head out after grabbing a snack and being there for about a half an hour! NICE!

For the hurt feelings and stress of it all, my hubby took me to see the movie Bridesmaids last night (ummm, did I mention my hubby is the best in the entire world!). Let's just say, if you were thinking about going to see it, wait for it to come out on video/Netflix.PPV/Redbox, whatever is cheaper than the freaking highway robbery prices they charge to see a movie nowadays. It was pretty funny, but the acting was terrible and it was kind of overall stupid.

So after reading my rather lengthy but massively summarized version of my weekend, did you happen to notice what wasn't mentioned? Yeah, the whole diet and exercise part! It was really bad for eating and exercising. I binged. I drank that entire bottle of wine. I ate Honey Nut Chex Mix. I remember at one point in my drunken stupor asking my hubby what 130 times 8 was. Yeah, that's how many calories and portions there were in the bag of Chex Mix. I'll let you do the math to figure out just how many I consumed after eating the enitre freaking bag! I ate pizza, wings, cookies, Doritos, Nilla wafers, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, etc etc etc. Did I get in my water? No. Did I exercise Friday or Sunday? No.

Just as I was getting back on track, I got all haywire and fell off the wagon. I'm dreading the weigh-in this week already. I just know I'm going to have gained, again. This is definitely not where I want to be right now, and this week I really have to get my act back together. I did good last week! Dang it!!

So since I missed my Sunday post, I'm going to do my goal recap today.

Goals from last week:
      Achieve all goals - nope
      No binges - nope
      Stay within points - didn't even keep track over the weekend
      2 outside runs - nope
      26 miles on the bike - nope
      2.6 liters of water a day - nope
      workout every morning/video every day - nope

Wow, I have to wonder why I even bother making weekly goals!

Anyways, here are the ones for this week:
- No binges
- Stay within weekly points
- One outside run
- One bike ride
- 2.6 liters of water a day
- Workout every morning (I have to exclude today in this because after not getting back from the movie until late, I didn't get up this morning, I will get on the treadmill tonight though)

Well, here's to a better week than the weekend was! Happy Monday! By the way, there's only 18 days left of school, but who's counting!


Lisa Mancini said...

WOW!! What a weekend indeed. I have to roll my eyes at that X. I don't understand. Sorry that things didn't go so great, but I'm glad you enjoyed your wine. Sometimes that's a great thing!!!

Hi Mr Thunderthighs!!! Hmm, wonder what he'd do if someone said that to him.

Sarah said...

It does look like you had quite a weekend!


Laura said...

Sorry you had such a crappy weekend. Hopefully it'll be better this week. Hang in there.

ang5593 said...

wow - what an interesting weekend! So thoughtful of your hubby to take you out though - kudos to him! Hope your week is better!

ThunderThighs said...

@ Lisa - Thanks, and yes, the wine was wW.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.!!

@ Sarah - Sho did!

@ Laura - Thanks!!

@ Ash - Yes it was! And thanks!

Missy said...

HOLY STRESS! I could not even imagine having to deal with that. All things considered, I don't think you ate that bad ;o) And today's a new day. You're going to rock your goals!

ThunderThighs said...

@ Missy - Thanks for having more faith in me than I do! :)