Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Day Just Keeps Getting Better and Better...

...and for once I'm not being sarcastic! WHOA! Who am I????

Ok, here are the reasons:

1. Ever since I posted yesterday for those of you who follow me to post your link, I've met some amazing peeps!!! Just to name a few: Ashlee, Skinny Doll, Krystle (most amazing way to spell our name BTW), and LessOfMe. Hello all!! :)

2. I'm stuck in the campground store again, but it's ok because John Krasinski is on Ellen!!!!! JOHN FREAKING KRASINKI!!! MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!! Ummm, if you don't know who this fine specimen of a man is, he's Jim from The Office (the best show in the world) and he's the hottest man in the whole world. BTW, it's ok, my hubby knows I feel this way, and he knows he's an extremely close second ;)

 Yep, that's us. Lovers. Don't we make a cute couple????

3. Speaking of my hubby (ummm, my real one, though), funniest thing ever: we were in Red Lobster and our waiter just so happened to be a very talkative gentleman. He saw that my hubby was wearing an Akron University sweatshirt and asked him if he was going there. My hubby did attend, but he also mentioned that his daughter (Amby) is going there this fall. Now, this waiter was talking my hubby's ear right off, all about AU and how he went there and what classes he took and how different the university is now and blah blah blah. I wasn't paying the best attention because I was doing my usual daydreaming (probably about making mad passionate whoopie with John Krasinksi) but I happened to hear the waiter ask, "Now, if you don't mind me asking, what will you be taking when you go this fall?" It didn't occur to me what exactly was going on until my hubby told the waiter that I was not his daughter. I then realized the waiter was asking ME what I was taking, and I said, "Oh, he's my husband." Well, if you ever want a waiter to stop talking to you, embarrass them somehow, because this man's face turned bright red in about .5 seconds! He apologized and just about ran away. The only things he said to us for the rest of the time were "would you like dessert" and "here's your check". It was hilarious. We told him that we get that a lot, but it didn't matter - the damage was done. Actually we haven't had anyone mistake me for his daughter in quite a while, but it really has never bothered us when people do - it has always made us laugh.

...........I'm sorry, but your connection to ThunderThighs has been interrupted, she will return as soon as she stops making out with John Krasinksi's face on her television screen......................................................

Oh dear God, Ellen, did you have to remind us that my future husband has recently married SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME??? Oh well, I know one day we'll meet and fall in love and live happily ever after... he just doesn't know it yet (and neither does my hubby for that matter).

ANYWAYS, so the Red Lobster thing was great. By the way, if you haven't already guessed, the hubs and I have quite an age difference, and for the shortest version of the story I could write, check out my 'meet the playas' tab.

5. Now, for the best ever part of my day, I entered bloggy land today and found out that Skinny Doll (from one of my new fave blogs) has given me a BLOG AWARD!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
So here it is!!
Ok, the rules to the blog are I have to:
2. Give it to 15 blogs that I L.O.V.E. and stop by their blogs to let them know (they are in no particular order BTW, and if you click on them you'll be taken away to their wonderful blogs) -
3. Tell 7 things about yourself (this one is kind of really tough because I already tell stuff about myself all the time, duh, this is a blog):
  • I'm in love with John Krasinksi... oh wait, I think I mentioned this once already in this post. Alright, fine, I truly believe I have the best husband in the whole world, and even though I joke about leaving him for JK, I really never would.
  • I love doing crossword puzzles, even though I have to cheat to finish them most of the time
  • I will most likely never have a child of my own. I go through very short phases where I want one, but I'm 95% certain I don't want my own kid. Reasons? Oh I have plenty of reasons. Just to give a few examples, I don't think I'd be a good mom, I'm too selfish to be a mom, I'd be afraid of having a child with a disability, I have no common sense and therefore my child would probably suffer in some way, I'm too lazy, I'm too selfish (that needs to be repeated), etc. etc. etc.
  • I love 'I Love Lucy' and anything that has to do with Lucille Ball. My hubby and I took a trip to her hometown once and I went to her museum. I also have several (unfortunately not all) of the 'I Love Lucy' Barbie dolls.
  • I go months without shaving my legs in the winter. There, I admitted it. I make my hubby braid my leg hair when it gets long enough (HAHAHAHA just kidding).
  • I have a really really really really really bad temper. Luckily for the world, I'm on a low dose of Zoloft to keep myself under control. I have actually hit my husband before in a fit of rage. Yeah, I told you I have the best husband in the world. He's truly put up with so much of my horrible nasty crap and still loves me. If he treated me even half as bad as I have treated him in the past I would have left him a long time ago. It's WAY better with me on my meds and we haven't even fought (oh we've bickered, but not all out fought) in a LONG time.
  • I never go bra-less. Not even to bed. It drives my hubby crazy, but I just don't.
Well, there it is. Now you know 7 more things about me that you've never known before. I bet your life is fulfilled now and you could die happy.

Alrighty, I'm off to notify my nominees!! Happy Hump Day baby!!


safire said...

I feel like I got to know you so much just from this post :)

If I was the waiter I would be mortified too!

Dawn said...

I'd like to follow you after reading your blog for the first time, you made me smile....A great list of things about you

ThunderThighs said...

@ Safire - yes, but it's really not a big deal to us! Oh well :)

@ Dawn - Thanks!! I'll stop by your blog as well :)

Heather McWhorter said...

I love that picture, it's AWESOME!

Thank you for the award, you ROCK lady!


BnE's Mommy said...

Awe, thank you so much!!!! And seriously, you have to be one of the best bloggers out there, cause you always make me laugh. I LOVE to read blogs that make me laugh...and think at the same time. ;)

ang5593 said...

Oh gosh.. this post made me laugh quite a bit! Love the picture btw!

Lisa Mancini said...

I don't even know where to begin with this comment. I guess THANK. You love me! You really, really love me. No seriously, thanx! You made my day. Oh, and about the waiter- LMAO!!! HELLO FUNNY!!! I love that we read the same blogs, and those that you listed that I don't follow, I'll be looking at!!! Congrats to your reward too!!!

Sarah said...

Well thanks for the mention! That's very nice of you!


Need to Get ME Back said...

Aw thanks for the award! And I can't believe you wear a bra to bed! And funny stuff about the leg hair LOL

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Don't the girls need to get out and breathe sometimes?

My husband taught our kids to say "That's what she said"...even though they don't know what it means. Sometimes funny, sometimes we look like really bad parents!

Kelty said...

Thanks for the award! So sweet!

I feel the same way about kids...but i'd add in the fact that I think they're annoying ;)

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!

Congrats on your award and thanks for passing one on to me! I'll do my post

Love that you don't shave your legs very often. I can't stand to wear a bra and it goes off as soon as I get home.

Now to think of my 7 things...

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

LOL You crack me up!!! hahahaa Thanks for the shout out on the page!! I love your blog :)

Candy kankles said...

Thanks! lol i love the way u write

Missy said...

Oh my goodness - you are hilarious! And totally correct about hte hotness of John Krasinski. That man is so nice to look at!

Syl said...

you are hilarious!
Great post, it was wonderful learning new things about you!

Bonnie said...

WOW...your 7 thing are VERY much like mine would have's nice to know someone else remains shaveless in the winter, and the husband comments about braiding

Thin Lizzy said...

thanks lady! you are too kind.

ThunderThighs said...

@ Heather - Thanks and no prob!

@ BnE - Aw you're too sweet!! And not prob :)

@ Ash - Thanks :)

@ Lisa - LOL!! Thanks and no prob

@ Sarah - no prob!

@ N2GMB - LOL! Yep, I do. And no prob!

@ Debbie - That's hilarious!!! I literally laughed out loud when I read that! :)

@ Kelty - No prob :) Kids ARE annoying, trust me, I know, it's my job to deal with them!!!!

@ Faith - Thanks, no prob, and good luck with the seven things, it actually was a little difficult.

@ Krystle - No prob! :)

@ Candy - No prob hun, and thanks :)

@ Missy - YES he is! And quite nice to dream about too ;)

@ Syl - Thanks! I like learning about you too on your blog :)

@ Bonnie - LOL!! It's so pointless to shave! Well, other than the fact that I do wear shorts to workout in, sleep in, run in... uh oh, maybe I should be a little more diligent next winter

@ Lizzy - No prob :)