Thursday, May 26, 2011

Graduation! And an Award!! Woohooo!!

Ok, my stepdaughter is GRADUATING from high school tonight!! My hubby and I got together when she was in fifth grade, so even though I wasn't with her throughout her entire school career, I am still soooo proud of her! She's amazing! And she's graduating third in her class! Holy cow, I can't believe how fast time has gone!!

Anyways, I got another blog award! I'm so excited!! I was actually given it on Tuesday, but yesterday was insane! We decided to go to Sam's Club, which is about 40 minutes away. I figured I'd blog last night when we got home. Of course, just my luck, it takes us an hour and a half to get there because of a traffic jam! Then, when we were ready to head home, we were stuck because it was storming so bad we couldn't see more than a foot in front of the truck! Apparently, back at home, rumors were spreading that a tornado touched down nearby (which wasn't actually true), and everyone that was here retreated to our basement! When we finally did make it home at ten there were trees and branches down all over our area and the campground. Luckily no damage was done to our house or any campers, but it was still pretty scary.

So, I would like to thank Lisa at Challenge Accepted for this award. I feel especially appreciative because I was one of only three people she gave it to. Lisa is one of the most inspirational people I know in bloggyland and is truly an amazing woman. Go check out her blog - you'll love it!!

Here it is!!

The rules:
  • Thank the person and link them in your post.
  • Tell ten things about yourself.
  • Nominate your bloggers.
  • Go to their blogs and let them know you've given them an award!

I feel the same way as Lisa about this first part - it's hard to tell ten things about myself because I don't really hold much back (I mean, I talked about peeing in Tuesdays post). But, here it goes:
  1.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my nickname at home is Cryc (sounds like crick). Twig made it up quite a few years ago and at first I hated it. But, eventually it grew on me, and now today I love it! I sign all their cards with this name and I wouldn't know who they were referring to if they called me by anything other than Cryc!
  2. I know my mom is going to read this, but speaking of nicknames, my stepdad has a habit of calling me 'Kid' and I hate it. I don't know why, I just hate it. I'd rather them call me Cryc too if they aren't going to say my full name. It's probably because I'm 26 years old and am far from being a kid.
  3. I'm terribly jealous of my sister. There, I said it. She is 20 and is doing NOTHING with her life. She works as a waitress at Denny's for, like, 25 hours a week and does absolutely nothing the rest of the time. Me? I've worked 40ish hours a week since I was a senior in high school. I worked all through college and haven't stopped. In the summer, I work at the campground store, though that's much less hours than normal. But, I'm still constantly busy. Don't bother saying that all the work I've done will make me a better person and blah blah blah - I've heard it all before. This is how I've chosen to live, and I wouldn't switch lives with her, but I'm still jealous that she hasn't a care in the world, nor any major responsibilities.
  4. I just got done eating about half a box of granola. There goes my bingeless streak. I'm dreading my weigh-in this week!
  5. I've cheated on my hubby. It was an awful, huge, ridiculous, crazy, dumb, idiotic, alcohol-induced, major mistake, but I did it. I will NEVER do it again, and it's cause some major trust issues between us, but I sure realize how amazing he really is. I'm so thankful he took me back and am trying my best to build up his trust again. I can't tell you how sorry I am for doing it and it's the one thing in my life that I really regret. I haven't even THOUGHT about another man since. I'm sure your opinion of me has lowered tremendously, but if I'm going to be honest, I might as well be HONEST.
  6. I have four tattoos. They are all on my feet. The first one I ever got was a ladybug - it's on my big toe on my right foot. Then, right under my left ankle, I got a moon and four stars. Last summer I got my last two - a frog on my right foot and half a star of my left. The half star is right on the edge, and my sister got the other half. When you put our feet together, they make one big star. I'll have to post pics someday.
  7. I pick my nose. Without a tissue. My hubby HATES when I do it, but I've caught him doing it before, too!!
  8. This one is inspired by Lisa's award post - I'm pierced. There are two. They are on my chest. You can figure it out from there. Unlike Lisa, though, I'm going to refrain from posting a pic of them ;)
  9. I have braces. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this or not, but I do. I HATED my teeth when I was younger and finally got them when I was 23. I've had them taken off, but they were put back on in about 4 months. I'm starting to get the feeling that they'll be on for the rest of my life.
  10. I don't mind being a freak, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose followers after admitting to these things!
Ok, so here are my nominees:
 I wrote a post on Sunday featuring these ladies. They are at or really near their goals and blog about maintaining. They definitely deserve an award for that!

Well, I'm taking a nap before I have to get ready for graduation. Have a great Thursday! I'll see you tomorrow!


Kelly said...

aweeee ! Thanks so very much for the award ! You are very sweet !

Congrats on all of your achievements thus far! Keep on rocking it out ! WHOOP!

safire said...

Your list of 10 is incredibly honest! I feel like I learned so much about you!

Congrats to your step daughter and your award :)

Thin Lizzy said...

congrats on the award! you are adorable. haha.

Lisa Mancini said...

NO PICS!?!?!?!? Hehehe. Just kidding. I agree, totally honest, and it's nice to get to know you a little more. You and I can totally freak this out together. :D

Syl said...

thank you so much for the award, and your kind words on the post below. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment, I've been a little busy ;-).

congrats on your own award, I think you are amazing!

Syl said...
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ang5593 said...

love your honesty!! hope you had a great weekend!