Monday, May 2, 2011

A Brand New Monday

Hello Bloggy Peeps!!

Boy does it feel great to be alive today! Yesterday, I caught up on a TON of sleep and today I'm back on track with eating and exercising. This morning I got on the treadmill and did my 26 minutes, and guess what? I had NO pain in my left leg and MINIMAL in my left!! Woot woot!! It's about freaking time my legs heal up, I mean jeez, how long could they possibly take for Pete's sake?!?! I was a little extra winded and tired, which I'm sure was from taking just about an entire week off of exercise, but I'm sure I'll be back to normal soon enough. I have also noticed I'm a little a butt-load more hungry today than I usually was when I was on track, but I'm getting over it. Luckily I'm stuck in the campground store again tonight, which means I have no available munchies unless I pay for something, and seeing as how I purposely forgot my money in the house, well, darn, I just can't buy anything now can I. (ha ha ha, all the ways I trick myself, I'm so sly)

Actually it's kind of a shame I'm stuck in the store because it's finally not raining, and I could be on my bike getting in that 26 miles, which are terribly long overdue. I'm definitely getting it in at some point this week, and I think the next night that it's not going to be raining will be Wednesday, so..... you know.

So today I was informed that I'm not allowed to use the phrase "beasted it up" by my students, apparently because I'm white. Who would have thought? I've been saying that forever now. Dang. Note to self - no more beasting things up. Those junior high kids will really put you in your place. Just like how they were all booing me when I was trying to serenade them in sixth period. I don't know why, because let. me. tell. you. I'm an amazing singer. I mean, nevermind the fact that glass was breaking everywhere and their ears started bleeding. HA, just kidding. I know I'm horrible. That's why I take every opportunity I can to sing to my students. If they can irritate me on a regular basis, I'm going to do it right back! ;)

I can tell I'm rambling quite a bit today, but I'm finally in such a good mood, and that makes me all silly acting. By the way, I can't wait til I can post all the stuff I've been stealing from other blogs this Saturday. Yeah, already, I have a ton of stuff to write. And I'd put it all down now, but then I'd have nothing to write about on Saturday.

By the way, I hopped on the scale just for shits and giggles this morning. It said 161.6. That's a little more like it. I know I gained last week, but the 8 pound gain on Friday just seemed a little crazy. It's kind of a shame that my loss the past couple of weeks have been so quickly reversed, but I'm busting my butt this week, so BAM, in your face scale!!

Well, I did a lot of reading other blogs today and it looks like May is a fresh start for some, and a continuance (is that even a word?) of being on track for others. Either way, it looks like the future's so bright, we're all gonna have to wear shades!!

Happy Monday ya'll :)


Lisa Mancini said...

HAHA!!! You show that scale!!! I LOVE IT! You do sound in a great mood. It really rubs off. This month is going to be a great one.

upinthecosmos said...

It's funny you say that cause a friend of my sells designer knock off shades & the other day said she saw new shades in my future... LOL! Congrats on getting back on track. Stop in & read Healthy Living Plans if you have some time:-)

Nik the Food Addict said...

I think those kids are wrong, "beasted it up" is a fine phrase for any nationality. I just might start using it, and I'm Puerto Rican. So there !!!! Happy Monday !
Check out my blog!

Luv, Nik

ThunderThighs said...

@ Lisa - Yes it will!!

@ Upinthecosmos - Funny thing, I just bought some knock-off shades when I was in NYC this weekend! We'll match! And I'll be sure to stop by, I love reading new blogs!

@ Nik - I love that saying! Junior high kids are just ridiculous, lol. And same as above, I'll be sure to stop by because I love reading new blogs!

Candy kankles said...

I love u left ur money lol.Keep at it girly! lets shred it up!

Heather McWhorter said...

Boy I think all I DID was sleep yesterday! But today - not so great with the eating. Right back on track tomorrow though - as my stomach is violently protesting those darn Inside Out Carrot Cake cookies... UGH!


Diandra said...

Good thing your leg is finally healing!

Kelty said...

This month is going to be great! You're definitely right about that! Hope your mood sticks around!

Felicia said...

WOOT! Congrats on the scale AND the treadmill! Goooo youuuuuu!! *a little cheer there lol*

Have a wonderful week!

ThunderThighs said...

@ Candy - lol oh the things I do to myself, and let's go!! Woot woot!!!

@ Heather - aw sorry to hear about your belly, feel better soon!

@ Diandra - thanks :)

@ Kelty - heck yes and for the sake of my hubby me too lol

@ Felicia - I'm doing a happy dance along with your cheer :) thanks!!

Laura said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better today. Rock on hun, who cares what color you are!

Syl said...

So happy to read that your leg is feeling better!
May is a fresh start for me but like you I came back so much stronger after some rest.

I also wanted to come and say thank you so much for your comment and support, means alot!

Have a great day!

ThunderThighs said...

@ Laura - heck yeah, I'm definitely going to keep beasting it up!! ;)

@ Syl - thanks, and no prob! You're one of my biggest inspirations!!