Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stuff I Stole Saturday - The Sequel

*Cue corny game show music*

Welcome back to yet another addition of "Stuff I Stole Saturday"!! I'm your host, ThunderThighs, and if you are tuning in for the first time ever, this show is about all the things I've stolen this week from other people's blogs (because, let's face it, I'm just not clever enough to do think of these things on my own).

Today we have five, count it - FIVE - stolen ideas (yes, this is me being excited about STEALING five things that other people worked hard to think of... I told you I'm lazy).

First of all, let's give a warm applause for UpInTheCosmos from The Voices Within Unleashed. This lovely blog introduced me to the word 'balkanize'. Yes folks, this is the new word for this war we are waging on our fat!! Next time I'm at the gym, I'm going to let everyone know I'm there to balkanize baby!! When you check out the post that talks about this new word, make sure you scroll to the bottom - the pic there is H.O.T.!!!!

Our next guest is the lovely Kelty from Biggie to Smalls. She has recently introduced us to her newest set of challenges - being able to do 100 push-ups and 150 dips (each has its own website, which can be reached by simply clicking on it). Simply go to the website and take the initial test. Then, each one has its own six week program to follow by doing the workouts, which are detailed in an outline, three days a week. Supposedly by the end, you should be able to do 100 push-ups and 150 dips. I'm going to start this coming up week (stop back to check out how this one goes, I'm sure you'll get a good laugh).

These are examples of the charts you use for each day's workout. First, though, you have to take the initial test, which just consists of seeing how many of each you can do in a row. I totally rocked and made it to level 2 on each. Ok ok fine, you caught me, I'm lying, I'm a level one (therefore I'd follow the left column when I do the workouts). I can't even do one full real 'man' push-up! But it does say on the website that you shouldn't feel bad about what level you start at, so there!!!

Alrighty then, we are up to our third guest - Skinny Doll. I have already mentioned her to be one of my new favies, and there is one post in particular that caught my eye. She wrote an acrostic poem for the word 'motivation' (which can be found if you click right here); well, I don't know if it's really a poem, but each letter of the word stands for something, so call it what you will. You really should actually go to her site to see the post, because it has a colorful picture for each letter and all, but seeing as how I've stolen it, I'll just go ahead and give you the abbreviated version:

Have you lost your motivation? Well these ideas will help you get it back!
M - Make a list of reasons WHY you want to lose weight
O - Observe others who've already reached their goal, they will inspire you
T - Time - take your time, move slowly, baby steps
I - Important - what does this journey mean to you? What's most important in your life?
V - Visualize yourself at your goal
- Action plan - have one and use it!
T - Teamwork - enlist supporters
I - Imagine your goal self in different situations and pay particular attention to how it will feel
O - Onwards - when you fall off track, it's ok, pick yourself up and move on
N - New you - you will be a whole different person, and you CAN get there!!

We now go to Sammy over at Happy Family, Healthy Family. On April 24, 2011, and as a part of the Day Zero Project, Sammy began her own 101 things in 1001 days. It's sort of a bucket list, and can include anything you'd like to do or achieve in the next 1001 days (which is 2.75 years just in case you were wondering). I really like this idea and am contemplating starting my own list. I'd really have to sit down and think about what it would include, because as much as I want to, I seriously doubt I'll climb to the top of Mount Everest, earn the world record for fitting the most grapes in my mouth (I'll save you the trip to Google - it's 116) or discover my own uncharted island in the next 1001 days. Let's give Sammy a round of applause because as of right this second she has already crossed off 5 items (overachiever).

To wrap things up tonight, we have Candy from Candy and Kankles. Candy has been using yarn to measure herself because she hasn't gotten around to grabbing measuring tape yet. What a creative idea - if I wanted to measure myself but didn't have the measuring tape, well, I just wouldn't measure myself. But, this girl used her noggin'! Anways, I think it's a way better idea to use yarn than measuring tape because I just don't want to have to deal with more numbers!! Really, I'd rather not know just how huge my hips are. Quite frankly, I like being in my little fantasy land where I'm a skinny little bitch twig. I do see the validity in measuring yourself, though, and so I stole the Candy way and began my own yarn collection (and she thought SHE had enough to knit a scarf - check this out!!!):

From left to right: my hips, waist, thigh and arm. I struggled to get a pic of the entire length of the hips one!
Well there ya have it folks. Be sure to turn in next week for another 'Stuff I Stole Saturday' - same bat time, same bat channel.

BTW, my stepsister and stepdaughter both graduate from high school this year (yeah, you thought your family was messed up!), and I took the liberty to make their card boxes. I stole (yet another thing) the idea from a display at the local craft shop and made one for my sister a couple years ago. I finished one of them tonight, but ran out of green paint for the other. Here it is (ain't it cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute):

Yeah, I'm the only creep that gets all excited about a freaking card box. Can you say loser??

I should have, once again, been on my bike today, but I had to go to the craft store to get the supplies for these boxes and I needed to get a new curling iron from Target. Yes, my hometown is so lame I have to drive 40 minutes to get to each of these stores. Then I had to work in the campground store tonight, so my Saturday was packed full. It was finally sunny, but still a little chilly. Can someone please explain to my why we are in MAY and still are only hitting the high 50s, low 60s??? It's already the seventh and I was dressed in jeans and a hoodie. This is ridiculous.

You know what else is ridiculous? Gas prices! My poor hubby discovered recently that at the gas pump his debit card has a limit of $85 at a time. Eight-freaking-five dollars at the gas station. That's highway robbery without a gun, I tell ya!
Well, I've run out of questions, comments and concerns for the evening. By the way, happy Mom's Day to all the mothers/mamas/mums/biotches out there tomorrow!! That's one job I don't think I could handle, I'm much too SMART ;)


sammy said...

Can't wait to see your list!

Kelty said...

YAY! I am so glad you're doing the challenges! It'll be fun to see how we progress! And don't worry-I can't do a real push up either...I'm totally rocking the modified push up.

And I love the idea of 101 in 1001-I just might steal from both of you!

Laura said...

I'm in the same boat on drive time to anywhere other than Walgreens. It sucks sometimes, but its also kinda nice too. The card bax looks awesome!!

ThunderThighs said...

@ Sammy - it'll be a little while before I can actually set it in writing, but I've already made a list of things I want to do before my next birthday, so I have kind of a head start.

@ Kelty - Yep, day 1 for me is Monday!!

@ Laura - I'm more of a big city girl, so I really find it frustrating. And thanks!!