Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up and Happy Mother's Day

So I guess if you're dumb crazy enough to have children you deserve to have a day celebrated in your honor, right? I married into my kids. It's the best way to do it really. They were already raised and disciplined by the time I got them. I dont have stretch marks, droopy nipples or a tore up va-j-j. And I still take the credit for them whenever I get the chance *sly grin*.

My Mom's Day flowers because my stepdaughters are awesome!

Anyways we had our first softball practice of the season tonight. Boy, am I rusty!! I do enjoy playing though. Am I any good you ask? Well let's put it this way, I'm usually last in the batting order (the best players are at the top of the batting order and it goes down from there). I'm pretty sure that if the church league didn't have a rule that we have to have at least 3 girls playing at all times, they'd ever so politely ask me to stay in the bleachers. And my DAD is the coach!! So, yeah, yet another thing I totally rock at. I really do believe that one day I'll discover my God-given talent - let's just hope that happens before I die.

I suppose it's time to go over those lovely goals from last week, shall we?
      Accomplish all goals - Well, I tried and that's what counts, right?
      No more than 29 points a day - I doubt it, there were a couple days that I didn't keep track, but I know I was really close.
      Treadmill or workout video every morning - YES!!
      30 Day Shred or Yoga Meltdown every day - I haven't worked out at all today and I seriously doubt I will, does that answer this one?
      Track points everyday - I'm having an issue with this one because of how hard it is to track things that aren't specifically set. For example, on Thursday they had a catered lunch for us at school for Teacher Appreciation Week, and I ate small portions of a beef and a chicken burrito/enchilada/whatever-it-was. Now how am I supposed to tell what the points for those were??
      No binges - The only issue with this was this morning. At the campground, we always provide donuts on Mother's and Father's Days. I ate two donuts. I don't really consider this a binge compared to what a normal binge looks like, but it is technically (well OBVIOUSLY) more than what I should have eaten.
      Log 26 miles on my bike - I just have NOT had the chance to get out there dang it!!!
      Drink 2.6 liters of water a day - I didn't get this in today, but every other I've been great. I just wasn't thirsty today, I don't know why.
      Go for a run outside two days - Nope. I should have been out there today, but I just didn't have time (my nap took up that extra hour I had).
      Log 60 activity points - DONE!! As a matter of fact I hit 62 today after getting in two and a half hours of softball practice. That's the most I've ever gotten!!!

Goals for this week include:
- Achieve all goals
- No binges
- Stay within points for the week (I'm giving up on the 29 points a day thing)
- Two outside runs
- 26 miles on my bike
- 2.6 liters of water a day
- Workout every morning, workout video everyday (except Thursday and Saturday, I teach an aerobics class on Saturday mornings and this Thursday I have to fill in for another instructor; doing a workout video those two days isn't necessary because the classes are already 45 minutes long and I'm just overdoing it too much)

So there you have it. Let's hope the weather holds out and I get outside a couple days. Again, happy mom day to everyone!! Here's to a new and exciting week ahead!


Kelty said...

62 activity points! You rock!

Happy Mother's Day :)

Marlee said...

Hey! I like your goals! You seem to be doing a great job with this thing, so keep it up!

Oh and a Happy Mother's Day as well :)

Lisa Mancini said...

WTG on being an awesome stepmom!!! Happy Mother's day!!! You did great last week. And you'll do great this week. I like your goals for this week!! GL

Laura said...

Stepkids are great. I miss mine. since me an their dad split up it a very rare occassion that I get to see them, especially because they're teenagers. To stepkids you're always the cool mom. My own kid just thinks I'm a dork most of the time because she's stuck with me 24/7. Ahh well. I love them all.