Friday, May 13, 2011

Relaxing... On a Thursday?

It's Thursday evening and I'm on our recliner. It's the first time in over a week that I've been able to just sit down and relax. I'm actually watching TV! I even made myself a cup of hot tea! Too bad I'm on a healthful diet or I'd pop a bottle of wine and drink away my stresses (trust me, there is no portion control with wine, when the bottle gets opened it doesn't stop pouring until it's empty!).

So I did binge a little last night. I had four chocolate chip cookies (there were only four left, how could I leave just three, two, or even one?), the rest of the chex mix ( which wasn't a lot) and the rest of the granola (which WAS a lot). It was the first time in quite a while that I had anything sweet. It's that rat bastard TOM creeping up on me this week. Grrrr!!

Anyways, I have to do three girls' hair for prom Saturday now. My stepsister asked if I could do her friend's too. I feel so much pressure because it's their senior prom! I wish they would have just got it done professionally, because I never truly like how it turns out. We'll see I guess. Maybe the hair fairy will visit me Friday night and grant me a day of magical hair-doing.

I went to the National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony tonight. Some of my students were in it and they asked if I was going. I usually try to go to their things when they ask. The few students that I have that are in the NJHS are some of my most favorite students. All the girls looked gorgeous in their dresses and such.

Well I'm going to go check up on some blogs and get around to following some of my new followers. Speaking of which, in celebration and honor of my blog getting over 100 followers, I'm going to do my first ever giveaway tomorrow!! Make sure you come back and enter!

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all relaxing as well!

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