Monday, March 29, 2010


two weeks ago i weighed myself on a scale at the y... then, yesterday i did it again... the stupid thing weighs me more than my digital scale at home, BUT it was down 5 pounds from the original number... therefore, even if it's a few pounds off, i still lost 5 whole pounds over two weeks!!! that's a victory!! i'm so excited, and know that i just have to keep it up... i did gain ten pounds, so i'm still up five from where i was about a month ago, so i still have to keep at it... but my goal is getting closer and closer... even though i know i won't be where i wanted to by my birthday, which is at the end of april, i will be pretty darn close as long as i don't hit a super binge like i did before... yesterday wasn't so good, since we had my husband's birthday party... he wanted an ice cream cake, so we had that, and i made a cheesecake... then his daughter shows up with an apple pie!! dang it!! so you know i had to try all three... plus the crazy amount of chips i ate - i had practically the entire bag - and sloppy joes, i'm sure i was over my points (i refused to keep track)... but i didn't eat much during the day, specifically because i knew i'd be eating junk for dinner, and i worked out at the y for a while... hopefully i didn't put myself plus too many calories for the day... i'm not worried about one day though, i know i'm back on track today... i don't have any of those crazy cravings... and last week i was pms-ing, so i know i'm over the sweets cravings... other than the rain, today's looking to be a good day!! :)

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